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Old 01-20-2007, 07:06 AM   #43
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Originally Posted by smily
Sooner or later, folks have to (sometimes unwillingly) let go of thier ideals for change.
Why should folks have to let go of their ideals, willingly or unwillingly?

Originally Posted by smily
Many auto manufacturers make many models at a plant. I see Thor as a Chevrolet or Ford who now makes another model, Airstream.
Thor doesn't make Airstreams; Airstream Co. makes Airstreams. Thor is the parent company. Chevrolet and Ford in their current state are not the best business models to aspire to. For a business/vehicle manufacturer model, Thor/Airstream might want to look at Toyota instead as they overtake GM as the world's top auto maker.

But the non-Airstream motorhome issue isn't about foreign vs. domestic anyway. It's about diluting the Airstream brand name and weakening it's position in its own niche market as the lone maker of the classic Airstream travel trailer.

Anybody who wants a Thor motorhome can buy one and there are many to choose from. But it's not in Airstream's best interest, and it's not in the WBCCI's best interest, to have the Airstream brand name attached to a motorhome that's not an Airstream.

Doug & Jamie, AIR #650
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The only way I could explain this to my wife was with this analogy.
All the Officers of the Mustang Club decide that they are to uncomfortable in a Mustangs so they ask Ford to place a sticker on a Lincoln Continental calling it the Mustang edition. They then buy the Mustang Edition Lincoln Continental and stay in power over the members who still have Mustangs. She just shook her head in disbelief.


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On the WBCCI forum an anouncement for the 2009 International in Madison, WI was made. In that post the following was stated:
WBCCI, the Airstream owners club, is the oldest and largest single brand recreational vehicle owners club in the world.
Last year was Airstreamís 75th production year of the distinctive aluminum, bullet-shaped trailer, an American icon. The trailer was designed originally by Wally Byam in 1931. Of three trailers made in 1935 one is still towed and shown annually at the International Rally. More that 60 percent of the manufactured Airstream trailers are still in use today.
If this amendment passes, we will no longer be the oldest and largest single brand revreational vehicle owners club in the world.


Wally Byam Airstream Club 7513
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Is the escalade a cadillac?
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I see this move as being motivated in two or three ways - 1. the IBT and WBCCI muckity mucks need Class A's to continue to travel in 2. this is a way to help bolster the membership numbers 3. and possibly - it rolls all or most of Thors top brands into one convenient RV club for the Corp.

Membership - here is a quick and timely membership story - a good buddy and his wife just attended the Can Opener Rally and had the time of their life. The Rally ranked high as one of their best Airstream Rally experiences. The met a new friend who had owned his trailer for a week. They invited him over to the Daytona WBCCI Rally the next weekend. The new friend followed and was prac ticvally acosted upon arrival by the local WBCCI "membership chairmen". The MC told him that because this person did not have numbers 9on his rig that he was an insurance liability as was not really welcome at the Daytona event. The new Airstream felt bad about this and was gone from the Rally before daylight and has suggested he now probably never join the club.

This is a true story that happened a week ago and deserves it own thread. I've been sitting on it not to steal Howie's thunder should he ever get home and want to share the ordeal. This is a good example of why membership is dwindling. People don't want to put up with this bullsh-t when they are RVing. They want to go out, meet new friends, and have a good time.

2 and 3. I could see the forums Rally filling a void in my Airstream experience. As suggested, we'll probably see a lot of trailer owners talking with their feet this coming year if this become a white box club.
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Yes or No

All of what I have just read is the reason that WBCCI is all but DEAD.

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Originally Posted by 65GT
Join -- get on board -- have fun with the locals -- have some fun! It's the international stuff that gets people riled. It's rare (but it happens) that the local stuff gets people upset. If you find a group that wants to have fun -- you'll have fun.
This is a really good point, and one that we should start a whole thread on. Oh wait, there already is one, it's here.

I was talking earlier today to someone about the difference between the larger WBCCI and its politics, and the local unit. As a member of the New England Unit, these are two almost entirely different things.

Some people shy away from controversy, others dig in and get dirty up to their necks. For the ones who don't mind getting involved in the controversial politics, who are willing to get into the mud to make things better in WBCCI, I'm extremely grateful. Other members shy away from it and avoid it all cost and these members are just as valuable to the club and are often the ones doing all the behind the scenes work at a rally, making it happen! Both types of members can still enjoy the fun of the local unit. But even if your local unit isn't as good a fit for you as my unit is for me (and I recognize that there are many waning units out there that just don't get it), you can be a part of the history and tradition of WBCCI as a MAL, or, even better, join up with a unit that takes distant members and help make change, with your voice, with your vote, or with a pie in the window of an SOB MoHo (did I say that?). The more voices, the better!

Doug & Jamie, AIR #650
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Ken may be right, but it is in fact a sad day and one that I would offer NOT simply get over and take quietly. One of the things that made an Airstream an Airstream was the fact that it was unique among the crowd. As the years have passed it's been diluted back and forth. With the ending of the boxy MoHo line, Airstream had a chance to regain what it was all about, the shell design, but even if they kept the boxy MoHos, at least they were built, not simply assembled in Jackson Center. Months of work building the roofs, walls, woodworking, etc all were done by the same folks that built some of the shell Airstream components and done under the supervision of the Airstream factory.

It's true that Thor is the GM of the RV industry, but, I think even the automakers learned a lesson when they tried to mess with some of the iconic vehicles. It's just bad policy to do so. Remeber when Ford wanted to kill the Mustang and the Thunderbird? The recent info on a possible 4 door Mustang?? A rose by any other name is still a rose, but a turd is as well.

Besides all of this, the current issue does not seem to be Airstream initiated, it's a small group of WBCCI leadership from what I understand, the same group that didn't want to allow Basecamps, Argosys, etc, making this even more sad...... but again, I say this from the outside and if numbers were dropping before year to year, I wonder what the next two years will look like.

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from an Airstream snob, though I could see how one could think that with the tone of my post, but being a rabid car nut, you don't see the Ford car clubs letting rebadged Chevys (with a Ford logo) into them...same holds true for Chevy clubs, letting rebadged Fords's just not done and I could see clearly what would happen to those clubs if they did. They would slowly cease to exist as new clubs came to be to refill the niche that was lost.
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Please don't hurt me. I only throw this out to help stimulate the thinking process. And perhaps it has been suggested previously. I apologize if it has.

What would happen if an entire unit or two seceded? Is it even possible?
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This whole thing is really sad. We are new to Airstreaming and WBCCI, and have seemed to have entered in the middle of a s--t storm. We just want to enjoy our Airstream and the company of like-minded people. We have been to only one rally (the Florida Can opener last week) and thought that it was really great, and met a bunch of really great folks. It's really a shame that all of the events can't be like this one. The story on this string about the incident at the Daytona meet is almost unbelievable. I would think that WBCCI would want to welcome a new Airstreamer as a potential member, and not throw him out the door. I guess there are fools at the helm. It makes us cautious about ever attending a WBCCI event.
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NO---NOPE----NEVER----Either it's an Airstream or it isn't...
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Originally Posted by STREAMTEAM
NO---NOPE----NEVER----Either it's an Airstream or it isn't...
If we're not careful you may be saying, "Either it's an Airstream or it's an Airstream Edition!" (or maybe it should be a if it weren't so sad and angering!)

I say vote in new leadership! (humph, lots of exclamation points in this post. maybe that means something!)

I'm a new member of the WBCCI so I don't know the voting process, but when are the next elections? When do we vote on this issue?
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Airstream Club of America

Long live the ACA!

As long as there are units out there like New England all is not lost, till one of those big ugly square peices of %^#$# show up!

Fortunatly we have an awsome local WBCCI unit and will continue to support it as best we can.
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This whole thread gets me mad enough to pay my dues and join again. If for nothing else but to fight from within. All the arguments in the world won't change the fact that the WBCCI is AN Airstream Club. To allow a rebadged motorhome in just opens the door to a faster downward spiral of this Club. Feels like the French Revolution... time to storm the palace and oust the aristocrats.
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