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Old 10-26-2018, 09:20 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by crispyboy View Post
I see that you have had to postpone your purchase of truck and trailer. Presented with the trucks presented in your thread I would have opted for the newer truck.
Both trucks presented would do the job very well but as a person who has DIY'd repaired every vehicle I have owned it is always better to keep upgrading your rolling stock to something newer due to the fact the all the plastic and rubber components (suspension, hoses, etc...) just go bad over time and must be replaced or repaired. It can get to be a down right frustrating pain in the butt! Also you face the issue of parts obsolescence as a vehicle get older. If the parts are available thru the dealership they typically are priced extremely high because they are trying to recoup the cost of that part sitting on the warehouse shelf for all these years.
Here is an example from this past week. The old car I drive to work (2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee) needs new top and bottom coil spring isolators as the old rubber ones have deteriorated. I went to my local parts house (which is a good one) and they cannot get these parts. The Mopar OEM parts were available at $119 each... I found Moog brand (aftermarket) for $9 each at I got lucky this time in finding the parts. This example shows what you are up against in keeping an older vehicle in reliable shape. I am keeping my eyes open for another decent newer used Jeep to jump on when I see it.

A friend ran into this on a 2002 GM vehicle a little while back. AC started acting up and the mechanic did this and that. Ultimately the final issue tracked back to a bauble (unique to that model and year) on the dash. Hmmmm..... $500 from a dealer *if* you can find one .... hmmm ... nobody has one in stock ... $60 on the used market ...again *if* you can find one. Two months later they are still driving around with no heat / no AC while a part is chased after ....

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Old 10-26-2018, 12:16 PM   #22
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Why those two trucks only?
@living.somewhere.yonder | Instagram
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Old 10-26-2018, 04:54 PM   #23
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My take is more of questions for you to consider? (bottom line, buy as AS and TV as new as you can and forget the dually)
1) why are you purchasing both of these; I would be concerned that your purchasing "big ticket" type items for cost; not thinking about you may well be on the hook to "improve" or "repair" both.
2) if this is your "first" TV or TT (Airstream Travel Trailer), I would not be so bold as to jump in without more experience fixing or remodeling...assuming your new to this.
3) You don't really need a "dually" in either case...typically a Dually is for very large trailers or 5th wheels.
4) We had a boxer, but no kids. you can get a larger Travel Trailer, perhaps not an AS, for a lot less money, along with a newer 1/2T or 3/4T in my opinion, that would likely fit your goals of "camping"....assuming that is your goal. Once you commit, you will likely have your investment or be "stuck" with your investment... No disrespect to Dodge fans, but the F250 6.7 Diesel is a great tow vehicle; you don't need a dually....much more to be concerned about...fuel, tires, upkeep, etc...

I assume a lot here, but really, why are you doing this in the first it not to camp, travel, and enjoy life with your kids in new places? I would seriously look at slightly used 25' or 27', 28' or 30 Flying cloud with your description...if your going full time; suggest you consider a 5th wheel...good luck!
Empty Nesters; Gypsies on the road!
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Only thought about the older diesel is that, unlike newer diesels, generally they do not have exhaust brakes. Check to see about the Ford 7.3. Since Diesel engines run unthrottled, they do not provide much engine braking unless fitted with one that uses the turbocharger. Gasoline engines do provide engine braking, although not as much as the newer diesels with an exhaust brake. You WILL want engine braking while towing an Airstream unless you live in Kansas and plan to stay there.
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Old 10-28-2018, 09:36 AM   #25
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I second the recommendation to get a home equity line for your purchase. That loan gets paid off at the sale of your home.

As for the Ford, it's quite a bit bigger truck than you need. Living with a dually crewcab is tough outside of farm country. The 7.3 is very reliable, but it is also LOUD. Since you'll be living in it a lot as a full timer, you and your family will really appreciate some of the features of newer trucks.
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That 7.3 ford is way over priced...old is 19 years old...offer him 6500 on that one..I would rather have the ram ....i would look for better too is high
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Old 10-28-2018, 11:03 AM   #27
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You do not mention if either of you have prior on the road camping/Living experience. The internet makes travel planning much easier than it used to be. Like snail mailing a request for brochures for campgrounds. Unheard of today. A couple of clicks and you have all the data you need. Living on the road is not cheap either. If you are not paying real estate taxes you are paying weekly/Monthly fees to a campground. Best of luck to you with your adventure. Bill
Happy Camping and Safe Travels to all. Bill
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Old 10-28-2018, 11:08 AM   #28
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Before you jump off the civilized world diving board... there is much more to understand about full timing in a trailer.

The costs of Full Timing are more than ZERO. A trailer that length will be limited to fewer RV Parks and expect to pay significant daily, monthly or annual fees.

Most important, what are you doing while Full Timing? Just touring North America, or working out of your trailer? Consider residency in a State with low RV license plate renewals and taxes. Since you are planning to become a Nomad of Sorts.

There are at least TWO 34 foot Airstreams with families larger than yours posting on this Forum. Seek out their posts. They are the experts to question. They are experienced Full Timers... Confirm with them that your idea is even worth considering. I have met both. They are competent, the families are exceptional and the wives... capable of doing anything.

Once you sell your home and find yourself stranded with a trailer break down or a tow vehicle break down... do you have the financial means to be towed and live in the trailer while it or the tow vehicle are being repaired?

Some truck owners do not sell their vehicle because it is going to run for another ten years. You are buying AS IS and taking, possibly, an abused truck off their hands. It is nice if you purchased a vehicle still under a warranty and let someone else eat the depreciation. Why be the end of the line of owners before needing everything, rebuilt?

If you are experienced Tent Campers moving into a 34 foot trailer... an easy transition.

If you are not experienced as a camper, moving from a home to any kind of RV... give us an idea of where you plan to travel, how you are supporting yourself and where are you going to park your trailer while doing all of this?

This may seem like personal questions. They are. If you are dependent on others to do simple mechanical and electrical and plumbing repairs... your family may be not in a position to do this.

Diving into shallow water without a plan is never a good idea. The Tow Vehicle is the least of your future problems. The trailer comes in as a close second. Then your finances. If any of those are short... rethink your plans.

A smaller home outside of Austin may be the smartest thing you can do.

A fenced yard in the country is heaven for a large dog, as well.
Human Bean
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Old 10-28-2018, 11:29 AM   #29
Campin/Fishin Guy
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Ray you about covered it all X2. Plus Education and Medical issues that spring up with children!
Happy Camping and Safe Travels to all. Bill
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Old 10-28-2018, 11:54 AM   #30
Our "S" peeled off
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99 7.3 vs 14 Hemi

For the TV, bottom line is "whichever keeps Momma happy". If the picture accurately reflects very young children, I suggest a Mega Cab Cummins. Pricey, but the rear seats lay back more, making it better for baby seats. I stupidly sold my '06 5.9 Mega Cab in which we raised our boys. Wish every day that I had that thing back. Even my 5'2" wife could drive it. It brought us through the WV mountains in a blizzard where no less than 500 cars were stranded. Best truck ever. (Once again, I begin to weep.)

As to the AS, it is very do-able. I have seen families with four kids (teenagers included) sharing life on the road.
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Old 10-28-2018, 12:12 PM   #31
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You can finance

Originally Posted by cballard View Post
Just an update for everyone - we were ready to book the flight to go get the airstream, but at the last minute had to pull out of the deal. We need to finance for 2-3 months until we sell our house, and somehow I didn't realize that you can't finance a 1995 Airstream. (I totally understand why, but it still breaks my heart). We even thought about getting a personal loan for it, but the interest rates were terrible.

We'll keep looking for now at the newer models (so we can finance for a few months before we sell our house to pay it off) and I'll continue to look for a tow vehicle. Thank you all for the knowledge you gave me! I learned a lot, and will continue to do research to make sure I can provide my family with the safest possible TV.

Thank you everyone!
You can typically finance a much older one through a credit union vs traditional bank, did that on our first AS, our bank wouldn’t finance it. Also did the personal loan option for our AS upgrade (2003-1981). Yes the 1981 was a big upgrade. But we only needed a partial loan and only for a few weeks so no real interest worries. Also if you only need it for a few months Even at 12% that’s only 1%/month roughly, on 20k that’s 200/month in interest approximately so depending on how bad you want it may be worth it.

Good luck... credit unions are generally way more flexible with rates and age for financing.
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Old 10-28-2018, 01:01 PM   #32
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To address your tv issue. You can buy a Roku smart tv 32” at Walmart for about $140 and hang it anywhere. If you have a smart phone you can use it as a hot spot for WiFi for the tv. That eliminates the need for antenna. Sign up for Netflix at $8 buck a month. One got this set up in our 30 classic trailer and an old 34.5 airstream motorhome. Turning off the satellite and never use cable. Hope this helps
Jim m
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Old 10-28-2018, 04:13 PM   #33
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Deciding Between Two Very Different TVs

Just a general thought on tow vehicles. If your budget allows, consider which TV not only meets the requirements for towing performance and longevity, but also the benefits of comfort.

Spending long hours behind the wheel can create a lot of fatigue. Adding some creature comfort to the trip can translate into more fun and higher energy when you finally get to set up. My wife and I are planning to get back on the road in a year or two and my TV requirements will include things like heated seats, acoustic windshield, active noise damping and 8 or 10 way adjustable seating.

Having said that, I will try to pick the quietest and most comfortable diesel I can find.
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Old 10-28-2018, 06:17 PM   #34
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I have a 2000 extended ford 250 with 220,000 miles on it and i love it . I pull a 1989 as excella without any problems . I also pull a 204 alfa gold that ways 16,000 when traviling. I have had to add a fee things like a jake brake trans cooler and i have a chip in it. I have no problems pulling either rig. The 7.3 is the best engine ford has ever put in ther trucks. Just remember things are not cheep when you have to repair any truck. I just replaced my whater pump buy my. Macanic and it cost me 1,200 dollors. Good luck and happy traviling
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Old 10-28-2018, 07:02 PM   #35
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Tv 7.3

My personal experience 95' excella 34' tv 2002 7.3 diesel ford excursion 180,000 and counting. Love my TV. TV will pull a house and without feeling like anything is being towed. Wouldn't think twice about the age. Always get an offer from someone at the dealership wanting that " Badboy Engine best engine they made"
Good luck.
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Old 10-29-2018, 11:18 AM   #36
Half a Rivet Short
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We seem to have drifted from tow vehicles to the broader picture .... so odd that threads would drift here on the forum

One very basic question to the OP - what *is* the intended lifestyle? Will you be driving 5K or 50K miles a year? Is this a "mobile job site" kind of thing that lets you hop between locations? If so, can you control the process so that it matches with the capabilities of the AS (North Dakota in February is not ideal for an AS ...).

Next basic question - Is there enough money in the bank after the house is sold? Stuff happens. Without any big assets or long term employment, falling back on credit to fill a gap is harder to do. The size of the slush fund needs to go up when you do this sort of thing ... It's some sort of percentage of yearly income, your guess is as good as mine as to what the percentage actually is.

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Old 10-29-2018, 03:39 PM   #37
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I'm an old dog with a 1991 F-250 4x4 with a non-turbo 7.3 diesel with a Hensley hitch and have over 250,000 miles on it. It has been pulling our 1988 34 ft. Excella for years from the mountains of Virginia to the Outer Banks of North Caroline without any problems. The acceleration is poor and I only average between 10 to 14 miles per gallon but I have more than enough power to handle our As (Stella the Excella) that weighs close to 10,000 pds. We even tow up to Skyline drive and that's pretty steep. Ford never used a better motor (built by international) in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by uncle_bob View Post

We seem to have drifted from tow vehicles to the broader picture .... so odd that threads would drift here on the forum :


Bob... you and I know that immediately you have more questions than answers on an open ended question like this.

My brother lives in a Tent. He makes a living while moving with the Seasons. His overhead is low. He is happy. He does not drink.

This family wants to buy a 34 foot triple axle used trailer and a tow vehicle. They own, neither and cannot afford to purchase, either.

It brings up questions, but to get accurate responses there is not enough information. Obviously the loan officer immediately discovered that half of the plan was already out of the question. No loan on a 34 foot used old trailer.

Some posters have 'star and rainbow' good wishes for this family.

Some of us are talking reality, from experience. There is no magic to sitting down and working the numbers. Already... they do not add up. We are not Ogres to ask follow up questions. Even my wife stumbled across this Thread and was set back in her comfortable seat.

Some learn to avoid mistakes by asking others, before getting over their heads.

Others insist doing everything the hard way, getting over their heads and wonder why no one asked simple questions. What? Why? Where? How?

General George Armstrong Custer had a plan. He was advised that it was not a good plan. A good opportunity to work out a plan was missed.
Human Bean
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i would stick with a 250/2500

the 350/3500 is an overkill

also, give andy at CANAM a call
1 (866) CAN-AMRV | 1 (866) 226-2678

he does not sell TV's, He is one of the most respected independent authority in CANADA/USA on trailers and towing
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Old 10-29-2018, 04:57 PM   #40
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"Custer would have had a chance if he had fought them one at a time..."
--Dan Romanchik
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Multiple Yaesu Ham Radios inside and many antennae sprouting from roof, ProPride hitch, Prodigy P2 controller.
2012 shortbed CrewMax 4x4 Toyota Tacoma TV with more antennae on it.
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