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I had a very negative experience with my Airstream dealership. A "bait & switch" sceam by the GM. Funny they used that "Wan't to earn your buisiness" jive on me too. Won't do buisiness with them again. Perhaps it's the same dealer.

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What I am truly puzzled about is the grammar correction. What was the purpose in doing that? Without reading the actual e-mail the OP sent, I can only imagine what it must have contained in order to riffle the feathers of this sales person to the point of walking away from a potential sale.

If the OP had thrown out some preposterous number, the salesman would have probably not responded or merely replied that they normally are able to beat most legitimate offers, but this is one they cannot and let it go at that. For the sales person to have been so enraged as to reply with this much anger, the OP's e-mail must have been truly insulting.

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It probably was useless to challenge the dealer on his grammar. I was a teacher also. When kids saw no point in learning effective communication skills, I would tell them that it could have a big impact on how others view them. It can mean a lost job opportunity or lost business. I actually put on a skit in which I committed a number of presentation gaffes to the point of absurdity. After a good laugh, they got my point.

Don't take it too hard. The dealer lost the sale. I am not surprised that he didn't want to give you a quote by email. I don't imagine a car dealer would either. It's just not the way they do business.
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It very much could be that that price you initially got was a low ball and in some cases would be adjusted by other charges once you get to the dealership.

I think we have had threads where some dealers charge a "prep fee", others do little in the aspect of familiarizing purchasers with their new trailer. Some dealers have a minimal service department. It's a dangerous situation where you consider price as the only factor, and it doesn't surprise me that some dealers just don't want to get involved in Internet bidding with the knowledge that in many cases you probably will buy from the closest dealer.

My dealer spent 2 hours with me going over my trailer. They gave me a full hookup site at the dealership to spend the first night....and I wasn't asked to sign any paperwork the next day, until everything in that trailer was to my satisfaction. Yeah I found a dealer 450 miles away that was $300 lower. As far as I was concerned that additional $300 was money well spent.

One other aspect to note, and I have posted this in other threads. Dealers know who their customers are and I can tell you for a fact that when it comes to service appointments or other extras, a dealer will give preference to his customer who bought from him. No doubt about it. Understand that when you bring your vehicle in for warranty work or other service issues. I'm not stating that you will get poor service, it just might be you will be quoted an appointment date in two weeks and I can get one tomorrow if necessary.

I remember initially attempting to bargain on my first Airstream back in 2001. One dealer about 250 miles west of me specifically only quoted me list price saying he would rather me deal with my local dealer. So like anything else there is always someone who will sell something for less. Just remember to keep a proper balance regarding what value a closer dealer can give you.

BTW, I do agree that pointing out grammatical errors tad amounts to a finger in the eye treatment. It's sort of a win the battle but lose the war. My feeling is that as a dealer, it would be my responsibility to present my best face. An email used in a business sense, that presents grammatical issues tells me that person doesn't quite have attention to detail, or feels he doesn't need to have it. That in my translation is a mark against that person and that dealership. For chit chat who cares, in business matters it says a lot.

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They would gladly stiff you with an extra few 1000$$$ and smile.
I would thank God to recieve an email like that back from a sellsman...
Would be a treasure to know 'I' insulted one.

I typed this the way I wanted...and don't care if captilizing God offeneds you.
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Okay, I will admit I've wasted Salesmans time before at an Airstream dealership. However last time I visited my States' lone Airstream franchise it had perhaps $6,000,000 in full size coach (bus) RVs splayed inbetween their lot and the showroom, and dozens of manly 5th Wheel trailers radiating outward from the buses. Before one got inside it was obvious this dealership is mercenary about following the money.

In the showroom were a 19' 75th Bambi ($69K) & a Base Camp open for inspection, plus eight or so 2006 AS's in their lot inventory. I shudder at imagining the pressure on a prospective customer that wasn't hard-wired from the cocktail-circuit or some other nod from the money people to get near their best price. Very clear social pecking order, and no one I saw on the property looked like they had ever been hungry.

The only interaction I had that day with any employee was commenting to the receptionist how good my 35 year old Airstream looked after spending some time there. If I was in anyway demeaned or insulted it was my own doing...

However *IF* you have patently offensive written e-mail correspondence, print out the entire routing header along with the text from the complete set of emails then use whatever State-this-is-in Licensing / Revenue entity to obtain the true principle officers of the company and send them copies along with a curt and buisnesswoman-like response informing them they have a problem. Likely they will agree poor buisness writing skills convey a lack of respect worse than the actual insulting language that follwed. That is all you can do since no money was involved, going through the paces will likely excise most of the toxins of that tainted interaction...

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The only thing I find offensive about Internet Sales Director's first email is that he wouldn't give you a quote without first knowing other dealers' quotes. That tactic always ticks me off, whether on a car, trailer or anything else. I always say something to the effect of: "Why would I give you an advantage over other dealers? Give me your best quote and if it is in the ballpark I will give you an opportunity to sell me something. If you won't give me a quote I will cross you off the list right now."

No reason to correct his grammar - it may be unfortunate, but it's commonly accepted that emails are generally not held to the same grammatical standards as letters and other more formal correspondence.

By not showing us the 'middle' email, you have to wonder whether his response wasn't at least a little bit deserved.
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Following up ... I would have crossed him off my list immediately anyway upon learning that he was willing to make an offer that was "nowhere close to what another dealer is at." In other words, he's saying, "I'm going to charge you as much as I possibly can so I'm not going to give you a reasonable figure until I absolutely have to."
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.I think that this is confusing. Obviously you took offense at what the dealer emailed you and he took offense at your reply. You've only provided his response and not your emails to him so it's almost impossible to give fair and balance advice.Email etiquete goes both ways. His response does sound unprofessional but you may have been communicating with a 21 year old with little or no real life sales experience or someone who just that day was hired as the internet sale director. It's impossible to know but if i were offended by an email from an Airstream dealer, I would call the dealership directly to sort it out. Dealers are in the business to make money and you want to get the best price that you can for what ever your buying. If the first quote that you got was a low ball, his best price may still sound to high and you would have walked away. The price on the 75th Anniversary Edition is going to be closer to list price than any other Airstream model simply because it's a true limited edition.If you search the archives you can get a pretty good idea of what you can expect to pay for a new Airstream.
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grammar schmammar...

Originally Posted by lynnhughes
I simply was floored by the way I was treated. I don't know weither I want to cry or am just burning mad.
hi lynn and welcome to the forums....

3 things
---if the above quote captures how you really best avoid buying anything.
buying is a contact sport and salesman are part of the process
save the crying for when you discover the floor creaks or rivets start falling out.
be burning mad when the cabinets fall down or the roof leaks!

---since you failed to share any part of your emails
(initial request or reply with counter productive grammar lesson)
i can only assume your words wasn't pretty either...
(yes i intended to write like that)

---email is a lousy first step to shop dealers or airstreams...
i drove to several dealers just to visit; get to know the folks and
determine IF i'd want to do business with each.
each knew we'd complete the selling/buying experience via email...

---anyone can send could have been another dealer checking prices or a factory person or any sort of crack pot...

---IF you really are trying to buy an airstream...just get on with it.
there are many other dealers with 75ths in stock....

---the 2 sentences of yours i quoted above need work...they don't read well.

ok, that's more than 3 things but i couldn't resist...

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Whenever a salesman asks me what he had to do to "earn" my business, I'm out of there.

When we bought Lucy, we got prices from five differnt Airstream dealers over the phone without a problem.
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lynn--i hesitate to respond as I might mispell a word and have to be corrected. In my opinion the saleman took the grammer comment just as you ment it--an insult. if there is any thing that "ticks" anyone off its for those who have it to point out that those who don't --don't!!! Flaunting ones education or financial statis is one of the rudest things you can do. The salesman was kind compared to how I would have responded---pieman
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my 2 cents...

OK, I just have to chime in here. We all know it's a game of cat and mouse to buy from a dealership. Personally, I have NEVER walked away from a transaction at a dealership and said "wow, that was fun" (or easy, or pleasant, etc.) The experience always rattles my cage.

It sounds like the person you were communicating with was young and inexperienced. If I were you I would call the dealer, ask to speak with a manager and tell 'em what happened. Or, if you're uncomforable with that, send a letter. No sense in trying to teach them a lesson using these Forums.

I hope you find your trailer and then come on back to the Forums for some great ideas and advice.
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OK - Lynn has been dumped on enough about the spelling and grammer...

One of the problems with e-mail correspondance is that you just never quite know what the "tone of voice" is....

That said, there have been some good suggestions and strategies supplied here for buying from a dealer.

Call the owner
Find a new dealer - a big one would be best.
Going to the dealer in person.

One of the things that surprised me when we started looking at Airstreams ( both new and used) was the distance that we needed to travel to look at them. Find a big dealer - take a trip - spend the night and wander around the lot. Call them in advance and tell them you will be there. In the Pacific Northwest, you might try Airstream of Spokane and Sutton RV in Eugene.

Good luck with your hunt and try to have FUN looking for a new trailer.

It's all about the adventure!

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