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Heads- motorhome....Tails- trailer... It's that easy Rent a bus for a day and go from there

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Grosspuloter is a little biased.

He also bought the wrong moho..........Don't buy a tandem axle as it will give you nothing but grief; parts are hard to come by or non-existent. It will also need to be towed by float instead of being pulled which cuts down the companies willing or able to do the job.

Also he bought a gasser, big mistake, as the poor little 7.4 l 750 lb motor is hopelessly outclassed pulling 16,000 lbs. Life expectancy for the gassers are around 60,000 miles. I have the turbo diesel, 5.8l 1150 lb, same hp as the gasser but way better mileage 11-14 mpg, versus 6-8 mpg.

He's right about being cross eyed driving though; these are old queens and replacing an engine is a huge amount of work and expense, so even with the diesel I need eight eyes; one for the EGT, oil pressure, rpms, two for the road, two for mirrors as everything is going faster than you and especially one for the coolant gauge as overcooking a diesel is fatal. I also have two ears cocked for any sound out of the ordinary that doesn't sound right.

Other than that enjoy the ride.

Per Mare, Per Terram and may all your campaigns be successful.

Its a recession when your neighbor loses his job; its a depression when you lose your own. "Harry S Truman"
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MH vs TT

I don't disagree with any thing isuzusweet said
Something else I must disclose in all fairness is I've never pulled a camper trailer
I have pulled a 21' power boat on a two axle trailer
It just seems to me a trailer would be easier and less maintenance.
I truly do like driving the motorhome, one other small issue, is when I've gone to airstream camping events, so far I'm the only motorhome there:alien
Always great people, always have learned something new.
But... It's like being the zebra in a corral of white horses.
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1983 31' Airstream310
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Originally Posted by Grosspoluter View Post

But... It's like being the zebra in a corral of white horses.
I prefer to think of it as a Unicorn in amongst a herd of mules.(stirring the pot).

Per Mare, Per Terram and may all your campaigns be successful.

Its a recession when your neighbor loses his job; its a depression when you lose your own. "Harry S Truman"
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Originally Posted by Isuzusweet View Post
I prefer to think of it as a Unicorn in amongst a herd of mules.(stirring the pot).
Nah. Unicorns are myths invented by long-ago Europeans who had heard of rhinoceroses only by rough description.

On second thought, since rhinos don't exactly live up to the expectations of people who were hoping for unicorns, maybe that's not such a bad analogy after all
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I don't have an anger management problem. I manage to remember exactly what everyone has done to make me angry!
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For me, the decision to stick with a trailer was:
1. I have a big family, and a TOAD big enough for a big family requires a big MH. Possibly a bigger TOAD than any Airstream MH was rated to tow.
2. With the TV+Trailer, you get to sit in the comfort of a modern vehicle for the driving miles. Not so in a MH. I like a good radio, quiet interior, and AC that works.
3. With the TV+Trailer, you get a modern engine. Some people like the simplicity of the older V8s, but I do not. I love working on many things, stinky engines is not one of them.

Just my $0.02. I do LOVE the looks of the Airstream MHs of the 80's though. Classy.
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I grew up in a family of campers; grandfather, uncles, and parents had everything from VW pop up, 5th wheels, trailers, and motorhomes from Class A & B. Older my relatives got the smaller the campers were. My parents went to Las Vegas from Georgia 3 or 4x per year and did it mostly in motorhomes. One comment from my grandfather I remember fondly who made yearly trips to Alaska for almost 30 years......."its better to drive something big and tow something small than drive something small and tow something big".
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Here's how our decision went;
We have owned, cruised the country, and loved our 21' class C for years.
We are me (dad), my wife, 14 year old daughter, 12 year daughter, 9 year old son. We also own a 2002 Excursion 7.3 Turbo Diesel.
My wife got sick last fall, we decided to travel as much as possible.
I decided we would sell the Class C and get an airstream trailer, Tired of SOB issues, mainly resale values and safety issues. Their was social unrest and revolting in the ranks. We (I) do not have unlimited vacation time, and we like to get out there and see the country. We (I) like to drive. The kids and wife like the freedom the Motorhome offers when we routinely average 4000 miles in a week. We don't have to stop for bathroom breaks in nasty truck stops, we can stop when I get tired, crawl back and catch some sleep anywhere. stopping for lunch at a great vista takes no time or effort. It boils down to how you intend to use it. While most gas motorhomes are under powered and not too efficient, a few of us either swapped a diesel in ourselves, purchased one with the swap already completed (that is what we did) or are really luckey and found one of the units that came with a turbo Diesel. We have 2000 miles under our belt so far, we have had some issues as you can see through my posts, but this motorhome is really nice to drive, honestly, I cant believe how sweet this thing sings down the highway. she purrs along 2000 RPM @ 70 Miles Per Hour. We are planning a 6 week, 10,000+ mile trip this summer, stay tuned.
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For me I bought a vintage Airstream trailer and my truck to pull it with. It's cheaper for me to use. I didn't need a motor home do to where I live.

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If you're really into dumping a bunch of money into an Airstream and want the highest return for your money, this is the rig to get.

Very, very rare and actually very easy to work on mechanically. Parts for at least the motor and tranny are a dime a dozen and I've seen the exact same coach on sale for $125,000 all tarted up.

Quite rough looking but redoing the interior is the cheapest of all mods to do. Panel replacement to fix dings and dents would be a Jackson Center thing to do, OR take it to PeterHAirstreamer, who is an expert at panel replacement.

It would take at least a year to get everything done but it would be a head turner once done and very easy to live in and move around. The Spartan chassis is very durable, and you never know it might have the Granning suspension.

I'd love to have one and this project is right up my alley but a divorce would be next.

Per Mare, Per Terram and may all your campaigns be successful.

Its a recession when your neighbor loses his job; its a depression when you lose your own. "Harry S Truman"
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Originally Posted by Protagonist View Post
How are you at fixing engines? An Airstream Class A motorhome will be at least 12 years old, and probably older, and is likely to need a lot of work to the drivetrain. Not to mention possibly an on-board generator as well that has suffered from neglect.

Other than that, the types of work and the skill set that you'd need in order to renovate a trailer and the work to renovate a motorhome won't be all that much different.
I have a 1985 motor home, I've been restoring it for 10 years, a little bit by little bit. My last major thing was to change out the tired 454 Chev engine and 3 speed trans, along with the drive train. (I got tired of spending and spending, and being towed) My new set up is a 2014 corvette E-Rod, LS3, with a matching 6 speed trans, new drive train. BOY, what a difference. Just a month ago had the 6.5 Onan generator with a major tune up - excellent results. the interior and exterior has been up graded -
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Having workamped across Europe towing a trailer(Caravan), and rented/borrowed/traveled in many Motorhomes here is the USA, I feel a little qualified to comment.
I wanted the "Journey" to be part of the fun. I wanted my passengers to relax and enjoy the ride. The ability to relax, drink, watch tv, work remotely, or whatever, while the scenery(or the lack of!), and miles roll by, was important to me/us.
If you are traveling alone, then this is less important.

Once that decision was made, its important to grasp what you are getting into.... If you cant fix stuff yourself, step away from the AS MH. You will hate it.

For the record, I have driven multiple Class C and Class A's, all of which were newer than my 1984 345, and here is my opinion.
1/ Not ONE class C felt as safe or as planted and directionally stable as my AS.
They creak and groan, and rattle and wobble far more than my 32 year old MH. They feel like they are built of paper and balsa wood.... because they ARE!
The frontal area and slab side makes for great interior space, but I just didnt feel like it would last 5 years let alone 30+.
2/ The newer Class A's were a variable bunch. Some felt good, and were directionally stable, and nicely built, but they were all $200k plus motorhomes. The $50k to $150k ones felt ok, but again I felt they were flimsy. I did not feel that any of them were a good long term investment and this has been born out by knowing some of the issues these owners have been spending big$ on. One friend of mine, boasted his $180k diesel pusher was unbreakable.... Until a turbo failure on a long incline took out his motor... his bill was $26,000..

My opinion is if you REALLY want a an AS MH after driving one and comparing with other MH's, find a nice 360 pusher with a good history. It will drive as good as a $200k newer one, and hold its value solidly. If I had had $50,000 to spend upfront it would have been my choice.
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I can share with you our rationale for choosing a trailer vs. a motorhome, and perhaps it will help.

When we decided to get out of boating and into RVs, we did not look at Airstreams first. Too expensive. We looked at all manner of motorhome, 5th wheel, travel trailer, etc. Did the RV show thing. And our rationale went something like this:

So we go camping somewhere and we get there. Now we would like to go to the store or the movies or to a restaurant. The motorhome is not the ideal vehicle to do these things. Which meant having to tow a car behind our motor home.

Two engines. More expense.

With a travel trailer, we would just unhook from the trailer and go out. One engine, less expense.

We wanted to keep our trailer for 20 years. We kept our boat for 15. Not sure I could maintain a motorhome engine that long.

Airstream travel trailers from the 60s and 70s are still around.

So we gravitated away from motor homes and towards travel trailers, and towards Airstreams because of their longevity.

This was not right or wrong, it was just how our minds rationalized the decision. Your mileage may vary!

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