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Full Timers/Diesel power.
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I have to hand it to Gene for his calm and reasoned post. However, I bet there were times when a number of people regretted crossing swords with a "simple ol' country lawyer".

"A settled wisdom, plus the itch to be elsewhere"
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Gene I use an exterior water filter. Sounds like a good reason I didn't anticipate.

I write about use and enjoyment a lot. Partially out of envy, mom has chronic illness and I can not travel nearly as much as I expected. But the trailer is kept up and I have nice new tow vehicle for when the time comes.

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one of those
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Posts: 1,091 many Airstreams you reckon there are, out there being used for something?
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Originally Posted by Gringo View Post many Airstreams you reckon there are, out there being used for something?
That's easy: all of them!
“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
...John Wayne...........................
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one of those
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Yes, I could have phrased that better.

Whattaya 'spect from an old dumbass east texas redneck...
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Originally Posted by blmitch5 View Post
Airstreams are not for everyone but for those who " get it" they are.
If you think spending big bucks will give you the perfect trailer without any problems or upkeep, keep shopping.., you will be dead before you find perfection on any trailer! Go camping and build some memories.
+1 ... very well said.

Airstreams are NOT perfect as we owners all know, but I think some folks assume that A/S must be perfect merely because of their cost. Big mistake. I always recommend first timers try SOB first....only then can one appreciate what Airstream offers.
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one of those
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Think of it as sixty real expensive tents...
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Everyone....thanks so much for your robust reply and encouragement!

"I hope you go to a good dealer (the nearest one to you does not have the best reputation and some people in BC go to the dealer in Eugene, Oregon)."

Crawford Gene, I don't know which dealership you are referring to specificially, but my dealership (Traveland) is the only one in B.C., so I am assuming that's the one you mean. Traveland have treated me well. I would not have purchased an AS if I had to go to the U.S. for maintenance. That is not because I have anything against America - quite the contrary. It just would have necessitated somewhat arduous border crossings with passport issues etc., to say nothing of the time factor.
I am grateful that there is a AS dealership in B.C!

However, that gratefulness does not mean I should accept sub-standard service, and that has not been my experience with them. My first haul back to them for warranty work went well. Not only that, but when the owner saw me there looking totally bewildered, he summoned his service staff to give me another orientation. They also de-winterized the unit gratis, and one of the salesmen drove the trailer home for me with their dealership truck (my hitch was not on yet).

My salesman was also above board. He recommended the extended warranty and these were his words verbatim "A million things can go wrong, and Airstreams are expensive to repair." I appreciated his honesty. Hopefully, "can" won't mean "will." He told me that before I had committed anything financially to the sale, so I wouldn't exactly call this a "pressurized" sale.

I have since really gone over my unit. Thanks to this forum, I know what I should look for. I can't say I have found anything in the interior or exterior finishing that is shoddy. Mind you, I haven't even had a chance to take my first trip and try everything out yet, but hopefully everything will pan out just as well.

As many have pointed out, it really is about perspective. There is so much pain and angst in the world.

I am so grateful that life has been a little kinder to me of late - I had the means to go out and buy a new trailer (and an Airstream to boot!) and the future looks a little brighter. Without going into a lot of personal detail, I had been sick for many years; I think my Airstream will be the perfect Rx.

Thanks again friends, for your words. They really mean a lot.
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Currently Looking...
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OK goes first post...


Can I please have one of yours that leaks, warps, corrodes or whatever?!?!?!?

After a LONG,LONG time of following this forum, I have decided to buy used because if the new ones leak after one trip from the factory, why pay for new when a gently used one will do? And I can definitely afford a new one. But I still WANT ONE. I travel for my Company every day and I am always on the lookout for Airstreams...can't say I see very many, but when I do it just renews my desire to own one....SOON.

I am a Harley owner since 1989. Learned on a 1980 FLH Police Special. The one thing I DO know is-I have RIDDEN ALL my bikes. Owned 6 new ones since 1989..2 Heritage Classics....a 2000 Heritage Springer that every old man would swear was from the 50s'....a 2001 Fatboy..a 2004 Ultra Classic and my current 2009 Ultra Classic. Every one was/is customized and gorgeous. Part of the FUN of ownership. The way I interpret it is the Airstream owners have the same dedication to brand that Harley owners do.

Know what has ReALLY steamed me the most in my years of riding?

Those who TRAILER thier bikes to everywhere to keep them from getting any dings or useage. SO intent to keep them virginal they loose what it is to do things like RIDE from W.PA to.. York PA factory, to New Orleans ( in 2000 via the Natchez Trace) Myrtle the Niagara W. Snow Shoe...TO Tennessee...NOT on the back..but RIDING my own bike.

DId I get wet ( excuse me SOAKED) .... Get splattered with rain? Get dirty? YES..and I loved EVERY SECOND of it. I passed a zillion bikes on trailers , or bikes IN trailers that were pristine and clean when unloaded......NO WAY for me. Give me a hose and a sponge at the hotel, and a beer at the end of the ride....and the chance to talk to others who RODE and did not COMPLAIN about the weather!!!!! Likewise....I hope NOT to be complaining about the imperfections of my future Airstream.

SO WHAT if it's not perfect? Everyone who spends a few hours on these forums KNOWS they are not perfect and yet they still buy NEW....Maybe if the factory didnt sell the NEW ones so readily the word would get out. Maybe not. The only sure thing is I WILL be dead sooner or later and way before ANY consumer product is perfect and I dont intend to let my life pass by without experiencing what I think would be TOO COOL ownership of an Airstream and a nice truck to tow it with.

That is how I envision my future with an Airstream.
I'm a 55 year old woman ....and about to retire. Single...No kids. Still ride my 2009 Harley BUT want to do something else now along with the biking.

I am like an Airstream. Hi maint. But with a lot of dings.

I wasn't perfect from the get go but I'm 55 now and I WILL see some of you down the road!!!!!

PS-I follow 'Moosetags" daily and they are hitting every note any of us could EVER wish to achieve with ANY trailer...or almost any other kind of travelling life.

. I can assure you when they are on thier death beds they will NEVER remember the leaks and rock dings. Their current trailer will probably be in the rear view mirror. But WOW what a travel log they have provided......

I can't remember ANY of the dings or imperfections of ANY of my previous bikes.

I look at pictures and only remember the FUN I had.

Cant see ANY dings..and CANT WAIT to buy my first Airstream!!!!!!

HELP!!!!! ( My family thinks I'm crazy.... but they thought that in 1989 too when I learned how to ride. They have spent the time "riding the couch!!!!")

See ya down the road!!!!
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Glad you are feeling better, Fly... We have had very few real issues with our Bambi, and we have owned an SOB...there is no comparison for us. The Bambi is everything the SOB was not, and more...and we have never looked back or regretted our move to an Airstream

Some unfortunate people are never pleased with anything. They end up becoming negative, bitter and unhappy. Furthermore, they are not happy unless everyone around them is equally unhappy. These people are not healthy to be around, and should be kept at arm's length for the sake of our own mental well being.

Enjoy your Airstream! That's what it's there for!
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Fly, I'm glad to hear you have been treated well at the dealer. There were complaints about the BC dealership a couple of years ago, but maybe the attitude has changed. We would love to have a dealer in Colorado we can depend on. Looks like you are thorough and that is the best way to approach it—there's a lot to learn. Woodall's publishes a book on RV maintenance that is good to have—it explains how things work and how to fix them: woodalls rv owners handbook

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Originally Posted by Fly at Night View Post
As many have pointed out, it really is about perspective. There is so much pain and angst in the world.
I think that it's important to realize that that cuts both ways.

It takes perspective to realize that someone can enjoy their trailer even though they are frustrated that it has issues that a consumer product - not a lifestyle, a consumer product - really shouldn't have.

It also takes perspective to buy a trailer that is a realization of a dream and realize that people complaining on the forums aren't attacking your dream. Be confident that your decision that your Airstream is a purchase that will bring you enjoyment and joy (and OK, a bit of angst) is still a valid one. No forum really should take that away.

As for me? I think almost everyday about a lightly-used 23' Serenity someday down the road. Owning our Argosy (a trailer that I still love, despite my "wandering eye") is one of the most enjoyable past times I've ever had - even through all of the renovation costs and the maintenance headaches...

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Originally Posted by CrawfordGene View Post
We were excited with our new Airstream in late 2007. After the first night, we had to bring it back to fix things that should have been done right before it was delivered. Then, on the way home, we stopped after 100 miles (of 240) and discovered one side window had blown out. The latches had not been adjusted properly—neither at the factory nor at the dealer. After some wrangling, Airstream paid for the new window. It didn't fit right and eventually had to be re-worked at Airstream to get it to close correctly.

For the first few years, scores of problems came up. They had to do with quality control (poor workmanship), cheap parts, and bad design. The dealer would not fix some things, so I had to contact Airstream to get the warranty honored. The dealer damaged our trailer by backing it into another trailer—they fixed some of it, we had to argue for 6 months over the rest. They paid us just as we were getting ready to sue them. After that we took the trailer to Airstream for warranty work, a 1,400 mile trip. For the most part the Service Center does a far better job than the factory across the street where the new ones are made.

There are items in newer Airstreams that are lowest bidder type things. For example, the shower head broke three times. I finally replaced it with one from Lowe's that cost less than $20 and works a lot better. Poor design: the water pump is installed backwards so you can't clean the filter (unless you are tripled jointed and have very small hands). They could mount it on a rubber pad for pennies to have it run quieter, but don't. An example of poor workmanship is the way they installed the skylights for years by torquing the screws so much the plastic skylight cracked and leaked within a year—any slightly experienced worker should know to use washers under the screw heads to distribute the force and prevent cracking. At present the vinyl flooring separates from the subfloor causing ripples—in hot weather it may return to flat. It is installed improperly because Airstream does not follow the most basic principles of flooring installation. Roof items are sometimes not sealed well and leak soon. The upholstrey is cheaply done and the fabric stains easily. We have some early aluminum corrosion. I could list scores of problems.

Many people have experienced these type things. For those whose Airstreams have no problems, that is great. I wish we were you.

I get it that many RV's are badly made. Some cars are badly made, but for the most part, cars and light trucks are made very well and have become nearly bullet proof in recent years. Airstream's president told me RV's are complex and things will break, but I replied, look under the hood or dashboard of a car or truck and tell me they aren't incredibly complex.

Some RV's are made better than others and some have excellent reputations for QC and design. They are not priced higher than Airstreams and sometimes less. Airstream is sold as a premium product, but is not one. I think it is probably average.

But, others will say, "they last 40 or more years". Well, the ones made 40 or 50 years were possibly made better. The basic design dates even further back and is responsible for trailers lasting so long, but has this type of innovation and quality been maintained? In 40 or 50 years, we will see if today's Airstreams hold up so well—I'll be 110 to 120 years old, so wake me up and tell me.

Bashing? Complaining? We drank the Kool Aid too and were disappointed over the next 2 years with 60 or more warranty issues. On one trip to Jackson Center something broke every day—sometimes 2 things. We discussed selling it, but held on. Things have settled down somewhat by now and we hope that it stays that way. It is overpriced and you are paying for reputation and that icon status.

In the past year or so there have been fewer threads and posts about problems. Maybe Airstream improved QC (or maybe people gave up). When I was last at Airstream 1 1/2 years ago, there was concern and some defensiveness among executives. They were listening more than ever before and there were some positive responses for a while through the Forum.

These are problems that really have happened to us with our trailer. If the Safari cost half of what it did, I'd expect lots of problems. Those that have better built trailers are lucky they got the experienced and qualified workmen. Perhaps they don't work on their trailers themselves and don't see the design issues or how cheap some parts are. I suggest dismissing people as "complainers", "whiners" and the like is unfair and not supported by facts.

It is a design icon and we like the way it looks. I didn't just "complain". I made numerous suggestions to Airstream directly on how to improve their trailers. I was treated well at the Service Center and they fixed some things for free they didn't have to. We are keeping it. Some people have had far worse problems—frame separation, bad appliances, tire failures, more leaks than I could tolerate and so on.

Fly, I hope you are one of the lucky ones. I hope you go to a good dealer (the nearest one to you does not have the best reputation and some people in BC go to the dealer in Eugene, Oregon). Maybe you will tell us about problems in several months and be labelled a "whiner" too.

I share quite of bit of this guy's experience. I sorta find it odd that some owners seem to want to shoot the messengers who write about specific warranty problems. I doubt anyone is lying. Look, if something broke down, it broke down. We're not being paid to cover up problems. If I was, then I'd be quiet. So all this talk about someone who mentions quality issues as being someone who would complain about a thousand dollar bill being wrinkled that was given to them is unwarranted.

Even though I also encountered dozens of warranty issues in the first two years of ownership, I still have the trailer and like it. But Gene is right, there is a lot Airstream could do to improve their quality--and many of those things wouldn't even cost that much.

So if you want to complain about Gene here being a complainer, also tells us why some of his specific suggestions are stupid. You'll have a hard time making sense.
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If posters just wrote about the things that go right, me thinks it'd be a pretty boring forum. Most of the posts I read and enjoy are about how to fix things that broke, rusted, rotted, or are missing on Airstream manufactured products. Rock on!

Click on the link to see a picture of the Sioux River falls near my home.
Eastern South Dakota is very pretty with hills, rivers, and trees.
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