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Old 02-20-2015, 01:55 PM   #21
3 Rivet Member
1958 22' Caravanner
Plattsmouth , Nebraska
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 166
Classic case of form follows function. If your goal is make it lighter, better state of the art than $76,000 new ASs, weather from 120 degrees to 40 below zero, be totally off
grid only limited by resupply of water, propane and kerosene, then buy it. Female friendly or not. Sleep 6 or not. My 1958 Caravanner 22'. $4,101 missing much of interior. Great because - gutted it. Build back; 4400 watt dual fuel generator on tongue. 7,000#Bulldog coupler
reset to 19" height. 2,500#electric jack. 3 new 15" rims, 8 ply tires, SS moons. Rear bumper
cut reshaped and welded to lower spare to bottom belly height. Intex fold out queen bed inflatable sofa at each end, fold up twin 4 " foam mattress at each end which fold up when not in use. These rest on frame with woven 2" seat belt webbing ( like Navy ship bunks) 9 each king blankets ShopCo closeout ($8.89 each) for beds, 2 layered curtains w bubble pack guts, and room curtain partitions-each end. Waterless urinal. Porta pot. 100% duty 12v air compressor, aluminum tank. 2 T-105 Trojans. 3,000 watt pure sine wave inverter. 6/12 volt battery charger for all battery types w/ trickle 20a/ 100a jump. 2 door 3.1 cu ft frig, energy star draws 1.45 amps. 8,600 Btu house a/c runs at 4.1 amps- 11.4 Seer rolls out
from cargo hatch roadside. Military tent heater adjustable from 20,000 to 45,000 Btu and TEF-111 thermoelectric fan moves 450 cu ft/min ( no electric-runs on heat power). Chopped
axle ends and made independent air bag suspension so rig will sit on ground or 11" clearance for off road. Huge SSsink. 2 each 1,000 watt NUWave induction cook tops, 2 Coleman 2 burner stoves (1 propane-1 kerosene). 45,000 Btu turkey fryer with 30 quart aluminum pot. 100,000Btu burner for 16" woc cooking. Expensive true woc. 9 storage containers top opens or clear plastic side folds up. SS Cuisinart BBQ grill and flat griddle to fit. Microwave. 3/4 " packing house cutting board, SS counter and wood counters fold down on each side of cabin.
Am in process of lifting cab 12" to make basement - yes my floor was bad at both ends and at door. Steps rusted and missing so entry will be 6' air powered slant ramp extending from basement. Many hooks , fittings, 12v ad 110v wiring stuff, propane set up parts. I have yet to go over $5,000, which includes all welding and frame beef up. TV trays are very large prison "plates" with varied detents for different foods. Lawn chairs and every thing but frig
will fit in 4" spray foam insulated basement. In side is pretty much unobstructed great room.
One of the new floor pieces will be lifted to become a 5' round poker table. Belly pan will be .o60 EPDM rubber roll roofing (easy to repair and flexes for small objects at full kneel down)
Wheelchair friendly and generator has wheel kit to roll generator inside to prevent theft when
on extended outings. I've weighed every piece going in and should be 4,180 (less fluids) OTR. Bose sound and flat screens not purchased yet. Every single item so far bought on sale,
close out, display item, dented etc. Have been accumulating contents since last OCT. Many
unique features not covered here. BUY IT AND BUILD IT FOR UNDER 10K.
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Old 02-20-2015, 02:24 PM   #22
Regular Guy
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1978 31' Sovereign
Hot Springs , Arkansas
Join Date: Aug 2014
Posts: 601
I passed on one of these here in Hot Springs. Same miserable condition...
2 months later I found my Sovereign with the original documentation, owners manual, and 95 % there. I got it for less, and am glad I waited.
You have to think like a fish. All the lures will make you look. You have to be able to see if there is a hook in it.
If the fella that is selling will drop the price to something below the clouds, maybe.
I just wouldn't want to see you get discouraged with it. Make a post for a trailer inspector assist in your area. It will better serve you in making a decision.
If this isn't the one, there is one out there that has your name on it. Right Now.
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Old 02-20-2015, 03:53 PM   #23
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Currently Looking...
irving , Texas
Join Date: Jan 2015
Posts: 70
I have never restored a as but have done a few cars with the exception of a rare auto you can buy one cheaper than you can restore would you enjoy working on the project and the pride you can take when you finish go for it if you don't enjoy that kind of work you will end up 7-8grand in it willing to take 1500. For it just to get rid of it
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Old 02-20-2015, 04:56 PM   #24
The Sign Lady
1969 23' Safari
1974 Argosy 22
1964 24' Tradewind
Victoria , British Columbia
Join Date: May 2012
Posts: 677
Around here people sell empty shells for more. I think $4,500 is reasonable even with the work needed...IF...and only if, it calls to you...

Stand still inside it and just have a quiet look around for a bit. If you are in love, its worth it, If not wait... Another one will come up eventually

I'm in the position where I own three of these darn things because I bought one almost right, one not quite right and the last one just right....

My 1st, the '72 Argosy 22' is awesome I LOVE the inside, the panoramic windows, the way the light bounces around the interior and just the general happy feeling I get when I'm inside...but... she's got a faded cream coloured outside and I don't have the 5 grand for a proper repaint job, so that made me sad. So after lurking and knocking at every door I saw an airstream at a price I could afford, 7 Years later I picked up an all original aluminum one with the outside just like I wanted a 69' Safari 23', ....well... I didn't quite think it through, in my years of searching for the silver one that fit my budget the damn kids grew. You cannot get 3 teenagers into one bed, nor do they think its fun to snuggle with siblings any more...

So I still kept my eyes open... this summer a completely original '63 tradewind 24' popped up, she was 400 km away and I was stretched to a financial limit and almost in tears when I saw it on the used site, My awesome boyfriend said well lets go drive up and have a look anyway and we did and I am in love... A little shuffling of investments and well...I am now officially an airstream horder with a 22' 23' and 24' I think I may just buy some more in sequential sizing to complete the collection

So really... take your time and make certain you get the happy feeling when you are inside it and out. If it feels right, it is right... no matter what the cost. If it doesn't, wait.

I am never and have never been more happy and at peace as I am when I am outside puttering on restoring my Airstream collection

oh and...did I mention the three teenagers inside my house...?
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Old 02-20-2015, 05:31 PM   #25
3 Rivet Member
1958 22' Caravanner
Plattsmouth , Nebraska
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 166
At age 71 you must proofread at least 3 times. Not 4,180# correct is 2,180# which might be less than a Bambi. E350 = great as you will haul the full blue water bottles inside cab of tow vehicle as I do in the cargo bed of my Escalade EXT ( a costly pick up truck) on 2 wheeled dolly. Yet another reason for my slant ramp. Roll water inside cab for freezing weather. Since EXT has cargo bed outside no smell from the kerosene tanks. In E350 the kerosene tank might smell. As I did, find a big condemned nylon parachute and don't mess with heavy awning arms and fabric. Cover whole rig - telescoping center pole goes up thru center roof hatch when winter heater vent pipe connection is removed. You might like (1) clean aerodynamic roof, no a/c up there - center roof vent lifts up then flips over so heater vent and rain cap, are inside (2) minimum exterior doors and cut in louvers (3) very very low CG as 90 %, by weight, of set up contents are at OEM height in basement (4) can shift around contents when stored in basement to achieve perfect 10 to 15 % tongue weight. I use a bathroom scale- but unless your 26 footer with twin axles goes ultra light, don't know how you'll weigh the tongue. (5) everything in mine can roll/shift to outside, except a/c, under the parachute for desert weather - using large box fan too. (6) keep a/c on low because rear insulated curtain let's you cool only the back 7' foot "room". A/c will power thru inverter- really suck power from Trojans or on generator if wilderness camping, or campground power. I'll get a 12,000+ Btu a/c if I ever go 6 person camping which pretty much eliminates inverter power and many camping locations. Heater on high burns 5/8 gal per hour so trip for kerosene is dependent on outside temp and tank size. Mine 30 gallon with extra 30 gallon empty. Am designing a screen room fasten to fasten in the OEM awning track-I think cord is 3/16". (7) I have engineering drawings, content lists by pieces, weight , and cube, and power/energy calculation charts. (8) my propane use is limited but I do have 1 pound green bottles and the adapter to fill from the 2 each 20#
bottles. (9) less weight, more capable, less money, fluid refill without breaking camp, prepare large meals rapidly, yada,yada. (10) no winterizing for storage (11) cheap replacement and repair for off shelf technology. Can I patent my designs or at least copywrite my design book story? Doubt it. More???? call 402 594 5161 and I"ll give my home phone. Trying hard to be humble and not gloat.
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Old 02-20-2015, 07:10 PM   #26
3 Rivet Member
1958 22' Caravanner
Plattsmouth , Nebraska
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 166
Stupid me, running my mouth. I see your rig needs a frig. For free you may have my Dometic MKT 500.b, frig very nice shape, but know not if it runs. No key, less bottom wire shelf. Is now very difficult, almost impossible, to repair if needed. For free, bathroom sink and cabinet, minus the fold down cover with mirror = gone. No damage from removal. Any partition, door. or drawer. My stove and sink were removed by previous owners. Toilet. Shower stall floor. Awning arms and wind up rod. Fabric torn but good for template. 2 each 14 1/2" rims and no cracks tires. 2 old propane tanks. Know not if valves can be changed for new modern type. Water heater- operable ? In cab wheel well covers of metal. Overhead cabinets from roadside. Bed frame set up and really really heavy lumpy mattress which feels like very dense wool or cotton stuffing, circa 65#. Light fixtures. Original gas light and globe. 3 hatch covers. My roof hatches re-purposed have unique better design. Magazine holder. More. Gotta have $1 for all so I can tell my wife I made some money from the sale.
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Old 02-20-2015, 09:59 PM   #27
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1954 25' Cruiser
Kyle , The Republic of Texas
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 612
Images: 5
If I were you, 1st I'd pay close attention to all the above, sifting the good & not so good together & think on it. A refurbishment on that trailer to a high standard is going to sail a fair piece over $20K (just my opinion, but then I had to hire all the refurb done on my 1954. And 2nd, one of the major big-dogs running the annual restoration rally in your town goes by the name of Ken G or Ken J - I'm a senior, so I ferget. But he is also a member of the ABQ Wally Club. I'd do the research here on the Forums for the annual resto rally and contact Ken. Very few have as much good knowledge & experience, plus he is great at sharing his experiences. Good luck!!
I love that old time rock & roll.
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Old 02-21-2015, 08:38 AM   #28
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1975 25' Tradewind
Currently Looking...
Albuquerque , New Mexico
Join Date: Feb 2015
Posts: 5
Wow, thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it! I think you all covered pretty much every concern I have.
My goals for this restoration would most likely involve a completely do-over of the inside. I would change the layout if I could as I would like a full or queen (would fit?), but I know relocating the bathroom would be an ordeal and would require a custom shower enclosure over a wheel arch. If I could have what I want it would be rear queen br with shower and sink, then separate water closet for the commode. The front half would remain about the same.
One of my reasons for pursuing this is I have a small side business doing bicycle fitting out of my house. I had considered I could turn this into a mobile fit studio, then I can capitalize the project and depreciate it as a business asset.
The major concerns have been covered, but I think the one that resonates the most is to be $10k+ into it and not be happy with how it is turning out.
Having something I could use right away is very appealing, but then I probably wouldn't have my ideal layout.
The good news is I'm waiting on my tax return to show up before I do any real shopping so it forces me to take a time out and think it through. And I need to get the last couple items and actually install the brake controller in my tow vehicle. *if* it is still there in a week or two I'll go have a look.
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