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I use theMagellan Road Mate Pro 9165T. Made for RV's So far on problems. You can check it out at Camping World.

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Another suggestion:

If you want great info on campgrounds as you travel, get a software designed specifically to do that: Woodalls.

You buy their big fat book, and you also get a CD that allows you to search by more parameters than you would believe (rating, features like 50 amp service, a pool and so on) AND does by proximity to where you are, or where you are heading.

No guesswork, no piece of information left unanswered.

The fact that you get the book AND the CD seems overkill at first, until you get on the road, and your co-pilot isn't a computer type.

I have no connection or affiliation to the Woodalls company, but I haven't seen another work that can compare.

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Thanks again everyone. Lots of research to do.
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Originally Posted by mojo View Post
I have been happy with the RVND with about 4,000 miles of use. It is designed for RV'ers with all the major camp grounds and dump stations loaded in. But I still look at maps to make sure I know where I want to go and plan my own routes. Computers and Iphones won't work in many areas of UT, NV, AZ & NM. No phone signal.
We've recently gotten rid of our TomTom (after being an avid TomTom user for at least 7 years) because although it was great when not towing, we hated it while towing. It didn't allow multi-stop trips/itineraries, it was hard to use (the way we wanted to, anyway).

Anyway, this one is nice (regardless of what reviewers might say) because it factors in your height, length, propane etc, and figures out whether or not you'll be able to make that left-handed turn, or if you should take the longer way around via a right-handed turn. Also, from an RV'ers perspective, the POI's are nice and updated, as well as easy access to things like dump stations, overnight parking areas, truck-stops with RV islands, etc (all things you "can" do with custom POI's with the other units, but here they're just built in and work) Also, everything is coordinated with the printed version (you can easily locate the map page and grid from within the unit) -- you can easily find your current location as the mile-marker is listed in front of you, you can "pad" your estimated arrival times based on how you drive (meaning not everyone drives the posted speedlimit while towing). Also there are campground reviews, photos and what not built in.

We've put around 5k or so on it, and are now using it exclusively for our trip up the east coast.

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Originally Posted by xbr443 View Post
BTW Parkway's are for Passenger cars only. You will get a ticket if you get caught driving with a trailer on a Parkway.
I see busses and RVs on the B-W Parkway all the time. In fact if you go to the NPS website for it, you'll see a commercial bus in the picture! Oddly enough, the warning below the picture says commercial vehicles and trucks are prohibited. However, there is nothing about privately owned RVs.

Perhaps other NPS parkways are different, but I know RVs are also allowed on Skyline Drive - that's the only way to get to the campgrounds they have.

As for the guy going on about how GPSs are making us dumber or whatever, I check the routes before going and use the GPS as a backup, and to let me know if there is traffic ahead. Haven't had a problem yet. You wouldn't blindly rely on your chosen mapped-out route and ignore the signs on the road, right? I'm not sure why people assume that everyone who uses a GPS is doing that.
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Robert Mosses created the Parkways on Long Island, the parkways lead to State Parks. He didn't want people to come by the bus load to the parks from New York City so they made the bridges very low. Long Island is not the only area around here with low bridges and around here you will get a ticket if you drive on a Parkway with an RV or trailer of any type. We know what to avoid on Long Island but we went upstate this weekend and ran into the same problem. My husband knew the roads well enough to keep us out of trouble but we need a more permanent solution. Some of the parkway bridges are less than 9', we can't fit.

If anyone comes to the New York area you need to be aware and make sure to stay off the Parkways. Tractor trailer drivers often aren't aware of the issue or just ignore the signs that warn of low bridges. It's a fairly frequent occurrence to have tractor trailers hit bridges or need to be backed off of a Parkway.
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I got busted once driving a pickup truck on the Southern State Parkway. Back then they considered all PU trucks as commercial. I was on leave from the USAF with AZ plates and they cut me a break. Still had to pay my dime at the toll to get to my folks house.


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They still consider a pickup commercial, they're very strict around here.

The worst part of any trip for us is getting off Long Island.
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Different laws than other states.

Excerpts from the Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York

Special Parkways
PART 180
§ 180. 1 General
By section 10 of chapter 370 of the Laws of 1979, all rules, regulations, acts, determinations and decisions of the East Hudson Parkway Authority pertaining to the functions transferred to the Department of Transportation by chapter 370 of the Laws of 1979 that are in force at the time of such transfer, such transfer date being November 1, 1979, shall continue to be in full force and effect as rules, regulations, acts, determinations and decisions of the Department of Transportation until and unless duly modified or abrogated by the Commissioner of Transportation.
§ 181.1 Definitions of words and phrases.
(2) Authorized emergency vehicle. Every ambulance, police vehicle and fire vehicle.
(i) Ambulance. Every motor vehicle designed, appropriately equipped and used for the purpose of carrying sick or injured persons.
(ii) Police vehicle. Every vehicle owned by the State, a public authority, a county, town, city or village, and operated by the police department or law enforcement agency of such governmental unit. Any other-vehicle operated by a chief or deputy or assistant chief of a police department, a sheriff, undersheriff or regular deputy sheriff. A vehicle owned and operated by the law enforcement unit of a public or private corporation authorized by law to maintain a unit for the enforcement of law on the property of such corporation shall be a police vehicle only for the purposes of this section.
(iii) Fire vehicle. Every vehicle operated for fire service purposes owned and identified as being owned by the State, a public authority, a county, town, city, village or fire district, or a fire corporation subject to the provisions of subdivision 1 of section 112 of the Membership Corporations Law, or a fire company as defined in section 100 of the General Municipal Law. Any of the following vehicles shall be fire vehicles only for the purpose of this section:
(a) a vehicle operated by officials of the division of fire safety in the Office for Local Government of the Executive Department;
(b) a vehicle ordinarily operated by a chief or assistant chief of a fire department, or a county or deputy county fire coordinator, or county or assistant county fire marshal, or such vehicle when operated in an official capacity by or under the direction of such person; and
(c) a vehicle owned by a person, which is recognized and certified by the director of such division of fire safety as being maintained for the purpose of fire-fighting on premises owned or occupied by such person.
(iv) Emergency operation. The operation, or parking, of an authorized emergency vehicle, when such vehicle is engaged in transporting a sick or injured person, pursuing an actual or suspected violator of the law, or responding to, or working or assisting at the scene of, an accident, disaster, police call, alarm of fire or other emergency. Emergency operation shall not include returning from such service.
(3) Bicycle. Every device propelled by the feet acting upon pedals, having wheels any two of which are each more than 20 inches in diameter.
(4) Bus. Every motor vehicle used for transportation of persons that is designed for carrying more than 14 passengers, or has more than four tires, or that exceeds 9 feet in height from underside of tire to the top of the vehicle, 7 feet in width or 19 feet in length,
(8) Commercial vehicle. Every type of motor-driven vehicle used for commercial purposes on the highways, such as the transportation of goods, wares and merchandise and motor coaches carrying passengers; including trailers and semitrailers and tractors when used in combination with trailers and semitrailers, and excepting such vehicles as are run only upon rails or tracks,
(18) Highway. The entire width between the boundary line of every way or parkway publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel.
(19) House coach. Any vehicle motivated by a power connected therewith or propelled by a power within itself, which is or can be used as the home or living abode or habitation of one or more persons, either temporarily or permanently. In the application of these regulations to house coaches, a house coach propelled by a power within itself shall be deemed a motor vehicle, a house coach motivated by a power connected therewith shall be deemed a trailer, and all house coaches shall be deemed vehicles.
(22) Motorcycle. Every motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, but excluding a tractor.
(23) Motor-driven cycle. Every motorcycle, including every motor scooter, with a motor which produces not to exceed five horsepower, and every bicycle with motor attached.
(38) School bus. Every motor vehicle owned by a public or governmental agency or private school and operated for the transportation of pupils, teachers and other persons acting in a supervisory capacity, to or from school or school activities or privately owned and operated for the transportation of pupils, teachers and other persons acting in a supervisory capacity to or from school or school activities that is designed for carrying more than 14 passengers, or has more than four tires, or that exceeds 9 feet in height from underside of tire to the top of the vehicle, 7 feet in width or 19 feet in length.
(39) Semitrailer. Any trailer which is so designed that, when operated, the forward end of its body or chassis rests upon the body or chassis of the towing vehicle.
(43) Taxicab. A motor vehicle having a seating capacity for passengers of not more than seven persons, in addition to the driver, and used in the business of transporting passengers for compensation.
(48) Trailer. Any vehicle not propelled by its own power drawn on the public highways by a motor vehicle as defined in this section, except motorcycle sidecars, vehicles being towed by a nonrigid support and vehicles designed and primarily used for other purposes and only occasionally drawn by such a motor vehicle
(49) Truck Every motor vehicle designed, used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property; provided, however, that a pickup truck or a van which is legally registered as a passenger vehicle and which has passenger license plates shall not be deemed to be a truck.
(50) Vehicle. Every device in, upon or, by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, except devices moved by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks.
(51) Hearse. A station wagon type vehicle equipped for transporting a coffin or remains of a deceased person.
§ 182.24 Insignia and signs on vehicles.
(a) Nonrestricted vehicles, except taxicabs and vehicles owned and operated by governmental agencies, having any name, insignia or sign painted or displayed thereon are prohibited within the parkway system, except for identification purposes,
(b) For purposes of identification, the name and address only of the owner of a nonrestricted vehicle appearing on the sides thereof in letters not more than two inches in height shall not be construed as being in violation of this Subchapter.
§ 182.25 Median strip and crossovers
The median strip between the laned roadways in the parkway system, including crossovers and areas beyond the laned roadways, shall not be used by vehicles or persons on foot for any purpose except official purposes, or in emergencies.
§ 182.29 Projecting objects.
(a) No vehicle will be permitted to enter or operate within the parkway system with any article of any kind on the outside of the vehicle, unless such article is carried in or upon a rack designed for that purpose.
(b) The maximum projection of both the article and rack above the roof of the vehicle shall not exceed 30 inches.
(c) The overall height of the vehicle, including article and rack shall not exceed 10 feet.
(d) The article and/or rack shall not project beyond the front and/or rear of the permanent
equipment of the vehicle more than a total of two feet and in no case shall project beyond the sides of the vehicle.
§ 182.31 Restricted vehicles.
The following type vehicles, including those elsewhere defined in this Part, are not permitted
on the parkways within the parkway system, unless authorized under an agreement with the
(a) bicycles;
(b) buses;
(c) commercial;
(d) golf carts;
(e) hearses, except those operated by or for a licensed funeral director or undertaker while traveling to or from a funeral, interment, cremation, place of death or other destination for the acceptance and shipment of the body or remains of a deceased person;
(f) house coaches;
(g) motor-driven cycles;
(h) school buses;
(i) semitrailers;
(j) snowmobiles;
(k) tractors;
(l) trailers;
(m) trucks.
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It sounds like people need to be very specific about what parkways they're talking about - NY state parkways disallow campers, but at least some NPS parkways do allow them.
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Originally Posted by xbr443 View Post
They still consider a pickup commercial, they're very strict around here.
actually that has changed. in 1988 i bought a new pick-up and was shocked to learn i was now owned a "commercial" vehicle. a nice lawyer at dmv in albany was kind enough to send me a list of restricted parkways after a long discussion. the law changed about 10 or so years ago. now, if the pick-up is under 5,500 lbs. it can be registered as a passenger vehicle. pick-ups with a camper in the rear CAN be registered as passenger.

vans without at least one side rear window (possibly limited to the right rear) must be registered commercial.

there are many parking restrictions placed on commercial vehicles. a lot of streets in residential areas prohibit commercial vehicle parking or short time limits.

for some ny road history go to
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Thanks for clarifying the law for NY.

New York isn't the only state that has low bridges on Parkways. My husband and I drove out to New Mexico last month to get our trailer Along the way there were a few Parkways we had to avoid, I don't remember where. A regular road map doesn't have height warnings and won't solve the problem. We didn't have a clear route home because we needed to find places to stay along the way, most campgrounds don't open until April so we couldn't make reservations in advance and we didn't know how far we would drive each day.

Allstays is a great iPhone app, we used it this weekend when we were coming home from upstate. We wanted to take a more scenic route home and I put in our height requirements and checked for low bridges. The problem is a lot of areas don't have cell phone service. We went to the Adirondacks last year, the second we entered the park we lost service and never got it back again until we left the park. We also had no cell phone service on Rt 40 through Oklahoma and the upper portion of Texas, except for when we were near Amarillo, TX.

After reading the comments on this thread I realize just how important an RV GPS is. We've always avoided Parkways, better safe than sorry, but I guess not all parkways are bad. Around here if you get on a parkway by mistake if there is a bridge between you and the first exit the only way to get off is to have the police stop traffic so you an back off (they don't like when you do this and the people sitting in traffic aren't to happy either).

Thanks again everyone, the people on this forum are always so helpful.
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I've heard of GPS's for truckers. I think they provide additional information regarding low bridge clearance as well as restricted road's and how to avoid them. I've never seen one directed to RV's however. Just a little aside, Several years ago we were camping in Colorado and ended up in Lake City. We wanted to do some mountain 4x4 trails there and were not disappointed. We had been in the area before and had some ideas what to expect as far as the roads go. At the campground the owner told me he often gets phone calls from RV'ers traveling between Durango and Teluride on Rt. 550 inquiring about the directions the GPS is giving to get to Lake City. The 4x4 trails make it a shorter trip from Silverton but certainly not for most RV's. The blacktop roads take you down to Durango and over Wolf Creek Pass etc. to get there. We drove those jeep trails and I just could not imagine the outcome should an RV try following that route. The moral of the story is not to put all your trust in the GPS. I always have maps available and have an overview of my route.
Roger in NJ

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When I know where we're going I put copies of maps, hiking trails, kayak areas and campground maps on my iPhone and iPad so they are always available. I also do screen shots of areas if I think there could be issues.

iBooks is a great place to keep PDF's and OneNote (part of Office) is another place. Most campgrounds and parks have PDF files on their website for you to download. if you open them on your iPhone/iPad and open them in iBooks it will save it. You can create different folders so you can separate as needed. On the computer I print to OneNote and it syncs with my iPhone and iPad. Anything I save is always available. OneNote is different notebooks and a great way to keep track of things.

We tend to head in a direction and see where we end up. We usually have some idea where we're going but not always. ) Another reason to keep my research in OneNote, I keep places that look interesting in a notebook.

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