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Even at $4.50 a gallon, it's better than packing all of your stuff in and out of motel rooms. Another advantage I see is I know who slept in the bed the night before. Unless you have room service, you have to go out to eat and that's not cheap; even room service is not cheap although a little more convenient.
Three meals a day amounts to about $50.00 per person. I think you could cut that cost by 75% by preparing meals yourself.
Before I retired my job included a lot of travel; sometimes as much as 6 month's in the same motel room. I've seen my share of motel rooms and am willing to pay more to have my own space.
Very few motel rooms have the view you get when you stay in a National Forest campground or RV park in places like Durango, Colorado.
I've only had the Argosy for a little over a year and am looking forward to spend more time on the road. I think it will be worth the cost.

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May daily driver is a 2002 VW Jetta TDI that generally gets 48-50 mpg. I paid $12K for it 3 years ago with 45K miles on it. It now has 130+. It has saved me lots of moo laa, even when diesel spiked. Buy driving the Jetta I find taht when I tow my trailer with my Duramax fuel prices dont' bother me, as my averaged household fuel economy / costs are low (the Dmax is my wifes around town car during the week). Heck I barely pay attention to fuel prices with the Jetta. I figure fuel can go up to $6 or 7 / gal and I won't be paying any more that most folks are now with their cars that get 25-30 mpg.

Also, unless you tow a lot, the actually marginal increase in fuel costs for your camping adventures likely isn't that significant. After all this is a hobby and if most of us were worried about "economy" we would be tent camping out of the back of a TDI or Prius. BTW, if the world economies improve over the next several years, as is likely, with increasingly larger middle classes in places like China and Indian, $5 or more per gallon will likely be the norm. The western world has had a corner on the worlds resources for years, now, as the underdeveloped countries industrialize and see incomes/spending go up....well as they say.....paybacks are He#$.

If you look at RV manufacturing, they seem to be starting to deal with this with more smaller, lighter composite trailers etc. Some make sense, some likely don't, but just like with electric/hybrid cars (that many folks scoff at) it all has to start somewhere. I think in 10-15 years the RV world will still be around, but it will look quite different. Time will tell. In the meantime get out there and enjoy, even if you have to stay closer to home, there is still lots of fun to be had.

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On internet forums, please research and separate the wheat from the chaff (including mine!)
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Filled up in Washington state the other day....$3.42 a gallon for diesel. Yikes!
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Just like Soyboy says, Things are changing in the RV industry to accommodate increased (continued) use of their product! We should probably look at European RV products for a forecast of future American manufactured toys.
The Gas prices in Europe have been outrageous in comparison the the USA but they continue to venture out!
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When I gotta go, I gotta go. And I'll always gotta go.

Somebody, please, point me to the road.

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While we've been in the Great Recession, Chinese have bought 20 or 30 million more cars and they are not electric. China is now the world's largest auto market, supplanting the US. Other Asian economies and developing countries have been buying cars too. Guess who they are emulating?

While the US created the auto economy many years ago, others are leading the way in high speed rail and renewables. Those industries are not located in the US and some located here are closing factories as the Chinese intend to dominate the market. As noted, others are also buying cars. US fuel consumption is now about where it was a couple of years ago. Demand is up worldwide, supply is stagnant and speculators love this situation so they can add a little more cost to the mix.

But use the inflation calculator, and you'll see gas prices aren't much higher than they were 50 years ago. I expect gas prices will blow through $3 everywhere in the US in 2011, but somewhere north of $4 may have some effect on consumers' habits. We went to Alaska in 2010 because we expected gas prices would rise substantially in the near future—the future is nearer.

Boycotts haven't worked to bring prices down. More drilling in the US has little effect because there's not a lot left. The future is renewables, but lobbyists and politicians with their heads in the sand do not support change. $4 gas will slow economic growth a lot, $5 gas may reverse it. Investing in the future now is wise, but this country seems to be collectively delusional and will postpone change until China and others have passed us as industrialized countries. We will have to spend much, much more to modernize our car and truck fleet. Our renewables industry will be weak. We are already buying hugh value wind turbine components from China.

What will we do? Maybe avoid California and other high price states. Maybe not go to JC for some repair work, instead doing it myself. Stay closer to home as we did a couple of years ago. Wait to buy a new truck until manufacturers substantially increase gas mileage—I figure it would be time to buy a new truck in 3 years, but maybe we may wait. My wife's daily driver, the 4Runner—now 4 years old—may stick around for several more years than anticipated.

Some others will do less traveling and some will not buy RV's. Those without RV's will spend less on items other than gas too. This means less money in the economy except to oil and gas companies. What do they do with the money?—bonuses, high salaries at the top, some exploration, buying up competitors, stashing money away for the next downturn, higher dividends sometimes but not often, lobbying against renewables, campaign "donations" (that's not much as politicians come cheap in the US).

It looks grim to me. I think humans have a very hard time changing unless they are forced into it. In China, a dictatorship of technocrats forces the issue. The US will only be forced by extremely high energy prices and declining incomes. Incomes for the middle class have been declining for a decade and eventually that will force something, but may force the wrong things.

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Originally Posted by pmclemore View Post
When I gotta go, I gotta go. And I'll always gotta go.

I wholeheartedly agree. I have only so many days left in this life to head out on Airstream adventures. I will continue to try to wear Lucy out regardless of the price of fuel. Life is way too short to stop traveling in order to protest high fuel prices.

I sure hope that fuel prices do not skyrocket, but if that happens, I will still travel in Lucy. I will make up the difference somewhere else. I'll be darned if I will let my retirement be ruined by something like this.

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Very eloquently said; I wholeheartedly agree with you.

IMO, it is unfortunate that, as a nation, we are controlled by others whose greed outways our best interest. The oil companies control our politicians and that is one hugh reason why more is not being done as far as alternative fuels/fuel economy/etc. It will more than likely take a significant occurrence for those in power to say enough is enough. I just hope this happens before we become a third-world country.

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It will have to go pretty high before I would quit going on long trips. When we were in Alaska diesel hit around $5-$6 a gallon at some stops in Canada. What we did cut out is a lot of fishing and sight seeing trips without the trailer after we were parked. Logging those $125 refills after making a loop from the campground in an afternoon got pretty tiresome. I was sure glad at that time when it finally dropped to $3.50 on the way home.
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Happy our o6 classic is not an impersonal hotel room; as her name indicates she is brings joy into our lives. We are surrounded by the colors we love and all the creature comforts that we may need are close at hand. There is no lag time. Even in a 4 or 5 star hotel you wait. I have my coffee waiting for me when I wake and all my favorite foods are close at hand. I don’t have to dress before breakfast. I can curl up in my PJ’s and savor the view from our window. The food we consume is not regional if we don’t choose it to be. It is what we like and the way we like it cooked. Taki our friendly black cat is always welcome; there are no boarding fees. I don’t think you can put a set price on happiness…
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No one has touched on the fact that there have been no new refineries built in more than 25 years. There's a man in the Phoenix area that claims to have spent the past 15 years putting up road blocks to the construction of a refinery in AZ. One has to wonder if the greenies stopped protesting the building of new refineries as well as allowing existing refineries to upgrade with state of the art equipment, if air pollution would be cut and the price of gas would fall. It would also create jobs.
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Originally Posted by Denis4x4 View Post
No one has touched on the fact that there have been no new refineries built in more than 25 years. There's a man in the Phoenix area that claims to have spent the past 15 years putting up road blocks to the construction of a refinery in AZ. One has to wonder if the greenies stopped protesting the building of new refineries as well as allowing existing refineries to upgrade with state of the art equipment, if air pollution would be cut and the price of gas would fall. It would also create jobs.
Unlikely, it is primarily a question of oil supply, not gas supply. The oil market is a world market, and we are no longer the only major player. There is a limited amount of oil available at any given time, and it is getting expensive to get it out of the ground. The ROI on new wells has not been particularly good. New refineries wouldn't hurt, but I am sure gas prices would stay the same to recoup the capital investment to build them.

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Gene - you have a lot more faith in the Chinese than I do - I think Americans will put up with only so much - we are a very adaptable group of folks who will do what we need to do - we have been trying times before and we will be through trying times again. We will get up dust ourselves off and go on. Things look good to me.

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CA: Diesel $3.59
Gas: $3.29

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