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Secret New Post Instructions...

Tin Ritz-

In order to post a new thread, you have to start in the Forums section, where the underlined topics are at top, under the rivet tabs.. This is done to encourage posters to search down from highest level subjects and see if there is already a post similar to the topic they want to start... After you get down one or two levels (keep clicking on topics within maintenance or community or off topic...) finally the blue oval "post new thread" will appear at upper left at top of listings of existing threads...

There is even a thread or two of members venting about failure to scan existing threads before starting new ones... If you can find one with a title or subject similar to yours, it is better to join that one than start over, unless Moderators have closed it...

John McG


In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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Question First post - old Airstreams vs new ones

Hi all,

The first thing I need to do is change my user id! I left the "i" out of my last name. Of course, I see that almost everyone uses some nonsense name, so I might as well leave it. But if I wanted to, how do I contact the thread-master / site-master? Not one of the FAQs, apparently.

I'm interested in knowing whether significant design changes between old (vintage) Airstreams and new ones make it worth considering a new one. In particular, are they using significantly lighter materials now, so I could pull a longer one with the same weight? How about the frame and flooring? I have noticed that the tanks on the older ones are smaller. (Where the heck are they located?)

I would also be interested in seeing more detailed drawings of the Airstreams. The Airstream literature that I've seen - brochures and the Airstream website - is rather notional and advertizy - no real substance about what they contain, where things are located, and what options are available.


Dave Wile

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Hi Dave -- and welcome to the Forums! I'll get your screen name corrected to Dave Wile.

Airstreams are actually heavier now than they have ever been. The 1980s had a lot of longer trailers that developed bent and broken frames aft of the wheels, so frames are beefier now. You can almost guess that any trailer over 24' is about 1000# heavier now than 20 years ago. Ads don't show them being towed by cars like they used to. Beefy tow vehicles haven't given any reason to hold down weight but they aren't the most convenient things for driving around town or commuting. Fuel prices? News amnesia is already occurring now that prices have dropped a bit -- but this will be a recurring problem that won't go away. It's hard to speculate but 10 years from now may look a lot different. Airstream-Europe is just starting up -- frames are lighter & galvanized, lengths are much shorter. I don't think Airstream will go strongly in this direction unless box RVs also head in the same direction.

I don't know of any one comprehensive floorplan source. As good a wishbook as any for older Airstreams is Vintage Airstream's Photo Archives. Any decision to go newer vs. 70s/80s vs. vintage 50s/60s really depends on how much time you have to put into a "project" -- one year of the occasional evening or weekend might only get you to the frustration point. A solid re-do can take 2-3 years unless you have a lot of time, resources and skills. Trailers from the 1990s and newer aren't work-free but certainly may be closer to ready-to-roll. Shorter trailers of any period are in highest demand and get snapped up relatively quickly.

Hang around and browse here. Continue to ask questions. You'll get a sense of where you want to go. The winter months will give you some time. Thanks for checking us out!

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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Hello All,
Have figured out that this is the best way to visit with my husband SLOWOLF.
Ha ha . Look forward to seeing all of you at the next ralley.
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First post

Hello and thanks,

I've been lurking for a while, wanted to get rid of the stuff at the top saying I haven't posted.

I can retire in 2012 with health benifits, and I'll have enough money, I am fairly sure, to buy new equipment and fulltime. I'll be 55. I have been to the tour in Jackson Center, and the Airstream dealers in Piqua and Columbus, Ohio. I've been all over the web looking at new and late model units, and I have Airstream and Arctic Fox on my short list. Plans are to buy a diesel pickup in 2010 and keep eyes open for a late model deal, or order new, most likely a 28 foot Safari.

Things may change, I'm starting to get the itch. Maybe I'll make the purchases earlier, and find a storage yard for the Airstream, and modify my garage to fit a 1 ton truck. I could get the unit out weekends/weeklongs.

Anyway, that's where I am, hello to all, and thanks for posting so much useful information.

Chuck & Emo
A '57 Boy and his '03 Dog
'04 Subaru Forester XT
'01 Kamparoo Cub
Lots of backpacking and day hiking stuff
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Wow - Now That's Planning!


Glad to see you took the plunge and joined the group. As you know, there is plenty of great information here.

I'd say take the plunge - buy some equipment now. Satisfy that AS urge. It's great to do all that planning but 2010... 2012... That's much too far into the future. Heck in 4 to 6 years you'll want to upgrade to something different. Try something on now! Before you know it, you'll be out every time you have a chance. Forum rallies, WBCCI rallies and events, camping on your own - it's all great! Don't wait.

Wishing you the best in your future AS, Lucius
Lucius and Danielle
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Got a cooped-up feeling, gotta get out of town, got those Airstream campin' blues...
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I got the 'goldmine; he got the 'shaft'!'s official...the judge signed the property settlement and dear
husband got the house AND the bills and I got the 1972 29' Airstream
Ambassador...I definitely pulled the long straw!!!

I am a 54-year old full-time student with a 13-year-old daughter and by January 2007 will be a full-time AS'r. We are going to stay in a year-round spot in an RV park here in Mocksville, NC so daughter will not have to change schools. We are actually quite excited about the move but I, as the adult, am a bit scared about all the things that I need to know about the trailer. Wish I'd paid more attention to the how's and whys' and what for's of how everything works. It will definitely be an adventure...just us men...this should be good!! (LOL)

Would love any suggestions and/or advice...especially coming into the winter season. Are required to skirt the trailer as per park rules so thought the 1" styrafoam idea was good. Planning to put that inside and maybe lattice around the exterior to "hide" the duct tape, etc. Have worked a 100 lb. propane tank and gas service into my VERY tight budget so think that the basics are covered.

So thankful I found the forum...looking forward to becoming part of the "community" in-between my 19 credit semesters!
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NC Gal, welcome! You definitely got a good deal there! You will be able to find the answers to all your questions through this community. Get to know the search feature, as there have been several recent discussions on full-timing. Good luck!
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Just drug home a 73 Sovereign. Looking for a while and glad I did not get the first two I found...but still have a lot ahead. My last trailer, a mongrol, died a violent death when a friend forgot to check the lug bolts...made it from Fairfield CA to Austin before self distructing:/ So here I am starting on a 31 foot all where did I put my 8 tracks

Oh, rodrick, from my old stomping grounds...I am not putting the green shag back in the 73...not gonna happen

rm pray
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HI and welcome to the forums. May I suggest investing in a torque wrench?
1964 Overlander | '08 Touareg V6
Current Project: 1964 Globetrotter

Let's have a polishing party: I'll supply the trailer and buffing supplies. BYOB (bring your own buffer)

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Hello Cindy,
I just read your request for airstream embroidery.
did you find someone?
I have a babylock machine and would like to have a digitized design.
I have a 325 motorhome and would like more of a caracture, or cartoon style design, thanxs Airscream
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Land Yacht

I'm looking at a 1991 37 foot Airstream LandYacht that is for sale here in my home town. It has less than 50,000 miles and is in very good shape. I don't know if this enough information, but can somebody give me a price range that I should pay?
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Welcome, and good luck in your quest...

As new member, a couple suggestions..

1. You can now search from among hundreds of thousands of threads/messages using search tab above... If you typed in "land yacht" and value and price, you'd probably find several good leads... This thread is mostly about tips on how to make successful first outings in newly acquired Airstreams... (No harm, though..)

2. As for values, there is a "Blue Book" which is technically gold.. Look at site to look up values.. Usually, values aren't real close to realistic local market, as it is barely a guide for dealers and lenders to establish loan limits and funding guidelines... Real market prices are based on condition, location, model, and time of year.. Yours may vary quite a bit...

3. You could also try searching or classifieds here or other web sources to see what comparable models are offered.. In realm of motorhomes, since Airstream has discontinued manufacture and sale, they still trade at a premium to "average coaches" (the Fleetwood lines..) but less so than a few years ago...

John McG

In Theory, there's no difference between Theory and Practice, but in Practice, there is usually a difference...
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SC Air
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Hi, 2006 has been a great year, I bought a 25 ft.Safari and am having a blast. Going to over 10 rallies this year and I have signed up for the Baja Caravan in 2008 and the Capetown to Cairo Caravan in 2009. I am looking forward to using the Forum to get to know some other addicted Airstreamers. SC Air.

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