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I am thankful to forum members who identify genuine problems and those who have found solutions, but you sure have to wade through a lot of this crap to get there.
True. It is not always easy to know if the problems are exaggerated. I am glad though that we can share with the support issues and even, to some degree, provide emotional support. I am really happy this forum exists as I have NO ONE I know with an AS an only two friends with an RV as I mentioned. There are so many questions that each of use have.

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I'm to busy to write so I'll just say what Bob and Gene say X-2. I'll weigh in on this later. And I never complain, but always react. My reactions are generally specific to good or bad experiences.

Hope is not a plan.
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Originally Posted by dkottum View Post

I am thankful to forum members who identify genuine problems and those who have found solutions,.
That's why I started this thread:

I notice there's more energy in criticism than in solutions.

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TCHUR4, we have a 2011 Eddie Bauer and I think many of the features are similar to the 2012. You need to take a deep breath and work through the issues 1 by 1. The leak under the sink is probaly just a loose plumbing fixture. Just analyze the plumbing when the water is running and tighten the fitting. (use some thread tape)
For the heating and cooling, the thermostat is a little tricky. Just RTFM (read the fine manual) This description sounds like operator error - sorry to inform you. For the breaker, this is a 30 amp system. You can safely use the fridge, AC/elec heat, lights, TV simultaneously. If you want to run the Microwave, elec water heater at the same time as the prior lists of items, you'll trip the breaker. Just look and the amp ratings in each of the item's owner manual. Just use the water heater in LP mode. If you plan to do some cooking, switch the Fridge to LP mode. It's no big deal.
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Yes i would buy a new Airstream.
This is based on my experience with our current AS and not from reading comments on the forum. Seams to me there are threads regarding legitimate complaints that escalate into an unproductive rant. Opinions are formed based solely on the information provided in the post. In some cases I feel conclusions are made with out all the facts.
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Originally Posted by GT1963 View Post
Okay with all that said and in keeping with this thread. If you bought new - and the tires that came with that new purchase had statistics as you indicate could you have not made a case for Airstream to change them out or put in a process that will encourage them to pull them from there material line up?
I have read numerous threads about the GYM tires, and have not read anywhere that AS has agreed to give people new tires upon request. If you know of an example of that, please identify it.

I would never, ever wait for a disaster to happen when I know of a fix ahead of time. So, I am taking advance action. And, I have plenty of camping trips planned this summer. So, I am also not going to park my expensive trailer and being some elongated complaint process with AS, when there is no evidence of them replacing people's new tires at their expense. I just bought this trailer brand new six months ago, and they GYM was the tire AS figured was good enough for me. What would have changed since then? I haven't heard.

Now, once I get my new tires, and other new parts needed to bring this up to my expectations for the price I paid, you bet I will be formally contacting the dealer and AS with my complaint.
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Originally Posted by zigzagguzzi View Post
GT, you can not win on these forums. The whiners will shout you down with their repetitive posts. If a complaint is posted once, that' s enough. Some feel it is necessary to shout those who like AS down. If the biggest problem is your tires on your AS or whether it leaks, then maybe a life assessment is due. If you think you bought junk, it was your decision. Let others make their own choices. If you have a problem ,then tell about it, DO NOT PREACH. Jim
In other words, you believe you should always have the last word in all these complaint threads. I think that is very humorous.

Secondly, who said others can't make their own decisions? Absolutely no one that I can see. How would someone here impose their decision making on someone else? That doesn't even make sense. It's an absurd claim.

And finally, it seems the only one preaching is you. You have no complaints, but feel obligated to post the same monotonous comments about "accepting defeat" over and over and over and over and over on every thread where people are expressing problems, and detailing solutions and suggestions.

Your daily sermon is "accept what you have from the great god of Airstream, be thankful it even rolls down the road at all, and don't complain." That's called preaching Jim. It has no factual basis, and no logical attachment to the threads. It's your value system IMPOSED on everyone else. That's what preaching is Jim. It is moralizing about how others should ACT and how others should FEEL. How about this - - accept what you feel and let others enjoy their own feelings. If that means they rant, why don't you leave them alone? How is my complaint over tires hurting YOU? How is my estimation of the value of these trailers hurting YOU?

Take stock of the essence of your posts. It is this: "you guys have no right to feel as you do, and I want you to stop it." Sorry Jim, we do have a right to our own assessments. We paid our money and we are entitled to our own pursuits without you preaching about the acceptability of those pursuits. Do I tell you to jump up and go replace your tires? Do I tell you to write a complaint to AS? Is anyone telling you to do anything? Have certain feelings? Say only certain things? No, they are not.

I've been very patient regarding your stalking and sermonizing and your attempts to tell me what value I should perceive from my purchase. Who the heck are you to dictate what is acceptable quality to me? Please explain what authority you possess over my determination to make my trailer safe for my family, and my determination to get my hard earned money's worth out of this purchase? Explain your standing in my affairs, please.

If you are so enthralled and delighted and happy with your trailer, why are you following me around this forum preaching, instead of sitting in your trailer and smiling?
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I am certain that the GYM tire issues are at thing of the past. The company (Goodyear) will admit that there were issues with some of the Chinese manufactured tires. Goodyear resumed manufacture in the States until the issue could be continued and then switched back to manufacture in China. I install tires in my business and I found a bad new GYM Marathon on our trailer but I also had a bad new Michelin tire in the shop last week (non trailer tire). The problem with reading threads about tire failure is that you are not getting the big picture. Most of the Marathons sold have been fine and now that the problem (whatever it was....) has been addressed I am certain they will be going forward. Spend your money on Michelins if you feel better, they are simply produce the best tires out there (in my opinion) but I believe that there is nothing wrong with current production Marathons. The issue is fixed!
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RED, no one said you cannot have your word, but the continuous bashing is too much. I am going to make your day and after several years say goodbye to what used to be an information filled forum taken over by people with buyers remorse. I hope if the WBCCI forum ever gets up and running all this constant whining is controlled. Makes me wonder if that is not one reason it shut down before. I know there were lots of other problems. I'lllLinger for a while just to read the responsesb but then I am gone. I wonder if I should get my money back. Jim
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Raise your hand if you smile when you get out of bed in the morning

We bought a new AS so that we could take advantage of warranty / dealer support; in my 64 years, I have not yet been lucky enough to even once replace what I thought was an inferior part and get it reimbursed under warranty... doesn't mean that I won't someday be successful at that; Lord knows that I have tried several times. Some of these concerns are valid, but temper your expectations with reality.
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My what a day. Let's cool things a bit. This thread is temporarily closed.

The Site Team


"You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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