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Msrp $838,460 ????

What the ?????

Just saw an add in "Highways" that had a MH with an MSRP of 838,460 !!!! And it was an '06!

What are these people thinking?

I was at CW and walked thru all the trailers and MH's on display. There was NOT ONE that whispered to me, much less spoke to me like SilverToy does. And all the MH's looked to be set up for 2 people... ?!? Multiple slides all over, mirrors a million, Flat screens front and rear,


What are they thinking?? I don't get it.

Thanks for the space to vent.... Back to the normal AS stuff.



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Have to agree with you...
that's not a camper, it's a house!

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Must come with one of those blond trophies and some twinnkle lights in the ceiling
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Camper, NOT Real Estate!

Not sure where you all live, and what property values are where you live... but,

for $838,460

I can BUY about 40 acres, with a 3200sq.ft all brick house, with a barn and a shop with RV bay inside, with a 20 minute commute to Albuquerque....

AND a brand new Burb to do it in.


Actually saw 3 Class A's today, Mandalay had a Caddy toad, Newmar had a Hummer toad, BlueBird had a AMG Benz on a triple axle chromed trailer. ALL were in the WalMart lot sleeping off ? How can someone that has nearly a million (or more!!! BB/Benz) in rolling stock have the least desire to park it in a WalMart lot????!!!!

Seriously, what are they thinking? I don't have a clue.

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Here you go: $1,030,00.00. Marathon Coach works and this wasn't the most expensive either!
J. Rick Cipot
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What does it look like on the road ?

I can guarentee it doesn't look like that when it goes down the road... Marcel Marcau couldn't move anywhere in that rig when all the slides are in. If you want a showpiece place, then get one on Central Park. Not the RV park.

Then again, what is that saying about a fool and his/her money?

It's like this for me. I spend about 8 hours a day in my bedroom - asleep!! I don't need a cherry headboard and crystal chendellier and tiffany lamps and etc....

I would rather have that Cherry in the kitchen, the crystal chandelier in the dining room, and tiffany lamp in the living room. You know, where I actually spend time with the family!

That 1million MH looks like P. Diddy's place in Vegas... Do they really want to see themselves in 35 mirrors? Guess it has some advantages for certain things, but what do you do with the other 23 hours and 55 minutes?

I am resolved, the next occation I see one of these megaMH's with an owner around, I'll go ask for a tour and ask them what their use experience is like. I'll wager I get more enjoyment out of my SilverToy than they do out of their show palace... I'll report back!

Still not feeling the 800K expendature! But then that's me.

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If anyone watched Barrett-Jackson this weekend you will have seen that those with money, lots of money, are not afraid to spend it lavishly and foolishy on cars that then become virtually undriveable because of the insurance/theft/damage risks. Trophy cars for their garages I guess.

As for the expensive MoHo's I can see that folks who live in luxury all the time would want to replicate that in some way in their camping if they can afford to do so. We do have friends who sold a unique campground on a beautiful lake and did "extremely well" as they would put it, and put a bit of that money into a large dollar MoHo. It is nicer than my house inside. Their reasoning was they will be living in it for the next several years (so far they are in their third or fourth year so they are doing what they said) touring all over North America - wherever they decide to go next they just head out and do it. They wanted to do it in luxury and they are. They often stay at Walmarts because it's convenient and safer than pulling into rest stops, and they do a lot of their shopping at Wallyworld. I personally thought they could get the same camping experience out of a unit that cost 1/3 of what they paid but it's like picking a car - some people pick the VW Jetta, others the Benz and they both have their reasons. These people know camping, were in hundreds of trailers and MoHo's over the years in the campground and decided to go upscale. The next time we see them (June) I will ask them if they feel after this long that they have gotten the value for their dollar out of their MoHo.

What I did find interesting was their interest in the Flying Cloud when we got it. They had seen a lot of trailers in their campground life but said the one thing they saw a lot of was someone buying an Airstream and coming back year after year with the same rig where others would come with a different rig every couple of years, often a new TV and trailer bought close together. They had some people who had come to the campground for over 20 years and still with their same Airstream. They couldn't think of another brand that one owner had used for even half that although they did have many folks who came every year for over twenty years. They both mentioned it seemed the Airstream did not show it's age so people weren't feeling forced to trade up to the newest look and they also seemed to weather the years better - perhaps because there was more pride of ownership but that would be a best guess.

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If you had that kind of money you'd spend it too rather than just give Uncle Sam half and look at the rest. My boss just bought a Newell for about 1.3M. Don't blame him a bit! He probably pays 10 times that a year in taxes.
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Well we had a Marathon that we really liked. The price 2,450,000.00 was fine with us as it really was a pretty Moho. What we didn't care for was that it was hard to boondock in. That baby really didn't enjoy a dirt road at all. Those dirt roads really messed up the four slide outs. On the other hand we looked great when parked at Walmart.

(Tongue so far in my cheek it's coming out my ear.)

We have been in a few Marathons and they are very lavish and one of them was even tastefull. I appreciate what they are and the level of comfort and convienence but its just not my style. I'd feel foolish having to dress for dinner so I cook Hot dogs.

So like all things. Get what makes you happy and be happy in it.
I'd rather be boon docking in the desert.

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And unlike your home, those bad boys are depreciating - not appreciating!
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A Little Perspective

Hi Gang!

Allow me to enlighten this thread from my rather unique perspective. These mega motorhomes are the bulk of my service business here in SW Florida. Most of the folks have nothing but time and LOTS of money on their hands! In one RV resort (not your average RV park), the spaces are all individually owned and measure 55' X 125' or larger!!!! They are now selling for minimum of $250,000 up to $600,000. THAT'S JUST FOR THE LOT!!!!!

I would say that a good 40% of the 300 spaces in this 'resort' are filled with Newells, Prevosts and Bluebirds....with the rest having hi-end Newmar Essex, Monaco Signature and Executives and Tiffen Allegro Bus and Zephyrs on them. These coaches start at $400K and some of the Prevosts are now approaching $2million. Very few are really 'full-timing' in them with no other house or real estate, unless it's another ownership RV park in a different part of the country.

Some are nice, but the rest are just so overdone that they look like a characture of themselves. OH, and these folks aren't 'camping' or roughing it in any way, especially when they pull in for the 'season' of 3-5 months towing their color-coordinated 35' double stack trailers that holds 2 cars, a couple of motorcycles......and let's not forget the required $20,000 golf cart to ride you around the park that resembles, Hummers, '67 mustangs, mini fire trucks, you name it!

It's truly another world out there....I used to full time in a 1998 Monaco Dynasty and lived in this 'resort' long before the real estate jumped to the stratosphere. It's a kick when I tell the folks that knew me when I lived there that my current 'RV' will fit nicely in their living room with the double slides. They look at me in astonishment when I tell them that I now have a 19' Airstream. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Better a silver tube than no tube at all!!!!
Lew Farber...ABYC Certified Master Marine Electrician...RVIA Certified Master Tech ...AM Solar Authorized Installation Center...AIRSTREAM Solar & Electrical Specialist...Micro Air 'Easy Start' Sales and Installations
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look at the nascar drivers mohos .over 1.5 million.with all big slideouts.. here's me in a old 77 argosy worth $6,000..At least I enjoy mine.
just want to camp happy
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Man - I'm going back to the old station wagon thread
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I've enjoyed reading this thread since beside having a 1987 32' Excella also have a 45' 1995 Country Coach aka the strange Airstream at the 29Palms rally. They are apples and oranges the Airstream allows us to go to places the Prevost cant and vs. Each have their appeal for those who would like to see a pic click the link below its for sale.

1995 Prevost Country Coach

three years from now when retirement becomes a reality I want to get another one and fulltiming spending maybe six months out of the year in it and another 2 in the Airstream. The Airstream once the Prevost is sold will under go a process to become a baby Prevost and will post pics. We all like to RV can't we all just get along.

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