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From what I read sounds like you are having more of a problem with outside factors than you are the actual trailer itself. Did you camp before or is this your first camping experience? I'm a country girl so I grew up with the mice, bugs, dirt and cow "dirt" and none of that phases me. The rattlesnakes and copperheads at the deer lease make me a bit nervous but I just watch where I walk and what I pick up. If the critters and dirt are the issue then I would suggest something like a timeshare. We have one and love it when we aren't camping. And, we also cruise. If the trailer itself is the issue then you may not be matched up to the right model/floorplan. We have camped for years and had several different brands. We got the bright idea a while back to "upgrade" from the AS to a big 5th wheel with slides. We thought the extra room with the slides and the extra basement storage would be just the ticket. Anyway, we bought this lovely used high-line trailer and we have almost stopped camping now because it's so big and fancy. You have to watch the height and width of the campsites and we are always concerned about the wood floors and light interior getting messed up. It also has so many huge windows you can't keep the darn thing cool in the Texas heat without using foil bubble wrap to block the sun and then you can't see out. After much debate we decided last weekend it has to go. Yes, we were slow to admit it, but the fifth wheel is just not for us. Fortunately we did not sell our AS and we kept it up so are going back to the '83. We had more fun with the AS than we ever did with the 5th wheel. So, with a quick cleaning, some new tires and a day of transferring our "stuff" the old AS will be ready to go. We can go back to being able to fit into narrow, shady campsites and will once again be the trailer that everyone in the park has to come look at. So, if camping in general is not for you then by all means do something else. That AS you have will be snapped up quickly when you decide to sell it and you at least gave it a try which is more than a lot of folks do. If you enjoy the camping but don't like the trailer then look for something that suits you. Main thing is you don't spend your life sitting in a house doing nothing. Go out and make memories that will last you the rest of your life.

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Robbie, I got to looking at your old post and I think I saw your rig in some pictures. Man, that is a SWEET unit. If you are letting it go, someone is going to be getting a prize. If I had money right now I would be heading over from middle Tn to try and talk you into selling it to me.

Sorry that its been a rough year for you and that the reality of ownership hasn't matched your dreams. Chalk it up to life and move on to other fun things, life is to short to get all balled up over things that don't matter.


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Made me Smile Gently

So many stories - I've lived about 10 of them. Let us all join hands in a circle and acknowledge "I've got more than one of those T-shirts."

When I was employed in corporate America I was told to learn to play golf as the best way of social networking with the semi-rich and semi-famous. Now the first time I ever picked up a bowling ball my low game was 121 and my high game was 140, so I'm not a complete Klutz - until I grip a golf club. I am left handed which still isn't a good exuse for my ineptitude, but I sent two pros into therapy before I gave up.

Watched too much "This Old House" - and bought one. Word of advice - be rich... or RUN!

On a strange whim (or perhaps a manic high) bought a Lexus RX300 - really loved it, but eventually started noticing how many drug dealer types seemed to have the exact same model - and by the end of year 2 it was pretty much just a car.

Stepdad had (HAD is operative word) a '63 Avanti RX-3 - the "Stud" of the dying Studebaker auto company. Always would kill to get a ride to school in THAT car. Stepbrother was given the privilege of driving it a couple of times. Got cocky at a red light and probably was drag racing when it all went sideways and demolished the car. Sic transit glorium mundi...

Possessions can be fun or a burden.

You are to be admired for simply being honest about your real reaction. My sister wants a Casita. It's her "perfect camper" - and I get it. Don't want one myself... but that's me. My partner Bob just made another judgmental remark inquiring when I'd be back to bricks and mortar...

It's EASY to be "normal" ... but even in the face of narrow minded people, it's generally better to be happy. Your A/S made YOU miserable? Doesn't matter how happy it might have made others. Ditch it.

Donald Trump observes that successful investors know when to dump a losing stock, that the ones who go broke simply hang on and on and on, rather than taking their loss and moving on.

Move on and go in peace! Paula
Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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Originally Posted by Robbie R. View Post
Just a year of worries about how to KEEP it as nice as it arrived.
That's about the nicest thing a buyer could hear when looking for a used trailer. You've done nothing wrong - heck, if you'd hadn't bought it, you might've spent years obsessing over them. Instead, you answered that internal question, and you're better off for it. So be happy, and go find a hobby you love!
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Thanks again everyone.

I'm fine, no meds needed here except ibuprofin and joint health meds. (though I am a worry wart all my life)

SSCHANGER, we are close, thank you and write any time.

sempi2, I am married 36 years. We both decided to do this this past weekend.

KEVIN242, I thank you and consider you my pal.......

It is a tough decision because this one is so nice and we thought we could do it.........I've had 3 back operations and now my shoulders are going so the Dr. says so it's just too much for me...but this is NOT the main reason we are going to sell.

This camper is just too nice if that is possible to understand.

I just can not maintain it in this condition for much longer and I refuse to let it get dirty or stained...and this is hard to do all the time.

It's like staying in a fancy motel........just too fancy and too nice.

I feel guilty having it so it will be gone soon I hope.

I think you people on this forum are wonderful......amazingly kind and helpful.

Boondocker, yes my camper is shown in this link,

Fred's Airstream Archives @ - 2000 Airstream Excella 31' Travel Trailer (A)

Thank you all.

Robbie R.
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Originally Posted by Robbie R. View Post
I'm fine, no meds needed here except ibuprofin and joint health meds.
Have you tried SAM E? This is a non prescription health supplement and it is the only thing that will regrow worn joints. It did wonders for my knee and back pain and also helped my nerves. In addition to joint problems it is good for depression and liver problems.

You can get it at Walmart, drug stores and health food stores. Should be taken with Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid.

I have recommended it to friends who report that it cured their carpal tunnel and back problems and made their wife easier to live with lol.
Living in the trailer park of sense, looking out the window at a tornado of stupidity.
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Wow !

Thanks a may have made my week !

Robbie R.
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Also try Apple cider vinegar with honey in pure water every's a liver cleanser among other great attributes .
Keep your chin UP. UP! UP! UP! ...and stay out of your head when you need to. Bill
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i was attracted to airstream for its towing reputation and trailer is washed after each use and while cleaning i usually find road nicks on the front protectors.actually when not in use i enjoy fidiling with the trailer in my driveway,as a relaxation escape. sometimes dw will find me sacked out inside the coach.did not buy this trailer as an investment,only bought to enjoy with family and friends.dont take yourself to seriously,get out and enjoy and laugh alot.our airstream for us is a total stress reliever.if it happens to get damaged ill get it fixed.anything that can be fixed by stroking a check is usually not a problem imho.stay healthy and enjoy life.if airstream is not your bag,move on and dont look back.some people i know dont get why i enjoy airstreaming so much.either you get it or you dont,i happen to like the sense of freedom that i have hitting the road when time of luck with your decision.
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i got our 2010 in june of 09 and the desire and the pressure my desire to "do it right,keep it right" became heavy. i worked on myself to back the pressure off and it took some effort. awareness that nothing stays pristine including me. i also had times of feeling this was more than i could manage worry wise than realized the thing was no different than any other tt and i was not this burdend with anxiety with any other thing i owned. so i use it now with more of a lighter feel. responsible for its care yet not overly so. it is made to break and fix and made to be bought and sold. the myth,legend,history of airstream no longer rests on my silversuppository and i am happy for this shift. thanks for sharing robbie and the rest of the thread posters
"Open paddock 9!"
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Please...please make an appointment with your GP. It sounds like your anxiety may be a health problem.
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We had an 80 Excella, our third Airstream ( prior one was smushed by a big tree in a storm). I put a LOT of work into that rig. Redoing the inside, redoing the outside, and on.

we went camping in June and I realized that this beautiful big ( 31) trailer was really more trailer than we needed at this point in our lives, and I could sell it and think about the whole Airatream obsession over the winter.
It sold rather quickly and I was happy/sad.

Three weeks later I bought a 66 Overlander. Did not plan to, but it was there and I was able. Smaller, lighter, older and cheaper ( but still needing lots of stuff done.. I did accomplish getting something that will fit my present lifestyle a little better.

I am still somewhat obsessed...aluminitus there is no real cure.
1966 overlander..sold
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I've got it listed for sale.........wonder if the new owner will know to not put pink stuff in the hot water heater ?

Wonder if the new owner will keep the tires at the right inflation point ?

Wonder if the new owner will remember to ALWAYS push the cedar closet door until it clicks twice for traveling............

Wonder if the new owner will ALWAYS check the door, awnings to see that they are secured before travel ?

Wonder if the new owner will remember to always check the level of the refrig. to make sure it does not wear out in 5 years instead of 8 ?

See.........I'm ok and in no need of meds or GP..............

I'm ok..........

Robbie R.
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It's a beautiful Airstream and I am certain if someone from the forums buys it they will read about all the care and keeping of their Airstream right here and be well prepared. Last year my husband and I worked at a resort where we had many groups of elderhostel or senior travel tour groups. They are alot of fun and they do all the work and preparation and take the worry out of traveling. Now that you and the Mrs. will be fancy free you might enjoy trying one of these tours out. A fall trip to wine country, a fish boil, lighthouse tour, bakery tour, great food and comradery might just be the transition from worry to relaxation that you will both enjoy. Good luck with the sale of your Airstream. The new owners will be very happy to get a unit in such great shape. You two go cook up some fun and maybe drink colored libations with umbrellas and act silly for awhile.


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