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uwe 03-11-2004 04:48 PM

Recessed lamp question
My trailer has several recessed light fixtures with bajonet style lamps in them. They look like a miniature spotlight, with a base like a brake light bulb.
I need more light on the counters, and would like to install new recessed lights, use halogen or xenon, and replace the ones currently in the trailer. That way they would all be the same.
I found nice recessed lights at reasonable cost at

My question is: What is the wattage of the existing lamps? It does not indicate this anywhere.

thenewkid64 03-11-2004 07:08 PM

The lights form Swego seem to come either with 10 or 20 watt halogens. They sell a 5 watt that I bet would be plenty bright and not use the battery up as fast.

The OEM lights should have a wattage on the base of the bulb printed on the side. If they are the ones I am thinking of, I think they are a 20 watt bulb.:D

uwe 03-11-2004 08:45 PM

Brett, thanks for the info.
Mine just have some part number on them, but no wattage indication. they look like about 20W, come to think of it.
I want to have the light more spread out, especially in the galley. I relly like the look at night with just the spotlights on, and no ceiling lights.
I have recessed lights on eihter side of the front goucho, too. i was thinking of replacing eachone of the 20W ones with 2ea. 10W halogen lights.
Plus, adding two 5W units above the counter that's over the refrigerator. That's a very dark spot at night without lights.
My bathroom fixture needs replacing also. i saw some waterproof recessed lights at the swego site also. Maybe I'll take a closer look at those.

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