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Eagle & Bear 12-01-2012 10:30 AM

Problems with mounting Zip Dee window awnings
The are awnings from a 1991 AS. I am mounting them on a 1976 AS. I have solved or resolved the earlier problems. Z lock removed. Tubes shortened. Rust removed from the tubes and primer & paint applied. All of the seams in the cloth have been reinforced. New springs installed. The patio awning is ready to go up today. This problem involves a 16' window awning and a 4' window awning.

Ordering parts has been problematic but I thought I had everything I needed when I got the awning rail and "flex key" (fabric with two plastic tubes stitched lengthwise into the 16' of fabric) assembly for the window awnings from Zip Dee today. The flex key that I received has an awning rail with the "flex key" inserted into the large tubular slot that runs the length of the awning rail. Problem is that there is no place to slide the awing (opposite) side of the "flex key" into.

The awning cover is made up of four slats. The free side of the awning cover (that should attach to the awning rail) only has the common small "rolled" ridge that goes into the larger tubular slot of another slat. There is no large tubular slot on the awning cover slat for the "flex key" to slide into.

It is Saturday, so no one at Zip Dee is available to discuss this with. The "Window Awning Parts" sheet shows the last slat on the awning cover inserted directly into the awning rail. I am posting this now to see if anyone has had experience with mounting the window awnings. The questions are;

"Do I need the flex key?"

"Can I slide the awning cover slat of a 16' window awning directly into the awning rail?"

I will process the photos and post them in another frame.

Eagle & Bear 12-01-2012 10:49 AM

2 Attachment(s)
The top photo is of the patio awning. It shows the awning cover slat that attaches to the awning as well as the flex key.

The second photo shows that there is no place for the flex key to attach to the awning cover slat.

Lumatic 12-01-2012 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by Eagle & Bear (Post 1233209)
T Problem is that there is no place to slide the awing (opposite) side of the "flex key" into.
"Do I need the flex key?"

  • I can fax you the Zipdee installation instructions
  • Is there an existing awning rail or are you installing one
  • If you have an existing awning rail, you do not need to use the flex key, but can.
  • The flex key slides into the awning not visa versa.
  • Silicone spray, pliers and 2 people are recommended.
You can call me if you want (505) 384 8082


Lumatic 12-01-2012 10:58 AM

Just saw your photos. The flex key slides into the unused slot on the alumaguard. That is where the silicone, pliers and an extra pair of hands or 2 comes in.

BYW If you don't want the Z locks I will take them, but you can use them. They are an extra safety feature. They do affect the total length of the awning tube though.

Lumatic 12-01-2012 11:02 AM

What I don't understand is the first photo shows the flex key connected to the alumaguard. The second one does not. I don't see the problem.

Eagle & Bear 12-01-2012 04:09 PM

The first photo is of the patio awning. It is now up, secured and working.

The second image is the end of the window awning. The window awning cover does not have the slat that provides the two channels (one side connects to the adjacent cover slat and the other to the flex key).

The instructions show the cover slat inserted into the awning rail but Zip Dee customer service told me that I needed a flex key for the window awning.

Did Zip Dee sell me the wrong rail and flex? Can I simply insert the cover slat into the rail and not use the flex key? If not, what kind of adapter do I need?

Lumatic 12-02-2012 08:31 AM

Older Zipdee awnings did not use a flex key. The alumaguard was inserted directly into the awning rail. You have a newer awning rail design. I can't say for sure you absolutely need to use the flex key.

From your 2nd photo the one flex key bolt (the fat part of the flexguard or awning canopy) is inserted into the awning rail channel the other bolt slides inside the alumaguard channel

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