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JimC 03-05-2004 08:53 AM

Floor Insulation
I need to put the skin back on the belly of the Tradewind, but before I do, I need to reinsulate. Should i use foam or fiberglass? What have people done to hold the insulation in place?

rluhr 03-05-2004 09:27 AM

I've never done it, but personally I'd take the extra time to fit rigid foam insulation in place and seal with urethane-based foam sealant.

This will make a waterproof insulation layer that pretty much stays in place by itself. Inevitably water is going to get in that belly area, so I would not be psyched to put in fiberglass batts. I've looked in the belly skin of my 1968 trailer and it has sprayed-in foam which has lasted 35 years!

TomW 03-05-2004 10:03 AM

Re: Floor Insulation
Check this thread:

As far as holding fiberglass batt insulation up, as you probably noticed, the factory holds it up with the frame crossmembers. What I feel is probably a close substitute is to cut firring strips about the general dimensions as a three-foot wooden ruler, and mount them with staples close to, and paralle with the crossmembers on top of your new insulation.

It seems like this would provide the maximum loft for the insulation.

Just a thought,

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