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ewaegeman 09-21-2012 12:06 AM

rear end separation fix
Just quoting Andy's solution re the quick patch re rear end separation fix, does anyone has some idea in how much time I have to put aside to fix like explained here?


Originally Posted by InlandRV
You must remove the bottom portion of each rear quarter panel.

How? Easy.

Remove the bottom belt line molding. Cut the panel in half in the center of where the molding was located. You will also need to remove the rub rail, and all the rivets in the center rear panel, that includes the access door, up to but not including the bottom of the window.

Then you can remove the rivets from the rear end of each of the quarter panels.

Next, remove the rivets on the front side of those quarter panels, but only from the bottom to where you cut the panel.

Then VERY CAREFULLY, have someone hold the panel away from the trailer, just enough where you can get at the back side of the panels, and shear off the blind rivets that hold the front edge of the quarter panels to the last main bow, with a putty knife.

You will then see the issue.

Locate on this Forums, the previous method that I posted that's the next step.

When your ready to put the quarter panels back, attach a small strip of metal to the bottom of the quarter panel section that remained on the trailer. Use some Vulkem and 1/8 pop rivets.

Then you attach the top edge of the quarter panel, that you previously cut, to that same strip. Again use plenty of Vulkem and 1/8 inch pop rivets.

To reinstall the front end of the quarter panels, use Vulkem and Olympic rivets. On the rear end of those quarter panel,use a few 1/8 pop rivets.

lower the rear center panel, add some Vulkem and use Olympic rivets to refasten itand at the same time the rear portion of the quarter panels.

Use plenty of 3/16 inch pop rivets to fasten the interior quarter panels to the floor channel, and do the same at the bottom of the quarter panels as well as the rear panel.

You will probably find the rear floor channel broken in 2 places. It the must be completely removed and welded back together.

There are some small steps I have left out, but the above will get you started.

Anything short of doing the job as described above, is a patch job, that will fail in short order. That's from 46 years of Airstream rebuilding experience.



Silverflames 09-22-2012 05:47 PM

There is another thread on this issue, and the guy did a pretty good job taking pics. If I remember correctly he stated it took 3-4 weekends. He did the fix were he lifted the back hatch and pulled back the rear quarter panels. Do you have a rear bath?

Silverflames 09-22-2012 07:04 PM

The thread is called "it all started with a leaky valve". Barthbf if the member who posted it. It's a good step by step with lots of photos.

stowaways 09-22-2012 07:43 PM

It took us six months ... and 8k ... Randy and North Dallas RV fixed our "patches" up and now she's good as new. Good luck!!!

barts 09-22-2012 09:59 PM

If you fix it from the inside and underneath, it is a fairly straighforward repair... but you do need to remove the inside rear skins, which can mean a lot of interior disassembly.

- Bart

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