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mgppilot 07-05-2012 08:48 PM

Anyone used Farmtek for subfloor
PolyMax Board - FarmTek

Saw a guy on youtube use this to replace the plywood. What is your opinoin on using this and what flooring would go great on top?

Wabbiteer 07-05-2012 10:57 PM

I've been wish-book reading FarmTek's website for a bunch of years.

Looking at the PDF on their PolyMax: it will expand and contract up to 1% with temperature variations meaning slotted mounting using a over-riding molding.

I could see either 'wavy' surfaces from heave and shrink with random fasteners binding and throwing all the others off to the side of their 'oversized' bores to where they bind again to skew the whole board and build more ripple - or bending stamped sheet metal supports... or over-tighted clamping screws with counter-sunk washers blowing out the corners from stress cracks.

Cutting Boards and polyethylene at The Cutting Board Factory <--- another source of polymer board stocks. I'm thinking of using some of their cut-off specials as a wiring chase similar to a computer room's wire chase down one side above the floor, and counter tops work-edge board.

Their polyethylene based polymer "Plastic - Artificial - Synthetic ICE sheet" might make a heck of a custom radius shower stall.

SafariSS 07-06-2012 06:22 AM

I am a custom home builder and I use a product called Advantek by Huber. It has a 50 year warranty and during a house dry in it is usually exposed to multiple rains and never warps or buckles. It comes in 3/4" tung and groove.

Only downside is it is heavy but I guess regular treated ply is also.

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