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grogan 02-10-2004 04:35 PM

ENCU & SCCU- Rally at the 50's
This will be a joint rally with the Eastern NC Unit and the SC Coastal Unit at Ocean Lakes Campground , in Myrtle Beach, SC on March 5-7, 2004. We will have some Airstreamers coming in on Tuesday, March 2, to start off the rally early. This will be a rally to Rock - n- roll the 50's era. Would like to invite all Airstreamforums Members to Hook-up, come join us and Rock the rally away. Hope to see you at this rally, so you can say "Elvis has left the Airstream".

Ocean Lakes Reserations 1-800-722-1451

If planning to come e-mail or PM so I can put your name down, or just come on and have the best time ever!

Walk in tell your Boss on Wednesday, March 3 2004 , you have Airstream fever, and you have got to go home. We will be waiting at Ocean Lakes to help you with that fever!!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Snadi 02-10-2004 05:08 PM

Please do come and join us. I am one of the kind souls that is willing to sacrifice and go early to check the place out before everyone else gets there!!! As they say, "It's a tough job, but someone has to do it"! And of course, Chuck will be there too. I guess I need to start looking now for 50's attire for Chuck and me.

Hope to see you all there!!! :p

Sandi (and Chuck)

smily 02-10-2004 09:02 PM

I am in
We will be there. I would not miss an event hosted by Markus and Amy Grogan.

I think I will come as the "Fonz",, Heyyyy:D


grogan 02-11-2004 05:25 PM

People are talking..
Looks like we are going to have a LARGE group....:)

grogan 02-26-2004 10:15 AM

Start planning
The 50's Rally is next week. Everyone come for a Rock and Roll good time.:D

Safari Streamer 02-26-2004 11:25 AM

We will be there either Wednesday or Thursday, possibly with grandaughter. Chuch has a new brother and he (or maybe it's a she) will also be attending. I have my poodle skirt ready but my hair isn't growing fast enough for a ponytail!


grogan 03-04-2004 07:43 AM

Come on....
All Airstreamforums members are invited, so hook-up and come join the fun with us.

CatStream 03-11-2004 09:51 PM

Post Cards From Elvis
Hey How did it go? Did Elvis make it?
Waiting to see some pictures of what a 50's rock and roll rally looks like, did you drive to the park in your costumes?
I think Elvis or Fonzie driving in or towing an Airstream has got to get some great looks and waves!
hope ya'll had fun!

Snadi 03-11-2004 11:03 PM

This thread has photos of our 50's rally posted. We had a great time!!!

Forums > Airstream Community Forums > The Rally Zone > South Carolina Coastal Unit


smily 03-12-2004 06:57 AM

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Try this link

But just for you, can you guess how many of these people are forum members?


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