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GMFL 01-26-2020 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by Life is a Highway (Post 2326949)
I was quoted, $5500 for a 2000 watt inverter Victron BMV-712 battery monitor two Lifeline AGM 6 volts , 4 Zamp 100 watt panels with feet and a victron 100/50 solar controller. Then I way $140 a hour and nothing in writing on how long it takes other than 40-55 hours.

That is insane I get it on the parts and the labor talent but- GASP

Equipment cost is what it is. Wire, fuses, lugs, switches, combiner box, ect add up.
Zamp panels are not the cheapest choice.
Victron 2000 watt inverter is $1155.00. ( the 3000 watt is only a few dollars more at $1284.00)
Victron 100/50 $323.00
Victron 712. $226.00
Lifeline $376.00 ea
Zamp 100 watt. $899.00 a pair. (RENOGY ECLIPSE $187.00 each)

$5500.00 is right on the equipment. (Renogy Panels would save you Some)
As far as labor 100.00 to 135.00 is about right. I might would do it for a little better rate but it’s still a big job and 40-50 hours is in line with how long it would take. I would budget a week.
If you would drive up from FL and be willing to help we should talk.
Being part of the install is a great way to learn the system.

wulfraat 01-26-2020 11:18 PM

Solar Install Costs...$8k
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Originally Posted by Ken J (Post 1167003)
As far as I know - Lewster is the most competent and knowledgable Airstream solar guy I know - if he installs it, it will be great - he's not a hobbist, he is a degreed engineer whos knows how to do it right - yea you could go the Harbour Freight route, but if you are seriously using your Airstream, it will be more hassle than its worth. Solar is not cheap - but it sure is nice. If you are needing 400 watts, you need a serious system. I've seen a set up that Lewster did and it is AMAZING!

Ken J.

^^^^ X2.

You get what you pay for if you have the very best pro install the very best equipment, all done the right way without compromise.

Lew did my install and I couldn’t be happier to this day. Just a few odds and ends and such... couple batteries, a solar panel or two, a charge controller, easy / quick DIY right? I think not. Worth every penny and I got 30% back in tax credits.

800watts of solar - Eight AM Solar SP100 panels up top. Ability to tilt if needed
Victron 150/85 MPPT controller (Smart w/BT)
Victron 12/3000 Multi-Plus inverter/charger with 50A pass-though
* PowerControl (ability to deal with limited generator or shore power)
* PowerAssist (ability to dynamically supplement the capacity of shore or generator power with batts)
* Real-time uninterrupted 120v power supply when disconnecting shore / genset power sources
Victron Lithium batteries (600ah total - 2 X 300ah batts)
Victron CCGX monitoring panel with wi-fi and automatic upload to VRM portal
Victron BMV-712 battery monitor (Smart w/BT)
Victron Digital Control Center and BMV monitoring panel
Victron BMS
Victron Battery Protects (2)
Victron Lynx 1000 distributor
Victron component networking via VE.Bus and VE.Direct communication buses. WiFi / Internet uplink to Victron VRM portal via CCGX
AM Solar AMS control module for cold weather and other automatic system disconnects
Inverter, battery, solar disconnects for manual manipulation / inclusion / exclusion of components from the system,
New 120v panel and sub panels
New 12v panel
Miles of heavy gauge cabling, fasteners, heat shrink, disconnect switches, etc
WeBoost 50db LTE/4G/3G signal booster with Surecall external antenna and large internal panel antenna mounted mid-ship for re-broadcasting through the trailer.

ROBERT CROSS 01-27-2020 07:16 AM

Our late adopter solar works well for us🤓, and we still have both arms and both legs.😂


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