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ROBERT CROSS 06-09-2012 04:26 AM


Originally Posted by danlehosky (Post 1158586)
I sometimes like the sarcasm and humor. The bear county thread made me laugh and laugh. Not much in the way of relevant information though. I would imagine it irritated people but it seemed to get a lot of attention.

I see people who are justifyably angry and others who just seem to like to complain. People sometimes seem to relate tales of woe tol get attention and this is especially true on the internet where your posts are relatively anonnamous. As time goes by these people generally will find a different audience as the responses dwindle.

I wss angry yesterday about the Mohave situation and my posts reflected that. I would post differently today after a days thought.

I like the humor very much. If this forum was purely limited to technical matters I would have lost interest a long time ago.

I also enjoy reading about peoples adventures both good and bad.

I have contacted a great RV guy in this forum named Lewster and in all likelyhood he will be installing a solar panel on my trailer this summer. I plan on luring him with fresh King Salmon, Dungeness crab, and microbrews galore.

Connections like these would have been impossible without this forum. People like CrawfordGene, Robert Cross, Protagonast and others have willingly shared information on this forum that has literally put a lot of people on the road safely. CrawfordGene and I almost started a lucrative business.

This is a great community and I am proud to be a part of it


"in my opinion that's dead rong... and as such cannot be proven otherwise"

"Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm."


Lily&Me 06-09-2012 05:52 AM

I thoroughly enjoy the information and humor on these forums. Always a friendly place to stop in and visit, whether I have anything to share or not, need help, or not.

It's here, and it's good, kind of a virtual, small-town coffee shop where people come in and out through the day.

The level of wit and intelligence here is remarkable, IMO, even though there may be times when it seems to me to jump over the precipice. :)

That said, we are all human, have our good days and our bad. You never know what is going on with a poster who says something that just doesn't come out quite right. Guilty here for having said things i'd rather have not, in retrospect. :(. If it's not a chronic issue, I try to give the poster the benefit of the doubt.

I feel it is good to try hard not to be offended, and to stomp your feet about something only when it seems really necessary. I do it, others do it, it is part of good group accountability, IMO.

These forums and the people we have met through them are one of the best things that has come into our lives in retirement. Truly.

Maggie. :)

ROBERT CROSS 06-09-2012 06:21 AM

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (HQ) - YouTube


overlander63 06-09-2012 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by ROBERT CROSS (Post 1158641)

"Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm."


Sar-chasm: The gap between your wit and the other guy's lack of understanding of it.

Diesel1 06-09-2012 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by overlander63 (Post 1158679)
Sar-chasm: The gap between your wit and the other guy's lack of understanding of it.

To quote Larry the Cable guy..." thats funny right there, I don't care who you are".

purman 06-09-2012 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by CrawfordGene (Post 1158434)
Differences in regional personalities can be misinterpreted. So to lapse into NYC speak: "I hope you're not too stupid to understand that, and if you are, I got some friends in Brooklyn who will 'explain' it to you, mother………………" But really, we are full of love and understanding; and, remember to follow New Yorkers, because we usually get to the head of the line.


Michelle went to Medical school In the NE Bronx at Albert Einstein college of Medicine On Eastchester Ave by Pelham Parkway

coming from rual Washington state I learned to drive very quickly. (we had an 86' S-10 blazer) first thing I learn to do was drive with my knee, as I needed one hand on the horn at all times:lol: and the other one was busy flying the bird at someone.:angry: I also learned you can fit your SUV in a two foot gap that someone left between them and the car in front of them, that you can make a left hand turn from the right hand lane across traffic, and a red light only means stop after it's been red for 5 seconds. Also if you are the first person at a red light, expect to get honked at by everyone behind you when you didn't start going before the light turned green:lol:

Needless to say, this driving expertise didn't go over well when we moved to Grand Junction in 1999 for Michelle's residency, I learned really quick to mellow out, turn of the car alarm, and to retire the steering wheel "CLUB". Not to tale gate, cut people off, and Never honk the horn our flip someone off, becuase they might flip out a gun:blush:

This driving "expertise" did help in LA 3 years ago when I hit rush hour, and no one would let me in to the one lane they had open because of an accident.
(probably because I was towing the AS) Needless to say, the lady in the BMW was greatly surprised when I put the front of the Sequoia in the 4 foot gap she was leaving between her and the car in front of her. (thats enough room for 2 cars to get in in NYC) She had to slow down pretty fast as there was another 28 feet coming in behind me. the lessen here: Don't mess with a NYC driver:bb:

So Yes personalities do clash:( (but I think for the most part we are respect each other and can make fun of each other (when appropriate) with no hurt feelings).:brows: (can I put quotations in quotations?) So remember, be kind and try to treat others as you would like to be treated "even if you think their a Dumb Ass":bangin:

And although I have only gotten to meet a hand full of you, (I hope to meet more) you have been very friendly and it felt like we had been friends for years. It's Just an AS bonding thing I think.

Thats my thoughts for the day, or week, more like the month, probably the year.

Gene 06-09-2012 08:21 AM

One of the things this Forum does is to create personal relationships between people who you may have never considered as a friend-candidate if you met them in person. You can't know much about how people look or their age, don't know a lot about their politics or religion. Those things can block the chance to become closer to individuals who might otherwise be good friends.

Dan, Lew appreciates good food and will do almost anything if you feed him well.

Jason, I learned to drive in NYC and it is good training for just about anything. Now that we both live in a sleepy rural county, those skills get a bit rusty, but towing also requires being alert, so I've able to be ready for driving challenges. A couple of years ago we were in NYC—I hadn't been there in decades—and I enjoyed the turmoil. My wife only covered her eyes a few times. I wouldn't want to drive there every day because it gets tiring. All emotions in NYC are heightened.


CanoeStream 06-09-2012 10:30 AM

Edits made to remove one train of the conversation. Thanks all for your input. This thread will stay closed.

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