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danw 01-26-2004 12:04 AM

Researching Automated Maintenance Reminders For Airstream Owners

My name is Dan Wellisch. I own a small software development company and
we have been researching the idea of a web-based maintenance reminder service for Airstream owners.

I am interested to find out from Airstream owners whether they would be interested in this service. It would work like this.:

1) An in-RV reminder would alert the owner once a month to input odometer mileage into the system (details of how this is done is proprietary). But, it would be simple for the owner.

2) As a result of 1), the web-based system has relatively accurate mileage on the RV at all times.
3) The features that the system would provide are.:
a) presentation of a dynamically changing, custom maintenance schedule
for the owner's RV through an internet website. It is a simple-to-use display showing what
maintenance services are due at what mileage interval. Selecting
a service or set of services for that mileage interval will send
a message to your designated RV dealer to schedule an appointment for you.

b) extended warranty expiration alerts will notify you well in advance
of expiration and give you options for renewal

c) trade-in alerts will notify you of best trade-in values before certain mileage intervals are reached.

d) RV maintenance history can displayed and printed easily.

So, basically, no more remembering to open up your owner's manual to check
when you last did maintenance. With a little effort required once a month,
you would get this schedule automatically and filled in automatically
all for the once per month mileage input and some interactive user interaction when you log into the website.

Thank you,

Dan Wellisch
President WST, Inc.

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