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barts 04-16-2012 10:21 AM

Better brake controller for pre-1997 vehicles?
I'd like to upgrade the brake controller on our 1996 Ford F250; while the P3 we have works, it tends to be grabby at low speeds when adjusted for proper braking at highway speeds. This makes for frequent adjustment on country highways as we go in and out of towns; this is distracting and leads to either under or over braking (e.g. wheel locking) if one's attention lags.

I'm looking for something like the MaxBrake unit that simply "mirrors" the the tow vehicle brake pressure (we have disc brakes) to the trailer. The DirectLink unit looks interesting, but doesn't work on our "vintage" tow vehicle. Unfortunately it appears the MaxBrake is no longer available.

Any ideas?

- Bart

slowmover 04-16-2012 04:48 PM

Hey, Bart. You'd love the original KELSEY-HAYES we all used to use. There was no "debate" about brake controllers once upon a time, no one ever thought about it once dialled in for a combination.

MAXBRAKE can, I believe, still be bought on backorder from:


And the oldtimers on TurboDieselRegister speak well of the couple who operate:


And check with Sean at ProPride (he was carrying them . . might be story as to why not any longer).


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