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Janets Husband 01-23-2004 02:24 PM

Parts Prices
Just ordered a Rock Guard and they aren't getting any cheaper.
I talked with one dealer who said Airstream has a new set of prices this year and I was quoted prices ranging from $650.00 to $767.00 + shipping for the guard.
In 2003 they were $545.00 + shipping.
Does this appear to be a normal increase or is something happening to get such a big jump.
Any thoughts?

overlander64 01-23-2004 02:43 PM

Parts Prices
Greetings Gary!

The Rock Guard is a costly item, but so too are the wing windows. If it weren't for the wing windows, I wouldn't have put a Rock Guard on my '78 Minuet as I really like the see-through ability without the guard (I replaced the flat glass in my Overlander's front window with Lexan to avoid potential problems with breakage).

I am guessing that you are probably looking at the three-piece Rock Guard if it is for your Minuet as the center secion must be narrowed in order for the current Rock Guards to fit its narrower body. I don't think that there would be an easy method to allow the one-piece wrap-around Rock Guard to be modified to fit the Minuet. If the factory will ship the three-piece unit "broken-down" there should be some significant savings in shipping - - a friend who ordered the one-piece wrap-around for a late model Airstream was shocked at the shipping cost as it had to be shipped truck freight due to dimensional size.

I "lucked out" when the Rock Guard was installed on my Minuet. I was able to buy the wing window guards on an E-Bay auction very reasonably and my Airstream dealer had a center section that had been damaged in transit that I was able to purchase for a very reasonable price (the damage was in the area that needed to be removed to narrow the guard to fit the Minuet).

Good luck in sourcing your Rock Guard!


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