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Ridgerunner3 04-01-2012 02:13 PM

Honda 2000 Experience Report
I found that my Honda 2000 generator will operate my 11000 btu AC with minimal other electrical loads. I run through a SurgeGuard surge protector with low/high voltage protection. We also successfully ran the 11000 btu AC on my friends RV.

I feel that there is no risk to the AC with the low voltage protection scheme that I am running. I recognize it will not handle much additional loading... for example the converter attempting to charge the low batteries.

Am I overlooking a risk that I am failing to recognize?

Skater 04-01-2012 03:08 PM

11,000 might be just under the wire. I tried it with our 13,500 unit when I first got ours, and I could hear it running a bit weird, so I aborted.

The risk is always that if the voltage is too low, it can burn out the compressor. Unfortunately it's hard to tell what "too low" is. What is your low voltage protection scheme?

idroba 04-01-2012 04:01 PM

In general, inverter generators such as the Honda will not have a low voltage issue when they are under too high a load. They will just trip out. So, I would not worry about low voltage issues. The Honda will either run the AC unit, or trip out. However, if the inverter in the Honda is under a long term load, close to it's rating, it is my understanding that the inverter life (inside the generator) will be shortened. I am not sure about that, it is something I seem to remember reading about them. Nor do I remember any statistics about how much the life might be shortened under high load.

When running the Honda and AC unit, I would be very sure that I had good connections, and no light extension cords between the Honda and the rig. That is where you would experience the most voltage drop.

Ridgerunner3 04-01-2012 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Skater (Post 1128086)

The risk is always that if the voltage is too low, it can burn out the compressor. Unfortunately it's hard to tell what "too low" is. What is your low voltage protection scheme?

The Surge Guard relay will open on low voltage at 102 volts, the Honda will stop generating if it is overloaded (not sure of the overload value for the Honda).

ROBERT CROSS 04-01-2012 05:17 PM

When it comes to 'tricity I tend to err on the side of what I don't know for sure.
I have also been able to get our Penguin dancing with our 2000i, but figure it's to close to the limit to take the chance of damaging either unit.


polarlyse 04-01-2012 06:22 PM

I have a Honda 2500w contractor generator. Just for giggles I tried to run my AC unit. If I flipped the switch to high cool it quickly kicked the breaker. If I start on fan then lo cool and then on to high cool it will run the AC. But all is not well. After letting it run for 20 min or so I went to unplug the cable and it was very warm. Not melting hot but well on the way so I figure it won't work. We did take the generator on a recent trip to Fla. and it's more than adaquate to run everything else. Even the microwave. I have a cap on my truck and am able to run it inside on a sliding bed and with the exhaust vented to the outside it is very quiet. I'm pretty sure it would run the 11000 btu unit but not the larger ones. I try to avoid boondocking in areas that make me use the AC and if I can't I may need the re-think this and get a different generator but for now I'm happy.

Sodbust 04-01-2012 09:46 PM

From our RR lifestyle its normal to be without power for weeks at a time so have some items to pass along.. We mostly depend on 3 slow speed ( 550rpm) Lister diesels gen sets for our power but do have a few gassers around to toss in a pu to help a friend or pump water for the cows.. The smallest 6 hp Lister gen system weighs in at 1600 lbs and has only a 5000 watt.

Everything seems to be happy if fully loaded your volts can stay above 109 volts.. The 60 cycle issue only seems to upset elec clocks.. As voltage goes down the amp load goes up.. ( the reason for hot cords and wiring)..

In desperate moments I have over speed the generator a tad to gain back the needed voltage up to about the 64 cycle point.. Anything over that point fridges and such start to make some strange hums..

Just feeling the side of a elect motor with normal power will tell you if its over heating under gen power.. Its better to be safe than sorry..


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