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flyfisher 01-18-2004 02:11 PM

Problems with Slide Outs?
I am contemplating buying a new 30' Classic w/ a slide-out. Do any of you have problems with your slides?

I stopped at the Airstream dealer in SC yesterday on my way home from Fl, and he told me that he had just had 2 trailers with slide outs in for repair. He said the problem is that the Airstream frame is rigid, and doesn't have any flex, and if you set your weight distribution bars too tight you're asking for problems.


53flyingcloud 01-18-2004 02:55 PM

First year..

I saw a slide out unit two year ago at the A/S factory that was in for warranty work on the slid-out.
The owner had just bought it earlier that year and, it wouldn't close properly for him. It may very well have been a first year production problem with the track.
I have pictures of what the unit looked like all torn open but, they're located over on my laptop. I'll see if I can get them over here to post.. They're well worth looking at..:cool:


ctdair 01-18-2004 03:35 PM

No problems yet with slide on a 2004 30foot slide. If thats the trailer You want go for it . Trailers has had 2 trips of about 9 hours each way one trip only about 2 ours each way . No slide out problems to repaort at all. I am pleased with unit so far. It did have some vinyl floor qc issues but airstream rectified no questions asked. I was alittle leary of the outcome , but if you didnt allready know floor was removed/ replaced no way you could tell . trailer is gorgeous. would buy one again

Silvertwinkie 01-18-2004 03:41 PM

After touring the factory and looking at the mechanics of the units, I have to tell you, the slide outs are well engineered. As a matter of fact, Airstream said and I would have to agree that the slide out they have is most likely the best one out there.

I think that most of the issues wind up being end user error in setup, etc. That's not to say that problems never happen that are not user error, but every one that I have seen so far can be pointed squarely on the end user not following the correct proceedure. :)

So....I was wondering when more people would get the new coach bug! :) :D

RoadKingMoe 01-18-2004 03:50 PM

When I was an RV tech I saw too many leaking and failed slide-outs to ever want one for myself. I don't have kids or dogs to need the additional floorspace and the 8-1/2 wide body gives enough walk-through width for us. I also don't like the large amount of weight they add to the tongue and to the streetside of the trailer.

They're mechanical devices and it's not a matter of if, but when, they'll fail. There were two 34s with slide problems there at JC when I was there.

They do work much more often than fail, and if you like them and go for it, just make sure that you don't settle for weighing the trailer at CAT scales. Get a weighing by RVSEF (formerly AWeighWeGo) which weighs individual tires, and make sure you aren't overloading those on the streetside, especially on a tandem vs triple axle.

flyfisher 01-18-2004 07:27 PM

I really like the slide outs, but with just my wife and me we really don't need the extra space. However, we put about 10,000 miles a year on the raod, and sometimes far away from qualified repair facilities where the last thing we'd need is a slide that won't go in or out properly, or even worse, leaks.

I too have seen these slides being made at the factory and they look like a tank being built from a strength standpoint- but that doesn't necessarily mean they won't have some problems down the road.

Thanks to all for your replies.


Big Dee 01-18-2004 09:16 PM

I Got the Bug!!!

Originally posted by Silvertwinkie
So....I was wondering when more people would get the new coach bug! :) :D
That's funny because I went to the RV show this weekend and was blown away by the 30' Classic with slide. Just blown away. Well, Toscano's gave me the awesome show price on a factory order (no show demo unit) plus a good trade price on my 25' Safari so I went for it. Suppose to deliver in late February. How's that for getting the new coach bug! Now, I'm have a permanent smile on my face especially when I am sleeping!!!!

Spent a good amount of time with the western regional director of sales for Airstream. The guy is an outstanding representive for AS and if AS employs such quality people like that, I got to say I see why they are such a special company!:) :)

Silvertwinkie 01-18-2004 11:06 PM

Congrats Big Dee, both you and Porky please remember to post to the '04 quality thread. As for the slide out. I've talked with several folks that have owned both new and old slide outs and each one has said that the new slide outs far surpass what the old had...that said, follow the instructions to the letter and beyond....if you still have issues, I am sure you all will post here! :)

I'm in the Twinkie right now and man do I have cabin fever! :)

I love this coach!


jcanavera 01-19-2004 02:10 PM

I've done my homework and the slide on the 2004 models is a much better unit that the early slides. Improvements were made in the gaskets and the roller assembly which supports the slide as it travels in and out of the trailer.

The biggest issue my dealer warned me about was that the trailer needs to be supported (due to flexing) when the slide out is moved. The first thing they told me was to level the trailer and then drop the stabilizer jacks down, then move the slide. Same thing on departing. First pull in the slide then lift the stabilizer jacks.

They said if you follow this religiously you will have no problem with the slide out unit.

This trailer is heavy though. Hitch weight is 1,200+ lbs. This is one trailer where I will be extra careful about tire pressures.


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