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airmech22 03-06-2012 08:57 PM

Help with a bed frame
Hello, I recently purchased a rear bed for my 29ft Ambassador and it was dissassembled when i got it. It is the full size bed with the curved mattress that occupies the whole back of the trailer. If anybody could post pics of the frame or maybe something out of a service manual for 74 that would be most appreciated.

pgr32e 03-06-2012 10:34 PM

My 74 manual shows a double rear bed but the center mounted bed has a square mattress with a curved night table on each side of it. The twin bed installation has a curved top mattress and a center table. If you want, I'll scan the pages and send them to you. PM???? Hope this helps.....Phil.

airmech22 03-07-2012 07:38 AM

According to the person i purchased it from, he said it was a 1974, 31ft but i wonder if might have been a late 1973 perhaps? I know it fits because i saw pictures of it in his Airstream. It also appears to be hinged at the back to access the underside for storage. I guess I will have to figure out the puzzle the old fashioned way by trying to fit the puzzle pieces together.

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