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Jordanparson 02-22-2012 01:52 PM

Updating room dividers in a 2012 27'FB International Signature

I'd like to change out the 2 room dividers in my 2012 27'FB International Signature. The stock accordion style ones just are not doing it for me. They look cheap and don't close well. I'd like a different option. Preferably something custom. Does anyone have any ideas? Know of any companies or individuals that can do this for me? I'd like to use a very nice fabric that would include some type of fastener on the wall as well. Basically I want something high end and not cheap.

InsideOut 02-22-2012 02:02 PM

The neatest idea I saw for an accordian door replacement was made out of a really cool upholstery fabric (your choice!) that had 3"+/- vertical pockets sewn in it & vertical louver blind blades in the pockets. The blades make it more substantial than just a curtain, yet not just white or woodgrain plastic like the normal accordian doors. It had snaps on the wall and corresponding one on the fabric to hold it open or closed. Looked really nice...although I didn't take any pics. If you or someone you know is halfway handy with a sewing machine, it'd be a great "customized" option.

Shari :flowers:

Suzzeee 02-22-2012 05:08 PM

OP. do a search on here. There are a bunch of pics and instructions on how to make the fabric ones. I can't remember where it is right now. I'm doing the same thing. I hate the old faded fake wood one in our AS and when I looked into real wood replacements they were almost $900 for veneer!! I got some faux silk shantung curtains that I'm using to make the fabric one using the vertical blind slats too!! I'm going to get them done in the couple of weeks so will post pics when done. I got two colors on the curtains so I can have a different color for my living area and bedroom.

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