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Keyair 10-06-2011 10:44 AM

Motorhome floor repair advice needed.
Need to replace a couple of sections in my '84 Motorhome soon, and need some advice.

The Original floor looks like 3/4" OSB.
The motorhomes use an Aluminum sheet between the wood floor and frame... not sure or have not seen that mentioned on the trailers.
I was thinking that for simplicity, I would use OSB again, as bar the leaks I had/have, the rest of the floor looks good after 25 years.

Problem is the thickest OSB Home depot carries is 19/32" I think...
Is 3/4 still available, or should I really use ply?

Here is the area I have thats a problem...
Under the rear bed. I still have a small leak, which I think is from the window frame or marker lamp.

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