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reddog_002 09-21-2011 09:17 PM

How to go about building bunk beds?
Hello everyone new to site and owning a Airstream trailer. I just purchased a 22' 61 safari land yacht, it has a bed in the front with the table in the middle and a bed/couch to the right when you come in the door. problem is i have 4 kids under four and need to figure a way to have the bunks incorporated somehow to hold us all for at least a few also if i designed some how would i attach it to the walls to be safe and secure????

Newbie Don

Skatiero 09-21-2011 09:54 PM

Don, my husband and I have seven children, ages 8 - 14. We built some pretty awesome bunks in our Airstream. Our bunk room sleeps all seven in their own bunks, no sharing. Search for threads tagged with "bunks" andyou can see many examples od really cool bunks. Look around and get some ideas, and keep in mind that airstreams with the hanging style of bunks had beefed up frames, so don't rely on that unless unless yours originally had them. There are lots of ways to build in cool bunks!

PaulAir 09-21-2011 10:41 PM

Welcome to the Safari club. Mine's a bit later model than the 60s, but I'm in the middle of a conversion (taking a little longer than expected as projects always do) so my suggestions would be to use the floor to support the majority of the weight (vertical members) and use the sides and ceilings to keep things in place. If you do use the sides or ceilings, spread the weight out over long spans and hit as many ribs with good rivit connections.
Post pictures of your progress!
22' narrow body will be a challenge to fit 6!

My thread is here:

reddog_002 09-23-2011 11:00 AM

Thanks guys for your thoughts, Its pretty empty inside this thing almost a new slate......but i think it was made like, The previous owners removed the org toilet and replaced with a portable chemical toilet leaving the small rear room at the back empty, they also purchased a electric water heater instead if the gas one, but nothing is hooked upped.

Will moving any interior walls etc around effect the structure stability?

I am thinking to fit 4 bunks I may need a complete revamp of the rear section. The front still has the org seats that turn into large bed w the extendable table in the middle, I love the look and great for seating so I don't want to change that area.


reddog_002 09-23-2011 09:27 PM

Hello there again guys started a webpage that I am going to keep updating with the re-design of our 1961 22' Safari, feel free to check it out, Love to hear any comments or suggestions. Thanks again for the replys went out this evening and worked out a design plan. Here's the link:


Skatiero 09-24-2011 06:06 PM

We were checking out your layout ideas and I have some ideas/questions. Have you considered triple bunks with a trundle in one of those bunk places? Or possibly a futon on the bottom which turns into a full and a single on top with a trundle? Just trying to save some of your storage! Also, is the curtain across the potty area going to give you enough privacy on the potty? Where do your legs go? I know that using the potty in a camper even with the door lacks privacy, and I wonder if you will regret getting rid of that door! I know right now your kids are little, but believe me, they get big fast, and when they are in their bunks, you or your wife or they might feel weird sitting on the potty across the hall from the bunks and with a curtain draped across you.... Now, if your midship bunks are over the axle, you cannot do a trundle there. But what about a bunk over each of the front beds, and the midship gaucho or futon for you and your wife? These are just some ideas. I know our family is much larger, but wow, we would miss that storage space for all the stuff!

Skatiero 09-24-2011 06:18 PM

If you look at my page you can see our bunks. If I had your stream, I would keep the midship gaucho or sofa bed and use it for you and your wife. Then I would put a set of high bunks over the front beds on either side of the table. If they are high, they will not be in the way of sitting at the table. Or you can make them lower but hinge them. We did both in our bunk room, the bottom bunks are the original twins, then above them we added two more bunks on each side (so each side is a triple) and then one floor bed in between the sets. The middle bunk on each side is hinged so that each bottom bed can be used for sitting and eating or playing cards.... Because the top bunks are high enough that they are out of the way when you are sitting, and the middle bunks clip up out of the way. I really think you will miss the storage and the bathroom privacy if you add the rear set. Have you thought about putting the whole bathroom back?

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