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jaco 12-06-2003 02:00 PM

Zip Dee (need quick advice please)
Have opportunity to buy a 4 foot awning off junked airstream.

$50. for the roller, awning (blue fancy) and the eyebrow cover aluminum.

No brackerts nor arms.

Cloth looks like new but is muddy stained.
I say 85% chance it will clean up.

Must know before tomorrow morning Sunday early.

I already same on my rear window .
Have any of you seen one of them on front window?

The RV dealer says that the whole thing is about 300 new. That includes brackets and arms.

I don't have time to check it out as I must go prepare to haul the baby out of Carolina this afternoon.
Not even watching football. Go Navy! K-State,& LSU!!

Any heklp greatly appreciated.

for now

overlander64 12-06-2003 03:56 PM

Zip Dee (need quick advice please)
Greetings Jaco!

Welcome to the forums!

There are at least three issues involved in such a decision:

1. Are you certain that the awning in question is the correct size for mounting on your coach. There are very particular mounting concerns even for the window awnings - - it took the technician at my dealer the better part of two hours to properly measure for the two new window and main awnings on my '64 Overlander - - the factory was VERY specific about where the arms needed to be mounted for proper support.

2. Is the roller tube actually still usable (not sprung or bent)? If the arms were damaged beyond use, I would be highly suspicious of the roller tube.

3. Will new arms and mounting hardware push the total cost for the salvaged awning too close to the cost of a new awning? For some reason, I have a rather strong suspicion that this very well may be the case.

If the awning happens to be identical to the one on your coach's rear window, it might be worth the price for any spare parts that it might yield even if it turns out not to be practical to refit it for reuse.


Cedars 12-06-2003 04:21 PM

I'd be tempted to buy it 'on spec' just to have around. And yes, I have seen an awning over the front window.
Go to the zip dee site and look around -
If you go to services, you will find a wealth of information from parts lists to how to service your awning.
We had an extremely good experience with these folks late last summer. We had trashed the main awning due to being novices and stupid and leaving the awning up when a storm blew in while we weren't there..... familiar story I'm sure. Anyhow, we made a trip to the factory in the Chicago area for replacement. Well, they wouldn't replace the awning, said it could be fixed and not to waste money on a new one! How often do you hear that?! So with the money we saved on not replacing it, we added full window awnings on the traffic side, and the back, plus bought the sun shade for the main awning, plus a chunk of the stuff big enough to cover dog crates at shows.... and still had money left over! Oh, we also had the middle support arm put on the main awning..... plus they plugged us in to shore power, and water (no sewer hook up) for the night.
I've got a factory price list around here somewhere, who knows where. But the two single, most expensive items as I remember them are those great chairs, and the fabric by the yard! Everything else was so reasonable. And you can buy direct from the factory!
So, buy it if only on spec, and talk with the factory Monday. Linda there is so-oo nice!

Elizabeth in Iowa

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