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Zisi 09-06-2011 11:30 AM

Need an inspector in Houston
HI everyone!

I am looking at a 1977 '31 Sovereign Excella 500 on August 11th in Friendswood, Texas, south-east Houston. The trailer was originally from Louisiana and has some rust. He has re-enforced the frame, but I need a more experienced/professional opinion about it, and what it could mean down the road. As well as helping me check all the systems.

I am a first time buyer and am planning on full-timing for a year while I pay the loan off, then making necessary repairs in order to travel. Below is a link to the add. I have a zip file of pics for anyone interested in helping me.

Thank you!

1977 31' Airstream Excella

Aage 09-06-2011 01:21 PM

I really do agree that you will need an inspector. I say that because I get the feeling that while some things are disclosed (heater is NG, for example) he doesn't mention other basics: the refer, tires, frame axles and so on.

Those could add up to a serious amount to the point of affecting the loan you want to get...

ps: something odd. You list yourself in your profile as a trailer inspector. The trailer is in Houston, something like what, 3 hours away? Why are you not going yourself to look at it?

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