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Rick F 09-01-2011 12:22 PM

Question regarding sleeping & eating in a 1978 28' Argosy..
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Hi all.. I've been pondering over two different rigs -- one an Argosy gasser as described in the title of this post with the rear bathroom and single couch adjacent to the bathroom (closets are on opposite side to the couch -- not another couch like some models) and a different brand diesel rig that's 3 feet longer but the same age (1978 model) but has a CAT 3208 engine.. Both rigs are very close to each other price wise I believe (the diesel rig is a little more -- perhaps $1000-$1500).

The things I like about the Argosy are the tons of windows to make it seem more open inside -- particularly with those upper rectangular windows (see photos below). The things I'm not so enamored with are the sleeping & eating arrangements which are not an issue with the 'other' rig.

So.. What I'm curious on the Argosy is how to change the sleeping arrangements a little. I've got a family of 5 (3 kids -- ~6, 11, 14) and don't see this rig accommodating the entire family in its current config -- it's setup to sleep 4 at best unless the last one sleeps on the floor. I've seen other Argosy's (trailers included I believe) that have a similar floor plan but a fold-down bunk is over the rear couch.. Are there any other options on this front?

Also -- for eating, how big is the fold-out table opposite the front couch? It looks fairly small -- what do the rest of you do that have kids? I suspect that some (?) of these rigs were setup for a couple that didn't have kids traveling hence the smaller tables and lack of full-dinette. I realize I could build one if space isn't an issue..

See attached photos of the interior areas of the Argosy rig I'm looking at..

Rick F 09-01-2011 11:57 PM

I guess since there are no replies I'll assume I'll have to fab something up to accommodate a family.. Of course this assumes I'll even get the rig in question..

klattu 09-02-2011 12:29 AM

Never seen a MH with a fold down bunk, but would be handy.
28' is kinda small for a family with kids... 5 may need a larger MH.
Photos of the SOB?

A hamock type bed over the drivers area?

dadstoy 09-02-2011 12:36 AM

I have a 1982 Airstream 280 with the same layout. I think the layout is great for one or two people. I like the open feeling when I'm sitting up front. Long ago my dad replaced the rear sofa/bed with a mattress. I really like the bedroom closets and cabinets. The front sofa/bed is not that comfortable for two people.

It's too bad that the front chairs are missing. Don't replace them with something too big for the space. The table folds out between the two chairs and then folds out again for more room. It is a bit tight even for two. I also have two one person tables that fit into the floor at the front and rear of the sofa for extra people.

I think this layout might be a bit small for five


dadstoy 09-02-2011 12:40 AM

My dad had also made the two chairs removable so one could sleep on the floor. I've slept there a time or two in the past. I wouldn't sleep on the floor on a cold night though!

Look for my previous postings under my ID or look for the thread Dad's Toy. I have some interior photos.

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