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jdthor 08-06-2011 08:35 PM

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A few more pictures to post up. Sylvan lake at the trailhead to Harney Peak, and the mandatory pictures of the Presidents and of Needles Highway. We found Keystone to be waaay too crowded for us, as we remember it as a tiny little outpost. Mount Rushmore is in its third rennovation since we knew it in 1986. Indeed, when we lived on Terry Peak back then we would often drive over to the cafeteria and eat Sunday breakfast by the big windows under the monument. Sometimes it was just the two of us and the four Presidents looking down on us. Very different now.

We also drove through Horsethief campground and the other NF campground just south of Hill City. They both looked pretty nice. I wasn't real impressed with the SD State Park campground at Sylvan Lake, probably because it was jammed. We walked through the lodge and liked that ok.

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