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streamahead 07-30-2011 08:50 AM

Removing window frames '61 GT
With the interior gutted in my 6/61 GT, im now looking at those crusty windows and frames. Ive read a good deal about removing the windows, but haven't found any threads on removing the frames? Looks like they would come out in two pieces (inner and outter), after removing the bucked rivets? Im considering removing the frames mainly for the ease of polishing and re-sealing. Is this a bad idea? It looks like the sealing gasket is pinched under the frame all the way around? Anyone done this on a similar year AS? Any advice before I begin would be appreciated. I will definitely order the replacement seals etc, before I begin. Im getting closer to being ready for paint inside, im thinking it would be the right time to paint with window frames out.. any insight with this in mind would help too.. Thanks.

Frank's Trailer Works 07-30-2011 08:55 AM

The window frame will come off in one piece from the outside, just drill or shear the rivets. I think it a very good idea, for when installed again you can be sure the new sealant will not leak. You need to buck rivet them back on. The inside frame is four pieces of bent aluminum. I usually make new ones as to not waste labor stripping the old ones. Hope this helps.

silverleeper 07-30-2011 08:57 AM

Take a look here...Restoration Topics - Window Repairs

streamahead 07-30-2011 10:47 AM

Thanks guys.. I looked at the link to window re-seal.. that will be helpful. So, the exterior frame is buck riveted to the 4 piece inner frame, correct? I understand what youre saying about building new ones, but in my case, cleaning up the originals would be best. How prudent is it that I buck them when re-installing? It would seem that pop riveting and adhesive would be sufficient? Im just getting deeper and deeper here.. and I have concluded that I will pull the frames.. Would it be a mistake to do it after painting the interior walls around the frames? It would be nice to tackle the window frames when I get to the exterior, whats your thoughts on that?

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