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Janie Q 07-05-2011 08:17 PM

Reese Dual Cam help..
Reese Dual Cam size

I wrote to Andy a few days ago and haven't heard back so I was
wondering if anyone would give us a suggestion on the Reese Dual Cam

We have a 2000 V8 Tundra
Towing cap is #7200
Max payload is #2000 ( I don't know what that means)
Curbside weight is #4644

1972 Tradewind Double
the book says I have between tongue weight between 580 - 699

What # size should we get ?

and are the bars round or flat.

Thank you.
I hope I gave you all the information you may need.


A W Warn 07-05-2011 08:26 PM

Payload is the weight of all the stuff you load into your Tundra, (you and passengers, the dogs, all your gear, fuel, groceries, the weight of the trailer hitched onto your truck, etc. It is the sum of everything you put in that adds weight to the tow vehicle)

The hitch itself must be rated for the total weight of the trailer and the tongue weight rating should not be exceeded by the load of the trailer either. These are two numbers on the hitch to watch. Then, the hitch torsion bars must be rated for the weight of the trailer bearing on the truck's hitch (tongue weight of the trailer) too. You do not want these under rated at all or to much over rated. This has to match.

You need to understand this if you are towing, so keep reading. You will figure it out, just take your time.

dscluchfc 07-06-2011 12:06 AM

The dual cam bars are square, and have the saddles that fit over the cams.
The 750 lb older bars with the old style cams would be about right.

Or, if you get a new Reese Straight line trunnion style hitch with shank and 800 lb weight distribution bars

Weight Distribution - Reese

and dual cam sway control
Weight Distribution - Reese

You should be hitched about right.
The lighter bars are designed for 3/4 ton pickup and use with stiffer suspensions because those suspensions don't need as much "help", and the 1200 lb bars are designed for tow vehicles with a lighter suspension than your pickup.
You don't want to be over hitched, OR underhitched.

The weight distribution bars should bend about 1 inch when engaged to the cams and the trailer sitting level hitched up. 1200 bars would simply be too stiff.

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