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MtnMDStan 06-19-2011 01:01 PM

Mismatch of floor and outrigger width
I have a '59 18ft CA No Name - the same trailer as A-Merry-Can. I'm new to the Forums, trailering, Airstreams, etc., but wisely or not, I decided to remove the shell, POR the frame, and replace the floor myself.

I measured the width of the old floor at 88". That's within range of the 88.5" that A-Merry-Can measured so I figured that I was OK.

The width between the outside tips of the outriggers is roughly 87" - which means that the floor extends a half inch past the ends of the outriggers on both sides of the trailer. That still didn't seem unreasonable until I put on the first banana wrap. The problem is that I have a half inch gap between the outrigger and the banana wrap just below the floor. I know of no way to avoid it since the floor extends a half inch beyond the outrigger. The gap then diminishes as the banana wrap curls underneath the trailer. I could fill the gap with a piece of aluminum, but, needless to say, I don't remember any gap when I took the belly pan off.

I'm 99+% sure that the old floor was 88" wide. I measured both the old front and rear floor panels, and they both seemed to be exactly 88 inches. The width of the shell also seems to be roughly 88 inches wide. So the floor seems right, but I have this gap. I'm stumped.

Where did I mess up?


n2batr 06-19-2011 01:45 PM

Stan, Not sure if I can solve your issue butt 88 in sounds right on as to my 58 if I recall. One thing I did was to sand down the edges in sort of a half moon ie tapering top to bottom on the edge with an orbital sander.. That helps some as the belly pan is folded up over the C channel, then there is not this 90 degree lower wood edge that makes a fold/kink in the aluminum. That would take off maybe 1/4 in on each side. Still a little gap of 1/4 left . If you wanted to add some sort of cap to the outrigger edge with aluminum as some have done that might help. Often times you see on older trailers where the outrigger has worn through the belly skin at the curve section from motion/wear. The belly pan does not have to sit right against the outrigger edge perfectly in my estimation. I think you were correct in your floor measurement. You will get it done. Ed

MtnMDStan 06-19-2011 02:27 PM


My 59 had an extra layer of aluminum (a strip 3 inches wide and about 10 inches long) to avoid the wear-thru problem from motion/wear against each outrigger.

I hadn't thought about tapering the edge of the floor. The floor in my 59 was rotted most of the way around the trailer so it might have been tapered. The gap only makes a difference at the wheel wells; otherwise it's concealed.

By the way, I was in Fargo last week visiting my mother and 2 brothers. I worked in Wyoming during college (many, many years ago) laying oil pipe. I'd go back but the winters in western Maryland are a lot more tolerable.

Thanks again.


n2batr 06-19-2011 02:44 PM

StAn, went out and measured mine. It is 88". Maybe some variability in these old coaches but I think your spot on.I replaced my floor with 3/4". Tapered and sealed the edges with epoxy. I'm remaking the interior so going to 3/4 was not an issue. It was mostly lost/unusable. It is all one piece now. I'm polishing and inner/outer seam sealing after that. Really hate polishing so I replaced all of the lower segments. Yeah I really don't care for the winters here much but this place is gorgeous spring/summer/fall . Ed

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