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ROBERTSUNRUS 06-18-2011 07:34 PM

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Originally Posted by ROBERTSUNRUS (Post 1006424)
:) Hi, although polls aren't always worded to reflect the feelings or thoughts of the posters, my polls included, I think that if the first question stopped at the first sentence, more people including me would have voted. I do think the Yamahas and Hondas are reasonably quiet, but I don't and wouldn't run mine all night long. Therefore I cannot vote for any of the choices given. :neutral:


Originally Posted by ROBERTSUNRUS (Post 1006533)
:) Hi, good question, but it would more than likely be wasting fuel, and have more exposure to theft and vandalism. [I can't hear my generator anymore; Has it run out of gas, or was it stolen?]

:) I wouldn't let my car run all night, I wouldn't let a camp fire burn all night, and I wouldn't leave a generator unattended or running all night either. All about the same thing to me.


Originally Posted by Gringo (Post 1006815)
Okay, I think I got it.

So, the way you're set up right now, if you were camping someplace in Arizona or Texas, and it was 100 deg. at two in the morning, and you wanted your air conditioner on, you would fire up your generator at 2 am, whether it made noise or not.

I am thinking that I would tend not to use a "conventional" generator in the middle of the night, whereas I would probably use one of the mythical silent ones that this thread is about.

Of course, this completely skirts the issue of air conditioner noise in and of itself.

:) Hi, My boondocking is very limited and so has my generator usage. Although we never plan to camp in extreme heat or extreme cold, I have been in the cold part, but not boondocking. I use full hook ups when available, but at places like the Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico, there were no hook-ups at all. There it was hot during the evening and cool at night. At the North Rim, we were planning to stay at another full hook-up camp ground, but they were closed for the season. We didn't bring our generator with us on this trip, but wish I had for the purpose of recharging my batteries for running my furnace. [in this camp ground there were several generators running, but none loud enough to bother anyone] Because of that we had to move on; I would like to have stayed there for a few more days. We want to take a trip to Alaska and the generator will be with us for sure.

Wsmith 06-19-2011 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by Gringo (Post 1006541)
Well, you didn't exactly answer the question about whether you would use the generator more if it was totally quiet. I think you said that no, you wouldn't because it would be wasting fuel, and might get stolen in the dark without you knowing.

lots of truck drivers leave their engines running all night. But man, them are some noisy places.

You need to come to Dallas and hook up and visit a few of the truck stops for fuel. On second thought its about 108 here and maybe not a good idea right now. Now you can shut your truck down at some truck stops and receive A/C from a 4" hose at the truck stop. I think they have full hook up at some.

Gringo 06-19-2011 02:50 PM

Wow. that sounds pretty cool, actually. Hey, it's 86 deg. here, too. Just did a four hour sail up to another little island for a picnic. Dodged squalls all the way back. But being in the ocean sure helps. Been watching the weather in Dallas and Austin, as we are headed that way.

We'll be in Dallas several times over the next few months, in fact. I'll try to take a look at the truck stops. That 4" hose idea seems pretty interesting. Of course the travel trailers have no way of taking advantage of that. Do the trucks have a special fitting, like a dryer vent or something to hook up the ac hose?

Stork 06-22-2011 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by Nightwatch
Well we all know that honda and yamaha generators are fairly quiet - around the 58 db range. But if you have ever gone tent camping in a campground with RV's/trailers you know that even these quiet generators create quite a bit of noise. Ideally - generators would run at about 35db in my opinion, which would allow people to run them at night without other campers really even hearing them at all. I can think of several instances where this would be nice - running AC, CPAP/Oxygen machines etc.

So my question is, what would you be willing to pay to lower your honda or yamaha generator to the 35db range?

Here's what you want...

It's odd how most generators always seem to be attached to a 50 foot cord and placed as far away from the users trailer as possible, maybe that's because its annoying? :)

Sad how we have only about 40 yrs of oil left and we are about 40 yrs behind in being conservative in any way...

ROBERT CROSS 06-22-2011 07:21 AM

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Originally Posted by Stork (Post 1008253)
Here's what you want... Home | EFOY

;) the dealer if you need to ask the price. :rolleyes:

;) I'll go annoy myself now ;)

Gringo 06-22-2011 09:14 AM

I'll pay those prices when China does.

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