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AIR-Quarius 06-07-2011 06:19 AM

Hope I get a reply quick!
I had sprayed (with a squirt bottle) some mild cleaner up into our ac unit for cleaning the other day...before I went to flip the power switch at the box, I noticed it was still a little damp up inside. So when I flipped the breaker on, it stopped all the power at the main plug (saftey tripper). So we went and got a motel room for the hopes that the ac would dry out real good - as I left a box fan blowing up into it. Today I will go back and try again...but just for the record, is there a re set button or switch for the ac unit. ? Because I am really hoping it comes on today when I get there.
Thanks for your help and advice, I do not like times like these...

overlander63 06-07-2011 06:42 AM

There is a separate circuit breaker for the a/c in the breaker box inside the trailer. If you have this happen again, you may want to switch it off before applying liquid to it (or, really, and electrical part).
How dirty was the a/c? Is it an original, or a replacement? Enquiring (read nosy) minds want to know...

AIR-Quarius 06-07-2011 07:43 AM

It had never done this ever before...yes there was some build up on the (what appears to be a radiator wall) so I put a cleaning bottle on 'stream' and shot it up in there thinking it would melt and let the dust run down to drip on a sheet below. Which it did pretty well. Then I decided I had done enough - and went to flip the switch in the bathroom (the breaker for it) and it surged I suppose and shut all the power off only. So I went inside (the building) to the main connection and re set it. So I have lights and such...internet thru cable...and left the ac box switch turned off. At eight oclock this morning (about twenty minutes from now I am going back to try it again to see if it was a dampness issue.
But yes we have been turning it off at the breaker box in the bathroom, and yesterday I came real close to openning the breaker box in the bathroom to see what was inside. But I stopped before I got too deep in figuring it out, thats why I am inquiring about the reset button some where in case I need it. and lastly it is the original unit for this seventy model and I believe the brand name is Armstrong. I did have the switch (at the bathroom breaker box) turned off while I did all this.

AIR-Quarius 06-07-2011 08:43 AM

I am back from the end of my quest...tell all the others that it did come on. And that it was just an issue of having too much moisture up there. Now I can write my mother and tell her the good news. Once again, the durability comes shining through.

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