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DanielB 12-22-2010 06:46 PM

Self defense - what is your weapon of choice?
I'm thinking a .22 should be fine. And some mace would be good I guess..

Boondocker 12-22-2010 06:50 PM

I have never felt the need for self-defense when boondocking. Ever.

cclarkego 12-22-2010 06:50 PM

What are we defending against?

Excella CM 12-22-2010 06:51 PM

Well-developed frontal lobes are the best defense.

DanielB 12-22-2010 07:05 PM

I'm surprised at these responses.

I saw a thread not long ago about someone being broken into in a WalMart parking lot and the intruder took the shotgun away from the inhabitants.

Here in the south just about everyone outside of cities has a gun in their home for self-defense.

The idea of never feeling the need for self-defense is alien to me.

Jim Foster 12-22-2010 07:10 PM

When our home in south Sacramento County was broken into a few years ago, the investigating officer asked if I had a gun. I told him yes, and told him what I had. His reply was "Get a bigger gun".

I feel that being at least somewhat prepared for a problem is necessary and a good thing.

Not being prepared could be a bad thing.

Boondocker 12-22-2010 07:11 PM

I own firearms, I am proficient in their use. Since you posted in the boondocking forum, I assume you are asking about self defense for boondocking. Hence, my response. Other than that, if you have concern for your safety, the wheels on the camper are the first line of defense.

PJohnson 12-22-2010 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by DanielB (Post 929224)
I'm thinking a .22 should be fine. And some mace would be good I guess..

You would probably be better off with a pump action 12-gauge shotgun. Just the sound of the pump action will deter must potential felons. On the other hand, if you are concerned about grizzly bears, I would suggest a can of Counter Assault Bear Spray (10% pepper spray) and a 44 magnum. The bear spray will work on people but it is illegal to use on them in most places -- just use the shotgun with 00 buckshot or the 44 magnum, this will insure that the perpetrator does not fill charges against you.

DanielB 12-22-2010 07:18 PM

I would think that an itinerant lifestyle would naturally make one more vulnerable.

I guess that I wrongly concluded that if one had never felt the need for self defense then one wouldn't have firearms in their trailer.

easyride 12-22-2010 07:20 PM

That little Taurus is a great weapon for anywhere,45 cal. or 410 shotgun. Dave

DanielB 12-22-2010 07:28 PM

There is this old Navy Seal dude, Don Shipley. 28 years in the teams and he runs the Extreme Seal Experience in VA. I asked him about home defense one night on one of his web thingees. He suggested:
1) 22 revolver. Simple, no safety to worry about.
2) "Double tap" to center mass will stop just about anyone.
2) Intruder comes in, fire a round into the floor (not the roof. Don't want to fix a roof). Anyone in their right mind will get out of there as fast as they can. If they don't, shoot them.

A W Warn 12-22-2010 07:45 PM

A weapon for self defense sounds like a good idea. But, several private campgrounds, state parks, and federal parks where I have been have had signs that say no firearms allowed. Another issue is local laws where you might stop when passing through may be different than where you are from, and maybe you are not aware of local laws. What do you do with your weapons, do you take the chance of being arrested.

2airishuman 12-22-2010 08:59 PM

if the intent of this thread is 2 discuss boondocking and safety issues,

that has been well covered in several older threads like this one.

read it and TRY to keep or achieve the same quality of posting therein.

it's one of the FEW threads that includes the G word which hasn't been closed.

while kev's first hand account isn't while boondocking the scenario could easily happen on the boonies.

so could gaylejoe's encounter posted here...

and this one which covers a broader subset of boondocking/safety issues...

and other 1 from this year (there have been G threads almost monthly this year,

((perhaps it's another technique used to INCREASE traffic and drive UP postings))

otoh if this is just another pro/con and con/pro on the topic of Gz...

please search using the key term and find many of the closed thredz already here...

like these 2, recently (last month) and distantly moons ago...

there are great websites and even booklets on the every changing laws and especially as related to rvn.

it's usually better to GO read on those dedicated sites or buy the books or use the nra resources...

than it is paraphrase (typically with lots of errors) the laws here.

of course when the folks with professional training post the info is often high value, and full of insight.

and that should be obvious by closely reading the links above.


Dave Park 12-22-2010 09:26 PM

I have to contribute that I think a shotgun is unsuitable for defense of an Airstream. They have several shortcomings:

1. They're too long. You cannot hold the gun pointed at a person, and turn 360 degrees without lowering or raising it. It's too long. Even a youth model would have this problem.
2. They make a terrible mess at close range. In the event you have to use it, you're alright, but you'll have a 1" hole in your trailer with a lot of biological matter on the entire wall behind it.
3. They're bulky to store. Where can you put it that you wouldn't rather be putting fun, travel-enhancing items?

You may decide that you want a handgun that does not have any of these problems. There are smaller handguns that are a larger caliber, which have better physical stopping power even if the psychological stopping power is the same. The 9mm Walther PPK and similar sized weapons come to mind. These weapons are small enough that you can put them near where you sleep - a place you are vulnerable, or can always reach first if someone attempts to invade your space. They're modest and easy to store/conceal.

Be trained and comfortable with the use of your weapon. Practice at the range, weekly, until you are safe, sure, and can handle it instinctively.

I do not advocate for or against defense weapons, merely address some practicalities not mentioned thus far in this thread.

I think a small NRA or gun club sticker on your door, and good all-night LED lighting on the exterior, might go a long way to dissuading people from putting themselves in harm's way.

In My Humble Opinion.

Airstream25 12-22-2010 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by DanielB (Post 929224)
I'm thinking a .22 should be fine. And some mace would be good I guess..

You could look at what various professionals use for guidance. For example, police officers primarily have human advisaries, and I am not aware of any police departments that use a .22 as their service weapon.
Game wardens and Forest Service personnel may have both human and large animal predators confront them. Again, I am not aware of any that chose the .22.

Regarding the question of safeties, they have been omitted on many modern pistols, so you are free to chose either a revolver or a pistol without a safety.

In addition to a firearm and pepper spray, you might also consider a dog.

Jammer 12-22-2010 09:55 PM

Another go at the gun thread. We've had it here before and it's a staple of RV forums netwide.

We all make our choices and if a .22 is your choice, well good for you. Some of my friends are firearm enthusiasts, and I believe they would suggest that perhaps something larger might be more appropriate. Ask around at the many gun forums.

South Carolina requires permits to carry handguns, which are only issued to residents of South Carolina or in some cases property owners who reside out of state. They are not difficult to obtain but do require a background check and instruction. Familiarize yourself with the laws and customs of states where you travel.

If your .22 is a rifle you should still be careful of state and local laws that may limit what you can do.

Foiled Again 12-22-2010 10:01 PM


Well trained, socialized. Loyal.



Need a BIG shovel.:blink: To bury what's left after the rottie has dinner.

Goin camping 12-22-2010 10:11 PM

To the OP,

A firearm is one of many viable forms of defense. If it is your preference may I suggest knowledge and training. You can gain knowledge over at calguns although it is a California based firearms website. It is a civil place to gather info.

If you don't have experience shooting take a course or two. You need to be familiar enough with your gun to be able to use it properly under duress.

Defense like winter wear is layered. In our trailer the first layer is situational awareness then big dogs and it escalates from there.

Dave Park 12-22-2010 10:29 PM

"Situational awareness" is one of those wonder phrases that automatically gives me a sense of respect for a person.

DanielB 12-23-2010 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by 2airishuman (Post 929272)
if the intent of this thread is 2 discuss boondocking and safety issues,

that has been well covered in several older threads like this one.

read it and TRY to keep or achieve the same quality of posting therein.

it's one of the FEW threads that includes the G word which hasn't been closed.


There are many, many issues discussed on here that are discussed in many, many other threads. So what?

Don't like the subject matter? Politically incorrect, perhaps?

Don't Wikileak me Bro!

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