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heidimac 11-03-2010 08:30 PM

new floor first, then upholster OR vice versa?
new to me: 78 Excella 500. everything works.... but i need to make it me.

I was wondering: Which is best? If i put the floor in first then I could mess it up when I have all of the furnishings upholstered OR if I have the upholster work first, the floor guy might mess up my upholstery????

Thank you forum experts. You're a FUN group.


HowieE 11-03-2010 08:43 PM

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Pull the cabinets and sofa out and do the complete floor. If you install any of the prefinisher flooring they will not be effected by the replacement of the cabinets.

Just remember that any cabinets that will be screwed down through the floor you should drill a 1 in. clearance hole where the screws will go. This alows the flooring to float.

Removing the cabinets reduces the need to install 1/4 round around them. A cleaner finish look.

heidimac 11-04-2010 09:33 PM

It's wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.


pamu 04-06-2016 08:07 AM

I would do the floor first.... you will have to remove furniture to do that. The bulk of the upholstery is done off site and installation should not be an issue. You're going to choose a durable flooring product, right?

cwf 04-06-2016 10:52 AM

If reupholstering, remove furniture then floor.. This is perfect time to check for leak damage and rotted flooring.

I used a razor knife and cut all the carpet and padding out close enough to lay down engineered flooring. Then, I closely trimmed perimeter pieces, allowing 1/8" or so clearances. Next, I installed 1/4 round and glued to floor and walls/cabinets where the floor could still expand/contract 3 years no problem. NOTE: there were a couple of corners where a 1/4 round job intersection would make a "toe grabber".. So I sloped those corners and made up the difference with silicone caulk. The silicone does NOT contact any aluminum!!!

We later did the upholstery (late last year (2015)). The flooring still matches the perimeter. One advantage my wife commented on is that it is easy to clean next to the edges where the 1/4 round is.

rodsterinfl 04-12-2016 08:51 PM

I am in the process of a "redo" in my stream. I bought a new sofa and it is sitting in my back room of the house for the moment as I finish the floor. I did NOT remove my cabinets though I like the look the other posters talk about.

To me, the floor is the trickiest part as there are several different options. I am using a floating click-lock plank. There are some challenges for me as I have never done this work. Having only worked with porcelain tile I am finding one aspect of particular challenge- plank spacing. I was told to measure the width of the area and then cut the first plank narrower to allow for other side end plank ample width. So, I did that BUT then I have run into two areas that require skinny strips.

I will also have to use quarter round but after considering the process, I am OK with that. I put the planks over my OEM vinyl even after cutting it open to inspect the wood floor. I stapled it back down to smooth it down.

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