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moonshine 10-18-2010 01:20 PM

MY 345 in the UK is on ebay . . . :(
I hope this is ok to post this on here, but I'd thought I would just share that my beloved 345 Motorhome is on 'Ebay UK' for sale.

I am like all Airstreamers who have to sell, am broken that she is going, Due to pressures from in doors she must leave me. I have lavished so much love, attention and cash on her and all worth it, I had a fantastic summer in Cornwall, down in the west country with her, man she drives so well, doesn't see a hill on the motorway (interstate or highway) 70mph and with the GV overdrive in just sweet at 2600rpm.

Man I will miss her :(

Thank you so much to all you guys who have helped my with advice on sourcing parts, I really appriciate it. may i just win the lotto !

Regards to you all, Paul. :cry:

oh yes and keep on Airstreamin'

Mike Leary 10-18-2010 02:13 PM

Sorry you're losing your sweetie.:cry: Post some pics, maybe Lili and Hans will buy it for Jr., he must have the "bug" by now. ;)

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