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Safarichallenged 10-02-2003 11:26 AM

Allrighty then .....................
I own a 91 Safari Serengetti and noticed last time I was camping at the beach, that the carpet was soaking wet at the rear of my motorhome by the bed on one side only? When I picked up the bed and checked out my water tank I noticed it was not leaking. But in the secound half of the storage area under the bed ( meaning closer to the back wall) it was wet. Now I must tell you that I left the drain valve open to drain the water tank when I left my house hopeing it would be draind by the time I got to my destintation wich it wasen't, but do you think maybe that had something to do with the rear section being wet since while in motion the water would be blown in that general area? Any thoughts would be greatly welcome.......:confused:

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