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bigwoody 09-26-2003 08:24 AM

H2o leak from below (hot H2O tank ?)
I plucked a 63 Globetrotter late last yr from an elderly man unable to orient me (I am a mechanical idiot !). When I attatch fresh water supply water pours from underneath . It appears to come from a large pipe exiting the hot h2o tank with a pressure release elbow , the lever hisses a little when I fiddle with it . ( I have not lit tank yet). There seem to be no cutoffs to bypass hot tank . Any ideas on where to begin solving this . Fucets have LOW pressure (most of the water seems to be coming right out of the bottom . Need help desperately .



thenewkid64 09-26-2003 08:38 AM


It sounds like the hot water pop off is jammed in the open position. It may be made to close, or it can just be replaced. It should unthread from the heater. Take it with you to the Hardware store and get an EXACT match. Take it home and reinstall. DO NOT JUST PLUG THE HOLE. This can lead to the water heater building enough pressure to EXPLODE and kill you or any else nearby.

Should be in the 20 dollar range.

bigwoody 09-27-2003 02:04 PM

Sounds logical but I can't get it out ! Cap on the T unscrewed but the "guts" of the thing seem hung up inside ?!.

thenewkid64 09-27-2003 07:57 PM

The whole thing should thread out of the tank. Could be seized in there from age. I do not know what to reccomend to get it out without further damage. Sorry.

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