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safari25-05 09-03-2010 12:24 PM

safari window exterior caulk..
Just wanted to give everybody a heads up on the airstream original black window caulk they use to seal the perimeter of the safari windows. To visually look at it, it looks fine..however when you poke at it lightly with a paper clip end, you discover the edge touching the skin is not bonded and will leak. Despite having secondary seal on the inside flange, unlike the better windows that are riveted on the flange that fully open. These cheaper safari windows are held in place from inside flange that does not bond the outside flange as tight to the skin, making these safari windows rely heavily on the black bead of caulk installed at the factory. Which maybe black Sikaflex..if that's what it is, it's nothing more than a black silicone which is stretchy when you remove it, and like all silicones they do not stay stuck to the surface. So..I resealed all mine, by removing all the old with a plastic auto putty knife. I believe these are available from auto body shops. Because you can scrape without damaging the surface. The replacement caulk I used was black polyurethane flashing sealant, that I have used before on the roof vents. It bonds excellent, and is good in full sun. Comes in clear, black and white. It may also be called quad brand.. from Lowes paint dept.

xrvr 09-03-2010 12:43 PM

Thanks for the tip. zz

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