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wolfpack 08-25-2010 08:14 AM

Paint Half of Interior
I like the vintage Zolatone look but dont like the worn out looking areas on side walls and near floors.
Wanting to preserve some of that Zolatone original finish yet clean up the ugly parts I was thinking of painting over the zolatone on the side walls a cream or light butter color but leave the zolatone alone above the window line on the ceiling throughout the trailer.
Has anyone done this? would it look stupid? any thoughts?

Globie64 08-29-2010 08:06 PM

Hey- you can try your idea easily, and if you don't like it, paint out the zolatone. I'd say, as an architect, that two finishes like that in a small space, like an Airstream, will draw attention to the difference between the two finishes. You'd rather have something else be the focal point of your trailer's interior... I'm curious to see how you like it, I just decided to paint mine today. Some of the Zolatone colors were better than others. Mine is beige and looks dirty.

Frank&Mike 08-29-2010 08:16 PM

We Painted
This link:

takes you to a thread we had on whether or not to do something similar (on a previous Airstream we owned) to what you are considering. We decided to experiment with painting (below the trimline about halfway up) and we were happy with the results. We chose a really neutral color so that it would blend well with the upper half. It was a simple but clean look that didn't seem too busy in a small space.

Frank&Mike 08-29-2010 08:28 PM

And We Painted Again
2 Attachment(s)
And then when we purchased the current Airstream we own, we decided to be a little bolder and experiment further with painting than what we did on the prior Airstream. On the current Airstream, the previous owner had painted the interior white. We left the ceilings white and we painted about 3/4 the way up the walls (to the point where a seam exists on the interior) a burnt orange color. It adds a lot of color ... but again ... we like the look because it kind of brings out the colors in the woodwork. It's a bold look so if you're wanting something neutral this probably isn't something you would like. Attached are photos of the living area and the bedroom area.

Globie64 08-29-2010 09:01 PM

Wow, what a great color! I had thought of doing something like that in mine, a color that is close in value to the color of the wood cabinets..., ok, I'm inspired by you guys, thanks.

callie 08-29-2010 09:37 PM

HOWDY......EVERYTHING LOOKS BETTER IN "TEXAS LONGHORN ORANGE"!!! GOD'S sunsets, MGB convertibles, football players, us.....and AIRSTREAMS....Blessings....Callie....




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