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J M Reed 09-13-2003 05:52 AM

Airstream Photos .com
Thank you ! to everyone involved in the return of "Airstream". It was sadly missed throughout the summer.
It is great to have it back !!!

Best regards
J M Reed

valc 11-16-2004 10:20 AM

I hear from another member (who bought a trailer from you) that you have done alot of reno/overhaul work.
I have a 72 land yacht w/ rear bath and no gray water tank. Would like to have rear bath/and grey tank....I have been reading that it will be ALOT of work...
I think I should just buy a better one....
Mine is in S.E. British Columbia.....exterior ok, some dings,some peeling...interior original (almost) but really rough and has some floor holes, leaks and stuff. Probably needs complete overhaul.
Any idea who might want to buy it? and for how much?
sorry, no pics yet
Val C

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