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Rich Palmieri 06-09-2002 07:59 AM

Leak in Water System
I have a 75 Argosy 26Foot. This spring, I fired up the water system and discovered a leak somewhere under the shower/tub area. I cannot figure out how to get to the plumbing at this point. Inquiry to Airstream and a local dealer did not yield any results. Want to get back on the road !!! Any suggestions ...Thank you...

83Excella 06-09-2002 01:00 PM

bathroom water leak
Give us more information, rear bath or side bath?, curb side or stree side?, anything else you can add will help.


Dbraw 06-10-2002 07:21 PM

Speaking of leaks, I can't help you with the one you have but, I have one under the sink that I can't track down and thought someone might help. I have a 1971 23' Safari. The water seems to be a new happening since there is not any rot on the plywood. It is wet under the filter on the bottom piece of plywood. The water pump is not leaking. I took it out and cleaned it to see. Any help would be appreciated before I start taking more things apart.

moporolo 06-10-2002 09:32 PM

Rich. Since you live less than 100 miles from the Airstream factory at Jackson Center, OH, you might consider making arrangements with them to look over your problems.

Dbraw 06-11-2002 05:53 PM

Just a note to Forum members about water leaks that I asked about yesterday. I took apart the pump guard filter under the sink of my 1971 Safari and my wife discovered that the "O" ring had a crack in it. It probably had not been changed in 30 years and was seeping a small amount of water on the plywood. My lucky day, I don't have to take up the floor and all that.

83Excella 06-13-2002 11:21 PM

Help! Water leak under tub
I am pasting your message here to see who else can help you on this. Rich has a water leak under his tub and needs a fix for it can anyone else help him out? John
Regarding your further inquiry of where my shower/tub is located. Standing behind the trailer, it would be on the Right Side. Coming through the traler ( Front to rear) the shower/tub is on then left rear . I can see most of the plumbing from the freshwater tank passing under the bunk on the right side and looping under a vanity and sink at the rear where it ( the plumbing) then feeds the shower faucets and shower head. I can also see the plumbing as it exits this area enroute to the galley where it passes under the bunk on the left side. The leak is somewhere under the tub as the water just pours out the rear of the trailer when the pump is turned on. Needless to say, the system never pressurizes. Does this information help ? Thank you for your reply. Rich (end quote)
NO...I cannot see any line that is leaking. All visible lines appear to be OK. The leak appears to be under the floor of the Tub. There is no gray plastic that I have seen. All lines appear to be a small diameter copper. Incidentally the floor near the shower/tub was quite wet when this first occured. I wondered if the floor at this point could be pulled up. That is the floor in the bathrom directly in front of the shower/tub. I cannot even tell if it is hot or cold water as I never got to a point where the water system would prime. I think I must get under the tub/shower to solve this ? (end quote)

Dave&Heide 06-27-2002 07:17 AM

Leak Under Tub
I noticed you said that first time "this spring" you noticed this leak. While I have an older model Overlander the problem may be similar to what I encountered on mine. It seems that the outlet for my shower valvecomes out from the bottom of the three-way valve and turns horizontal then up to the spigot (actually an elbow). Waster trapped in the bend froze over the winter and split the pipe between the valve and the first 90 deg bend. Now... How do you get at it?! I had to remove the aluminum channel trim pieces around the tub, and on top of the tub shelf. (drill off the rivet heads and the pieces will pull off) I could get enough rivets out to lift (pry) up the top of the tub assembly and access the piping and valves. Mine are copper so I could sweat a new nipple in place and fix the leak. Make sure you drill out all of the rivets you can see (some come in from the back) when you put it all back together otherwise you wont be able to align the parts as originally installed. Hope this helps!!

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