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53flyingcloud 09-09-2003 04:25 PM

Finally, got started ~
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The Cyclo is hard to beat..

Here a sample of the lower panel of the door..
(just finished it today, minus the last stage I'm still awaiting the shipment of my last polishing paste.
I'm using 'Nuvite' for this project..

53flyingcloud 09-09-2003 04:29 PM

Here's another shot..
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From another angle..

This gives a good side comparison of the before and, what it used to look like.


Fun-Lovin 09-09-2003 04:34 PM

Nice job on that door. Looking foward to seeing the rest of it.

InsideOut 09-09-2003 04:44 PM

Looks Good!
Shari :cool:

KIMILI 09-09-2003 09:41 PM

:) Kudos!!

...ours is new and it doesn't shine like that!


Safari Tim 09-09-2003 10:08 PM

Me too....
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I just started today as well. I finally picked up a 1/2" drill to do the compounding. I used nuvite F7.

This is just once over with the compounder and F7....

Here's one pic...

Safari Tim 09-09-2003 10:09 PM

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Here's another to show the before and after a little bit...

Safari Tim 09-09-2003 10:22 PM

Re: Finally, got started ~
[QUOTE]Originally posted by 53FlyingCloud
[B]The Cyclo is hard to beat.. [QUOTE]

Are you just using the cyclo and nuvite? Your not compounding first?

I tried my cyclo and nuvite C with the sweatshirt material and it did nothing on my trailer. The drill and wool bonet with F7 seems to be getting me somewhere.

But I have learned the different sections react different to the polishing. The side of the trailer looked good after one pass with the compunder. The end cap however, had take three passes and only looks about half as good as the side does.

What nuvite are you useing?

Looks great BTW.

53flyingcloud 09-09-2003 10:26 PM

Neat Safari Tim
Looking nice~

Thanks Shari and, KIMILI..

I see that you started your's with F7 w/compounding.

Of course, it depends on the condition of your surface.

I wasted a whole day (?) trying several different grades of polish for compounding, then I tried G6 which took it right down to the clean surface. Followed this step with compounding with C.

At which point, I polished with the Cyclo, using F7.
Since I didn't have the final polish compound S, I'm just waiting for it to arrive to finish the area.

What are your plans for protection of the area after you're finished polishing??

Thanks to all for sharing and looking at the work in-progress.

This is gonna take a huge effort to complete in time..(Here that means before Winter get

Safari Tim 09-09-2003 10:42 PM

Re: Neat Safari Tim
Originally posted by 53FlyingCloud
Looking nice~

>I see that you started your's with F7 w/compounding.

>Of course, it depends on the condition of your surface.

Well, I don't really know what I am doing. That's for sure. But I figured to start with the least abrasive polish that I could so that would make less work to get the swirls out with the cyclo.

I figure I will go from F7 to cyclo with S. But I don't really know. I have a small jar of C to mess with if I need to.

>What are your plans for protection of the area after you're >finished polishing??

I have not really though that far ahead. I assumed I would just re-cyclo with S once a year or every other year.

>This is gonna take a huge effort to complete in time..(Here that >means before Winter get

Good luck with your shedule. I am lucky enough with mild winters in CA so I can polish right on thorugh it. ;-)

53flyingcloud 09-09-2003 11:38 PM

I read you..
Safari Tim

Talk about being 'lucky'...:D

Good luck with your shedule. I am lucky enough with mild winters in CA so I can polish right on thorugh it. ;-)
My schedule was tight from the word get-go..
We normally keep the "Silver Turtle" at our place in Va Beach..
But, since we hosted a "Buddy Rally" here last weekend, I thought the least we could do was bring our unit back to NE for that. And, while here, I'd take advantage of the ease of working on it while it was here. Our plans are to attend one more rally in NE before returning to Va Beach, VA., late Oct...(if all goes well).

I did like you, at first..Tried to "baby" it as far as scratches goes but, then I saw this long scratch line on the lower portion of the door panel and, figured that the only real way to work it out was to get 'rough' with it. G6 polish compound will do this.(with some work)
While doing that, I noticed that it also clean out those sutle gray, fog discolorations rather nicely~!~!
It certainly left the swirls marking that so many talk about.. You know? Those literally disappeared once you hit it with the C polishing compound..:D :cool: :D
Then I brought out the Cyclo and, hit it with the F7 compound to make it really shine. If I had the S polish compound on hand, I just wonder how much more shine one could get in
BTW, once I did it really well with the F7, I then moved the cloth over the heads of the Cyclo to a fresh, clean area and, redid it..

I had this couple from LA., walk up to me at the campsite and, ask if I had just replaced the door panel...lmao...
They asked for and, got a tour inside..I needed a break..
Another little tip, wait for the skin temp to get above 60 degrees before starting any polishing. I'm not sure if that an issue with you, seeing that you're in CA..(you lucky dog)
I also don't plan to do anything if that area is in direct sunlight..

My thoughts on protection was to use "Glass Wax" but, my supplier bottom out on me..So, I'm still open for suggestions in that area..

Good luck to you..~


Safari Tim 09-09-2003 11:48 PM

Are you saying the G6 compounding will remove scratches?

I have just noticed of course, several scratches. One is someones initials!!

I don't really know how to handle that. Today was just my first real test since I picked up a new drill.

It's working out better than I expected.

I don't want a perfect job because then the slightest thing like a bird poop on it would p**S me off ;-)

53flyingcloud 09-10-2003 12:03 AM

You gotta try it~
Safari Tim

Yeppers~ It really will remove the scratch but, it may take 4 or more passes..Just depends on the level of the depth that your scratch marks.. Don't worry abt the swirls marks it leaves as they are cleaned up real nicely by compound polish using the C polish, followed by Cyclo with the F7...then S polish..

Note..just for proper edification..
"Compounding polish" always refers to using the hand drill.
"Cyclo polishing" speaks for itself..
I know it's mott the point but, someone else may be reading this and, not understand what we're talking about..

I understand in the very worse cases, some have used 400 grit 3M sandpaper first to work the scratch marks out..(This was in some cases, followed by 600 grit 3M sandpaper.) Again, this depends on the condition of your skin and, the level of polish shine you want..

I hear you about bird poop..YUCK, don't even wanta think about that


markjoandall 09-10-2003 07:23 AM

So Vern,

I see you're using campground electricity to shine your unit. Looks nice. Are you going to get it done before you have the cork floor done?

You know, it's got to be very embarrassing to drive down the road with partially pollished rig. I mean really Vern, once you start you have to finish it, and that's a pretty big trailer you got there. I'm sorry that I can't help you, real busy this weekend.


Thanks again for hosting the rally. Had a great time.

Chuck 09-10-2003 08:32 AM

which rally(s) are you guys going to in the next month? maybe I'll see you at one.....

53flyingcloud 09-10-2003 02:04 PM

Just a few more..
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I'd say this was about 4 hours work..Finis the top section of the door and,
the panel next to the door..

BTW, Mark..I'm glad you enjoyed yourself..
That's what it's all about..

53flyingcloud 09-10-2003 02:08 PM

It really goes fast..
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This section is almost finis..In that, I still need to do the final polish step..

All together, not a bad day's work..:cool:

Had to stop early as I'm meeting some 'out of state' friends for dinner..

53flyingcloud 09-10-2003 02:12 PM

Just another shot of same section.
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I can't wait to get this moving on the

That section under the door's window is a long, long trailer. It hold the name of the PO..I forgot to strip that~!!
Oh well...more minor details..

53flyingcloud 09-10-2003 10:47 PM

How much remains
Safari Tim

You're awfully quiet there...

How has the new drill combination been working for you?

looking to see more pictures..


Safari Tim 09-10-2003 11:05 PM

I contiuned on with the back end panel I originally tested with. I compounded with F7. It has only brought out a decent shine, not a clear mirror finish. Not nearly as clear as one of the side panels.

So, I guess I will just have to go over it a couple of times.

I also tried cycloing S over the side that I tested the F7 on and I find the cyclo harder and less results than th e compounding with F7.

I am still working the bugs out of my technique. I also have a generic backing plate and pad that is started to distort its shape. Having a problem finding a 3M stuff locally.

It's kinda nice/fun seeing the shine come thorugh as I compound. Makes me want to keep working on it so thats good.

Will try and post more pictures soon.

Love the drill. I went with a 1/2" Milwalkee. It has a great feature I didn't know about when I got it. A trigger lock!

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