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007brian 05-28-2010 06:11 PM

Just bought a '65 Caravel and no bathroom
I just bought a 1965 Caravel and the bathroom is gone. No toilet, tank, shower pan or vanity HELP!! anybody no where to get these anywhere??. By the way I am new to this forum and have a couple other vintage trailers but this is my first airstream.

clancy_boy 05-28-2010 07:36 PM

The only way i can imagine getting a replacement is to find one from another unit, It would have to be a piece from a totaled trailer. I would doubt that you could "constrauct" one from scratch. That said, there are several salvage trailer yards around the country. Coles comes to mind, out west somewhere. Others will chime in I'm sure with other locations.

Good Luck

007brian 05-28-2010 07:42 PM

thanks for the reply. I built a bathroom from scratch in my 64 silverstreak but was hoping to avoid it in this one but I may have no choice.

65CV 05-28-2010 08:18 PM


Welcome to the forums and congratulations on the purchase of the Caravel. Great trailer!

There are two axle sources that I know of -- both are very helpful contributors to the Airstream community.

Colin Hyde is a "panel pro" on Welcome to the Frontpage - The Vintage Airstream Podcast and can provide them through Home (Colin Hyde Trailer Restorations)

Inland Andy is a major contributor to this site. His business is at Inland RV Center - The Nations Leading Expert in Airstream Innovations.

On the bathroom, if you can handle a bit of fiberglass work, you might be able to cut and fit a bath from another trailer. They don't come up often.

Good luck with it!


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