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Chuck 08-25-2003 01:24 PM

"Twin" beds in 70's trailers...
looking at pictures in recent threads, I'm wondering: were the "twin" beds in the 70's trailers fold-out couches (gauchos?), or were they "fixed"? The grapic in the '74 brochure portrays what appears to be couches facing each other. Do those fold out to make a real twin-sized bed, or is that just a bolster against the wall?

I'm wondering just how much my trailer was modified. it has 2 fixed 32" wide "bunks" (narrower than a standard twin bed) ...a little tight, IMO. I know it was modified, as there is a home-made riser on each of the bunks. A PO took a few 2x6's and laid them on end on top of the mattress support, attached another sheet of plywood on top of that, (raising the mattress height) and enclosed the front with hinged doors, which creates 3 storage compartments that are 5 1/2" high, by about 2 feet wide, and run the depth of the bed (32"). not a bad feature...but it makes it difficult to sit up in bed and read, because now one's head will bang into the light...but hey, its a camper.

with the fixed-width beds, the space between them is pretty narrow, and of course, there'd be even less if the beds folded out, even if only a few inches. Just wondering how the factory designed them.

InsideOut 08-25-2003 01:44 PM

You may want to puruse the Vintage Archives especially the 73 TradeWind represented for an example of original twins.

Shari :)

Pick 08-25-2003 02:03 PM

Mine are fixed. I seem to sleep better in the A/S than I do in the house.

Chuck 08-25-2003 02:06 PM

hmmm...what's wrong with this picture?

some of those pictures clearly portray a "double" layout, with the wardrobe/credenza across from the pull out bed. other pics show a "twin" configuration. these pics had to be taken in different trailers, or at different times (before/after a reconfiguration), or I'm losing my mind. One of those three....:p

LittleRadio 08-25-2003 02:12 PM

My father's '76 Sovereign had beds on either side of the aisle in the center.

Each bed had a bunk, too. When not in "bunk" form, the bunk bed folded down to form a backrest for the bed below... so it looked like a small sofa.

To create the bunk and free up the bed beneath, you simply grabbed the hangstrap from behind the backrest and hung it on an exposed clip located on the ceiling. There were two hang straps, one for each end of the bunk.

I'm one of 10 children. We used to travel and sleep in that trailer all together! 4 of us got beds. One slept on the floor between them. One slept on the kitchen floor. And the four youngest slept at the foot of the fold out sofabed in the front, where, you guessed it, my parents slept.

If we ran the AC, it would freeze up and form ice on the outside and stop working such was the humidity from all of us breathing.

Such great memories!

Fun-Lovin 08-25-2003 02:33 PM

My Soveriegn had the fixed beds but according to my owners manual there was a couch bed option for the curb side twin.


InsideOut 08-25-2003 02:33 PM


Some of those pictures clearly portray a "double" layout, with the wardrobe/credenza across from the pull out bed. other pics show a "twin" configuration. these pics had to be taken in different trailers
It looks like two different trailers are represented...there is a "break line" halfway down the page, the twin beds are on the bottom half. Both configurations were offered as options in '73...

Shari :)

Dbraw 08-25-2003 02:45 PM

Our 23' 71 Safari has twin beds that make into couches when not being used as beds. They are original to the trailer. We keep them folded down as beds all the time. Originally, there was a couch up front also. However, I took it out and built a dinette. I still don't know why anyone would have wanted three couches.

Davydd 08-25-2003 06:31 PM

Twins and Doubles
The early 70s Safaris and Trade Winds came in two configurations. Either the two fixed twins or a double on one side and wardrobe closet and counter opposite. I have the pull out double configuration on my 71 Trade Wind. It gives lots of extra storage but I am not sure how practical it is for two people when the wall side person has to get up in the middle of the night. :confused:

uwe 08-25-2003 06:48 PM

My 71 Tradewind has the double bed on the curbside also. My wife would not hear of any separate beds, neither would I. She always makes me sleep near the wall, because she gets cold easily. Nothing like hanging out on the double with her and reading/watching TV etc. after a hard day of camping.
I agree that it's a bit of a drag to climb over, but I'd rather have that, then separate beds.
Ideally I would want a rear island type bed with center bath.
If for some reason I would have to live in a trailer, then i would insist on the Island bed. But for camping and relaxation, the current setup is fine.

pepper48 08-26-2003 11:47 AM

My 1972 Trade Wind has two center twin gauchos as well as a double front goucho. Even with a sales brochure there seem to be many configuation differences. For instance, mine has a wed bath and most I see do not.

uwe 08-26-2003 11:58 AM

Ours has the wet bath also. I believe that in 1973 or 1974 they changed the wet bath to a dry bath, made the bathroom larger, and moved the galley forward. You can tell if the most forward streetside window is smaller than the other 2.
I prefer the wet bath over the smaller galley/living room area.
The second pullout in the bedroom allows for tons of cabinet space. Half the time I can't find my stuff because there are so many storage bins etc.
I have never seen a Tradewind with 2 center gouchos, though.

pepper48 08-26-2003 12:07 PM


Thanks for the information on wet baths. I agree with you and like the wet bath. It looks like you gain a fair amount of living floor space with a wet bath over dry ones.

With regard to the gouchos, I may not be using the correct term. I have two center couches that make into twin beds. The couches oppose each other along the outboard of the trailer forward of the bath. The mechanism is the same as the front double goucho. You pull out a frame and the couch slides out with the backrest becoming part of the mattress. The bases for the couches have the same tambor door storage units under them as the front goucho.

uwe 08-26-2003 12:13 PM

my center goucho pulls out and makes into a similar size bad as the front goucho. Both have plenty room for my wife and myself. So do your twin beds just pull out a few inches or do they pull out to a point where they touch nthe middle? This would make a great big bed, then. What a concept!

pepper48 08-26-2003 03:16 PM

Unfortunately, they only pull out to make two narrow twin beds. I'm in the process of scratching my head over how to make this into one bed. So far every idea means you impede bathroom access.

uwe 08-26-2003 04:26 PM


Maybe you can duplicate the setup of the double bed ( front and rear goucho) Tradewind.
Ours works well, even fully pulled out you can still sneak past the bed and get into the wet bath. The opposite side has a double door closet, and under the window there is a sort of lower dresser with 2 doors and 6 removable drawer inserts. we put a TV, sometimes laptop there, plus its a nice place to park a candle and the wine bottle. In the morning my wife uses this area like a dressing table, put the hair dryer and makeup stuff etc.
we don't put the bed away completely, we just fold the third cushion piece upa nd push the bed back so it's flush with the bathroom door. Then we throw the comforter on there and it becomes a very comfy day bed type thing to take naps, or to lounge around on as necessary. My rear curbside hatch allows easy access to the rear of the storage area, where we put the foldup chairs, table, etc. I can recommend this setup whole heartedly if you don't mind making a bed every night before you crash. Hey, maybe someone would trade you for the two bed setup. Not me, though.

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